Monday, June 29, 2009

Favourite Pose

Found these photos while browsing through En En's folder the other day. Love how cute she is with mini skirt!!!

Notice her leg's posing??

Hair Trimmed!

This is a backdated post.

Isn't I look cute with bushy/spiky hair?

Waiting for my turn in the hair salon with Ah Mah while mummy was trimming her hair first...

After screaming and a "fight" on not allowing others to touch my hair, this is my new look:

But still Ah Kong and Ah Mah said it's still long... and both of them cut my hair with each scissors on each hands after 2 weeks and daddy said it's horrible as not so neat except short!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Sticky" 37 months old & "Bravery" 8 months old

It's more easier for mummy to blog milestone of our 2 little ones at the same time as their birth date only 4 days apart. So, basically, as of today...

En En is 37 months and 5 days old


Weight: 15kg (before hospitalized, she was 15.6kg with rosy cheeks!)
Height : Unsure


Basically the same, still refuse to chew on rice! Eat fish porridge the most, sometimes alternate with pork and chicken or 3 together! (Super nutritious...) Normally we just add in variety of vegetables on alternate days except BROCCOLI as it is a banned vegetable for the family.

Lately not sure why she started to refuse milk, she will take in half a bottle, 4-5oz the most then daddy or Ah Mah got to finish for her. Maybe it's time to change new taste?

Potty/toilet Training

She is progressing good as she started to request not to wear disposable diaper at night. We just afraid she won't be able to wake up after sleep and wet the bed. There were times mummy stayed alert till 1 or 2 am just to bring her to sit on potty. Well, that's the time to pee.

It's quite relieved when we hear she scream or talk louder saying :" I want shee shee (pee)..." at least she's not just cry and let you guess what's wrong with her at midnight.

Behaviour Issue

After this incident, En En now stick to Ah Mah like a glue because Ah Mah looked after and accompanied her in the hospital every night. During that period we tolerate her, gave her what she wants and followed exactly how she wants things to be done. Well, it's pampering her as she went through such a heartache and pitiful injections with too many crying and yelling. We just want her to calm down and forget that unhappy moment in the hospital.

She is becoming too much nowadays as she uses screaming and crying as a method to get what she wants now. She is not only scream and cry like normal but her terrible way to express herself made all of us feeling to whack her as much as possible! She doesn't care what's right or wrong and cry like a mad person non-stop plus screaming as if she had been abused by us!

She refused to bath, refused to change clothes, refused to eat, refused to drink milk,... she's doing everything that's oppose to what we said! Lately, she's addicted to Astro PHDC programme and even asked Ah Kong not to switch her channel or else she will start to cry till you get along with her way! She only favour Ah Mah to do everything or anything with/to her which we all think it's ridiculous and too much!

Suddenly En En turns into a little devil in the family... compare to friendly Baby Zheng, she's too "sticky" to handle as she only glue to Ah Mah day and night... However, we still persuade her sleep with mummy, daddy and DiDi at night even there were times that she cried for Ah Mah during midnight.

Mummy wonders whether it's time to let her go to kindy?

New experiences / achievements

1. Brush teeth on her own with toothpaste

2. Take off her shirt with two elbows "slot" in the lower part of the shirt then pull up higher and higher... Mummy taught her this one! So proud~ :)

3. Discovered fun to lock / unlock the door

4. Will say "Sorry" if she accidentally hit on something BUT not SOMEONE!

Zheng Zheng is 8 months and 1 day old


Weight: 8.1kg (after meal, it's 8.2kg!)
Height : Definitely grew taller

No teeth yet!


Baby Z is a "dustbin", LOL! He can't help himself whenever he sees someone is holding a cup, a bowl or chewing. He sure will approach you and make his grumpy noise so that he can get a taste of food/drinks. After that, he won't leave and will even ask for MORE! Never stop with just one time of tasting...

Eat 3/4 bowl full of porridge 2 times per day which alternate with pork or chicken or both. Fish is given separately started a few days ago.

Breakfast sometimes will be Mee Suah, wholemeal bread with warm water/bm, Weetabix (wheat biscuit) mix with baby biscuit in warm water / bm.

Still on breast milk througout the day, feed on demand. Nap and sleep will look for longer suckling. Reject milk bottle totally as he think it's a toy! :) Therefore, we need to spoon feed him EBM, water, soup, or anything liquid.

Basically mummy let him test on new food in small pieces every now and then as he is so interested in food. How mummy wish he has teeth to try all the food. He has breakfast, breast milk in between before lunch, then bm for nap, tea-time (smashed fruits with wheat biscuit, baby biscuit, bread, small pieces of cream crackers dipped in choco-malt that mummy takes,...), bm, dinner, bm and supper before nen-nen again.

Motor Skill

1. He's crawling so well and fast too! Started to crawl at 6 months old, able to switch sides - front to back, left to right by 7 months while sitting.

2. He's learning to stand and able to move the legs in or out from the original location.

3. He's able to squat down from a standing position with one-hand supporting on chair / desk.

4. He's able to climb up staircase without any help with one hand pulling on the grills. He is yet to master how to go down...

5. He's able to grab food with his palm and fingers and send into the mouth.

6. He's able to get out from the walker starting with one leg up to the seat follow by the next leg! He has powerful arms that once he grabs / leans on some surface that's almost the same level of the walker you'll find his upper body already climbing out towards the flat surface... SCARY!!!

7. He's able to claps his hand when we ask him to do and able to close/open his palm as to do Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars.

8. He loves to move his butt front and back when he's happy and along with music! Happy cute baby!

Other developments

1. He can recognised his name whenever we call him.

2. He knows it's time to look up for light when mummy said "Light, light"

3. He will PRETEND to cry when he refuse to sit on highchair after meal by making crying voice with blinking eyes (to see whether we notice him or not) or when he wants to come out from walker.

4. He started to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with En En jie jie and stay "stone"... so young to watch TV...

5. He will turn up and crawl away if he refuse to nen-nen for sleeping very quickly.

6. He knows when it’s time to go kai-kai and will crawl faster towards the door whenever he sees anyone use the key to open the door.

7. He won’t go to sleep if Jie Jie is awake or talking. He loves to be part of Jie jie playmate by snatching whatever toys Jie Jie is having even we gave him other toys.

8. He knows when it’s time to hold on something firmly if he ever feels insecure e.g: mummy’s shirt, mummy’s HAIR (Ough!) when he’s high above on mummy’s shoulder…

9. He's yet to speak but just baby talk... the most we can hear from him is "nen-nen", "mum-mum" and good news is he's starting to follow the sound of a single words that we repeatedly speak to him.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whack! Whack! Whack!

The same buttock again, just that it's bigger now... LOL! It's En En and it's not mummy who whacked her but Ah Mah! We really can't understand her why she dislike or want something she just screams and cries out loud?? She's already 3 and able to speak like an adult (trust me, she is very good in talking) and yet she still wants to behave like a baby...

She is too pampered and spoil in the sense that she wants everything her way. Up till today she's not willing to borrow any of her toys for DiDi and dislike DiDi making noises and seriously jealous when, well especially Ah Mah sayang DiDi.

We were geram about her acts as she thought she can get everything she wants by throwing huge tantrum and screams her lungs out. Mummy got to be her translator as most of the time others are unable to understand what she's trying to say when she's crying. The terrible part is she will choose Ah Mah to do this or that for her but in a very unclear murmuring...

Mummy tries to intepret the cause of what she wants and how to make her stop when she really gets mad (scream and cry for 1 hour!) and found out most of the time it's the adults, us, didn't understand what message she was trying to deliver to us. In short, it's COMMUNICATION PROBLEM. We need to learn her way of communicating instead of asking her to do what we want her to do, right?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's this??!!

Looks so cheesy and was incredibly hard to believe that breast milk got thick FAT layer!!! This was taken out from freezer after thawning... amazing... Now mummy also believe breastfeed really can slim down! Wahahaha...
So far with no strict diet, no exercise after delivery and yet mummy lost 10kg in 6 months time!!! How wonderful it is... but then this also means right after 6 months of breasfeeding, it's time to pick up exercise as baby Z no longer depends solely on mummy's milk. Therefore, the "slimming process" not really that effective anymore... *sob sob*

Still on antibiotic

Even En En is home now but her allergy condition is still under monitoring. She still has to take antibiotic since last week and another 3 days down the road after visited paed this morning.

Paed said her body is not yet fully recover and the bacteria might not be fully clear out from the blood stream. The effect of taking the antibiotic results that she will have bowel movement 3-5 times per day! Yesterday was 7 times of bowel movement till there's no stool came out but only the mucus/lining of the colon... Thank God it was just soft stool most of the time...

Today she started a new antibiotic and Smecta, went to poo poo 4 times already, including just now at 1am!!!

Poor En En and pity mummy and daddy who can only fall asleep after 1am since few days ago...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knitted Stuff

Completed these quite a while ago but never update to the blog...

More baby wool longies here...
Trying out crochet as well and this pair is so absorbent! Can guess what it is?

The 3 Year Old's Birthday

This is one backdated post. It's 15 May 2009 - Rou En's birthday. As usual, we only celebrate her B'day at home with her cousins and of course DiDi - the new addition to the family.

This was the day her medicine allergy reaction shown and we were actually brought her to see paed in the morning. Her whole body was covered by Calamine lotion, that's why looks so white!

En En gave us a happy smile when her two cousin sisters arrived to celebrate her B'day.

Cake cutting ceremony... she understands what a B'day is now. She loves to blow the candles.

Chocolate "Black Forrest" cake... enough for everyone of us!

Oh... not forgetting her B'day gifts... 2 story books and a brand new bicycle redeemed from CIMB bank! Cool huh? Guess how her old tricycle looks like? That's the 2 year old B'day gift too.