Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Malaysia Day! Yes, it's daddy's B Day too!!!

Mummy was not feeling well last night.... hardly can attend the kids... Fortunately, this morning was better and we continued out plan for this 16 September, a special for Malaysia and also it's DADDY"S BIRTHDAY!!! So nice, everyone in Malaysia is celebrating with daddy today.

After breakfast we headed to Kek Lok Si. Even though Kek Lok Si located in Penang island, we hardly visit there. Today, daddy said he wanted to take a walk there so up we go!

 This is another outing fir the kids since last trip to Phuket &Krabi... Oppsss... mummy suppose to blog about that but just too busy with work lately and unable to filter more of 1000 photos of them during the trip! Well, coming soon...

The huge Kuan Yin statue which is still under construction... a famous attraction at Kek Lok Si temple.  

En and Zheng couldn't wait to see fishes at the pond... so big and so many of them...

Later, we went to Gurney Plaza to have lunch. We planned to try at Chilli's but unfortunately, the queue is long. So did Chicago Grill... daddy had no patient for waiting so we ended up at Manila's Place! Food was nice and not so crowded, so consider Manila's Place if you can't get a seat at Chilli's or others famous western restaurant in Gurney Plaza.

This Jumbo Sausage is for Zheng! Amazingly big and of course he hardly can finish all... daddy and mummy got to eat them up in the end... *blurp*

This is daddy's Set Lunch... where is the Chicken?? The chicken looks rather small in the serving covered with cream butter sauce...

After meal, mummy went to bookstore while daddy brought the kids to playground. Bought some books before we went home.

In the car, suddenly En En said "Where is daddy's birthday cake?" So that reminded us that we forgot about the birthday cake! We bought a small Italian Chocolate birthday cake for daddy from Maxim's Cake house on the way back.

Opps... now everyone knows how old is daddy... LOL! En En recently will ask us quite special question like: "How old are mummy when I'm 100 years old?" She likes to do counting and feel so proud that she can count till 100. Therefore, comes out all weirdo question lately... duh...

As for Zheng, he is still a good tester for all the food we have around. He is the type of kid who will eat any food in front of him even you told him we need to wait or he can't take that food. Anyway, his favourite food is HOTDOG! That's why with that Jumbo Sausage we had during lunch... And another thing is he always think that everyone's birthday is his birthday... he is very good at singing the Birthday Song though... :)