Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maternity Clothes

Okay, it's official now. Today I finally wear back the maternity dress... I was surprised that I can't hide my tummy under baggy T-shirts and suddenly my belly feel so tight with any T-shirts. Well, what to expect, afterall I'm a pregnant lady. But... but... I'm just in 21 weeks... guess my belly (not the baby) grows bigger instead and I'm now at a whooping 70kg! Scary... better watch my weight carefully from now on. Two possible reasons:
1) I'm big built or the baby is big (unlikely)
2) I'm really putting on extra fat

Eventhough my weight gain is not so rapid compare to previously but the craving for fastfood really becomes a big disadvantage for my health and the reading of the scales. I really hope I can delay wearing those maternity clothes till the end of second trimester and still able to hang around with baggy shirts... but I was wrong. I'm not a pizza person but lately been thinking to have pizza for dinner or supper!!?? Gosh... what's wrong with my hormone?? Oh yes, due to the danger of placenta previa, I'm now taking progesterone prescribed by gynae... I wonder whether this is the cause of my swinging hormone???

All in all, I still feel my belly grows too fast than the baby inside. This is definitely not a good sign...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

25 months old

It's been 2 months mummy never blog about En En's monthly development. Perhaps mummy is getting lazy and there's so much milestones En En already achieved, mainly on her vocab and communication skills with people. In other words, she's turning into a small talkative missy with high awareness of her surrounding.

Height and weight seems not so important nowadays as long as we realized she's growing happily with good appetite.

Still swallow porridge and we tried to give her rice or noodles but ended up it took 1 hour+ to finish one small bowl! She chooses not to chew her food when it's her mealtime but surprisingly she loves to eat meatball and harden-type biscuits!
Milk - 6-8oz now. Lately not so keen on Yakult anymore... am having headache what type of drinks to give her since she refuse plain water.

Too many and unable to keep track. We just taught her A-K for one week. She has great memory power...
Mummy: A for...
En En : Apple!
Mummy: B for...
En En : Ball!
Mummy: C for...
En En : Cat!
Mummy: D for...
En En : Drun! (Drum)
Mummy: E for...
En En : Egg!
Mummy: F for...
En En : Fish!
Mummy: G for...
En En : Goat!
Mummy: H for...
En En : Hat!
Mummy: I for...
En En : I-king! (ice-cream)
Mummy: J for...
En En : Jelly!
Mummy: K for...
En En : Kite!
Mummy: L for...
En En : * silent*... Apparently she only memorize till K

1. She's generous with her kiss. She will leave a kiss on your cheek if you ask her to kiss you.
2. She loves to watch movie now... her favourite are HAPPY FEET whereby she imitates the feet of the little pengiun dancing; LADY & THE TRAMP I and II proves that she's a real dog lover; any movies or shows about WINNIE THE POOH & HIS FRIENDS which contributes to her growing stash of Pooh toys and outfits.
3. She is starting to pick on what to wear after bath. She will choose same colours group sometimes.
4. She dare not go out from the house on her own and if anyone of the family members out of her sight, she will scream for us and rush into the house. Clever girl... as we only told her once not to be outside alone and she remembers that all the time.
5. She is able to pedal her tricycle a few rounds now and she will gives you that super glowing smiles when she's moving on.
6. She will automatically bring the pillow from sofa to you whenever she sees anyone is going to sleep on the floor in the living hall. Well, that's time when we try to trick her for her afternoon nap, how sweet!
7. She loves to feed tablets of medicine/supplement to Ah Mah, mummy and anyone who's taking those tablets orally. Not sure why she enjoys to put those tablets into our mouth with her hands and she will never put those tablets into her mouth as she really hates to take medicine... haha!
8. She loves Pringles!!! This is the only junk food we offer to her when she refuse to take her medicine. She never request for more as she only took one small slice after she finished her medicine happily.
9. She's able to request for milk, tell us she doesn't want to eat "moi" (porridge), don't want to wear diaper and ask you to back off when she's changing.
THUS, NO.10...
10. Whenever she sees us hurt ourselves or yelling painful... En En will come by and offer her help by saying, "Baby bang1 mang2 (means offers help)... bu2 yao4 pa2 (don't scratch)... tu2 yao4 (apply medicine)!" Then, she will use her finger to touch the affected area and pretending she's helping you to apply the medicine...
11. She is a very sensitive girl, she will cry if she sees the actor or actress crying in the movie or big and strong one bully small and helpless one. Guess this is found in her personality...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Clever Quote


En En was playing happily with daddy and ignore mummy for a while. Daddy brought her up to the bedroom but went out to get something.
Then, mummy went into the room and below is the conversation.

En En : "Don't want mummy, want papa!"

Mummy: "Huh? What did you say? You don't want mummy?"

En En : "Don't want mummy!"

Mummy: "You dare to say don't want mummy, mummy beat your buttock! Want mummy or not?"

En En : " Want mummy! Want mummy! Mummy kiss kiss (baby - refer to herself)..."

Mummy: Speechless

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Horrified Potty Training

Sometimes mummy hope that mummy can be awaken longer until En En goes to bed. En En got fever when mummy fall asleep AND when mummy forgot to put a diaper on her. Mummy is so lousy, yeah? Mummy hope this phase will go off quickly but fail to wake up at midnight to put her on potty doesn't really help to improve anything. Will she be tolerate to pee in potty while still in her dream?? We afraid she might scream her lung out by waking her up...

It's been a few times she caught a cold and fever after mummy discovered she was sleeping in her wet pyjamas and wet bedsheet. Is it true that a pregnant lady will be so sleepy all the while? Probably mummy is too easy to fall asleep, is all my fault! Wish that strong determination to stay up late will always be with mummy especially when it's the time En En refuse to go to the bed early. She only will sleep after 11pm 0r sometimes 12am. Just don't understand why En En prefer to do her big business late night right before bed?? Or maybe it's already her habit?

All these while, En En is doing very good with her potty training at daytime and outing. She can go diaperless when we are out but she just loves to trick us to bring her to the toilet whenever she feels like she wants to get out from the restaurant or go for a walk. Cheeky yeah... Only nighttime diapering problem that put mummy into a stressful condition since En En refuse to wear any diaper before she sleeps. Therefore, we have no choice to put the diaper on her after she doze off.

Mummy prays that mummy is able to stay awake everynight or perhaps able to wait till En En sleeps in order to put a diaper on her... *Sigh*