Saturday, June 19, 2010

Screaming... Crying...!!! AHHHHH

Mummy is going to get mad mad mad with Zheng. Our maid went back kampung since the beginning of the month and therefore everyone in the house need to co-operate in handling household chores... Sometimes mummy involves En En in bringing clothes, unclipped peg on clothes from the hanger and put something back to its original place. Sometimes she is very co-operative but MOST OF THE TIME, she prefers to do her own stuff.

Zheng on the other hands shouts and cry whenever he saw mummy is washing clothes or out of his sight! He will make terrible requests such as taking off his clothes and ask for bath right after is sleep when he saw mummy is doing the laundry. That is just 8am and this is definitely ridiculous... Or worst still he will cry as if he's been abused by us when mummy or daddy bathing. He screams, hit the bathroom door and ask us to OPEN THE DOOR!!! Arrgh... crazy moment... imagine how to do your big business???

RIDICULOUS REQUESTS and Screaming will happen when Zheng wants to achieve what he's looking for... be it a thing or a person. No one is able to convince him or persuade him stop crying and wait or distract him with anything... useless! He has such a strong determination that he won't give up so easily on what he wants! Should knew his bad character from the day mummy starts to breastfeed him... on how he insisted to suckle and the high pitch during the whole confinement month!

And yes, he is that typical type that will roll and stamp his feet on the floor if his request never been fulfilled. Horrible characteristics... *Sigh* Any tips on handling such kid???