Monday, November 22, 2010

We are going to cold place!

En En is excited because tomorrow we are going to a cold place... first time there for the kids. Hope the kids can go to bed early tonight as we will be leaving at 6am tomorrow... cross-fingered!

Mummy still need to do last minute packing though...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kids can't get enough of...

You bet it! Playing water and splashing it everywhere... Mummy gets very angry as when this happen, mummy will need to change the clothes and chase the kids out from the bathroom! Unfortunately, especially for Zheng, he will be forced to come out with mummy's yelling or a cane. Mummy just wish that this won't happen everyday as it is just as bad to turn the joyful moment in the bathroom into a terrible experience. En En is much easier to handle compare to Zheng as she is more understanding when we reason with her.

Zheng loves to play with water, of course and he can't stop washing hands whenever he's near to the sink. When it comes to brushing his teeth, a battle will happen because he refuses to brush his teeth nor let mummy to brush for him. He has very serious mouth hygiene due to the love for sweets. Sometimes he will hit himself when trying to avoid mummy brushing his teeth and bang his head on the bathroom's wall or the sink. To be exact, the bathroom is rather small for even two adults to go in. Therefore, if Zheng is trying to run or throwing tantrum in the bathroom, accidents may happen.

Talking about bathroom, mummy really hope we can have better bathrooms at downstairs and upstairs too. The bathroom downstairs doesn't have a seated toilet which will be good for a home with eldery people and children. There should be another additional water tap besides the toilet for convenience to all. The bathroom upstairs should have a bigger shower head especially for someone who has bigger body frame like daddy to bath happily. Mummy is wishing to have a full size bath tub... well, that's quite impossible with such a small bathroom.

Ever since we changed the traditional water tap to a modern water tap... there is really nothing much we can do to stop Zheng from playing water. He just need to push the lever handle aside, then water will be flowing out non-stop... this is also the time mummy will go for him with a cane in the hand. How come kids love to play with water so much?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sleep Accompanied...?

Finally En En slept back in mummy's and daddy's room with DiDi last night after more than 2 years plus! She was sleeping with Ah Mah when mummy was preggy with about 7 months old Zheng ( in tummy). After the little brother joined the family, she couldn't stand his crying and screaming and refuse to even sit besides the small baby (monster to her). Sibling rivalry as we assumed.

Last night was a great achievement as we told her Ah Mah is not feeling well and need to go hospital the next morning. At the beginning, she still insisted to sleep in Ah Mah's room then later she agreed to sleep back to mummys room with DiDi and daddy.

Well, guess it's a girl's thing (feeling) as En En was smiling happily when mummy stayed besides her and daddy was trying to make DiDi sleep. Everyone thought she will cry being separated from Ah Mah but she didn't. Sometimes it's just hard to tell what's on the mind of this little girl...

Let's see how it goes tonight...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ouch! En En had been biten by...

Been thinking to blog about this but these days are so not in the mood of blogging... Anyway, this is not something terrible but quite a funny "accident". The injured part is so tiny and yet En En was yelling like being whacked with a big cane. Can't even see it from the picture, isn't it?

She stopped crying after mummy gave her some pretty print plasters with tiger or zebra stripes, dotted cheetah  and cow prints. She was amazed with it and fall in love with them and requested to "put on" plasters to her wound even already recovered. 

It's more like a new fashion trend for her in that one week after she'd been biten by... you bet it! Her brother Zheng Zheng!!! Reason is she put her leg up onto her little brother's lap when they were watching "Cars". Zheng was quite annoyed when En En unconsciously raised her leg and put on Zheng's lap. Zheng pushed her leg away a few times and yet En still raised her leg up... So, what we can hear later is En's crying.

Poor En En with the plaster on her toe, she refused to bath initially. Later Ah Mah told her to put her leg up higher when bathing then only she agreed to get her bath. Well, she even unable to walk properly when the plaster was sticking and walk as normal when there's no plaster. Hmm... psychologically thinking?

Colours Rule!

The kids especially En En is very sensitive towards colours... well, most children love pretty colours. En En and Zheng can't get enough with colours stamping or they call it "chop" (on paper most of the time).

This is one of the creation they both created with a four colours stamp ink mummy bought from Popular bookstore some days ago...

1) En En's is more likely will stamp multiple colours on paper in row, one by one neatly while singing the "Red, yellow, blue, green" tune. Mummy think she learned from Mickey Mouse clubhouse about the tune.

2) Zheng will just follow whatever JieJie is doing or snatch whatever JieJie is playing. So, mummy gave him to try on stamping too and guess what? He's able to "chop" same colours on the one he stamped previously. More like grouping the same colours.

Mummy also love pretty colours too and En En was bugging mummy to make rainbow colours shirt for her. How mummy wish can sew because it will be much faster but never mind... mummy decided to knit one blouse for her according to her colours selection. The blouse is still work in progress...

The green-beige stripy shirt below is knitted as a birthday gift for Zheng. He needs to grow into it first before can wear it... LOL! Yeah, it's very huge on him currently.