Thursday, November 26, 2009

Brushing teeth BUT must be naked!!!

Today is the third night mummy accompanied and insisted En En to brush her teeth after milk, before bed. Of course she is still unable to brush perfectly on her own and mummy helps.

The funny part is En En insisted to be NAKED while brushing her teeth. She said:" Cannot wear clothes when brushing teeth!" Huh?? Everyone was puzzled and found it so weird with this little girl. Perhaps it's due to we first started to introduce her brushing teeth during her bath and that moment of course naked... it was in the bath tub. Or maybe she is afraid that she might wet the clothes when brushing teeth...

Okay, it is the same answer when we told her to wear swimming suit if go swimming. En En refuse to wear anything and rather choose not to go swimming if been asked to wear something while in the water! Confusing??

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another baby carrier

It's Mei-Tai!!! More about this carrier can be found here.

Mummy paid an annual fees for the Malaysian Babywearer group (go to the fund) and able to borrow (monthly) one type of carrier home for one month trial, how nice! So that to whoever that is interested in trying out different baby carrier, this is a good chance!

Mei- Tai is more sturdy and comfortable compare to one-shoulder sling. Even En En can go in as well but tying the 2 pairs of long strap is abit tricky. Very good for carrying toddler for long hours.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

13 months old update

Amazingly, my 13 months old boy is able to play slide on his own! Super kid!!!

Today discovered another milestone as he's able to come down from the stairs by putting his legs down (rear facing) steps by steps. Yippee!!! Zheng was screaming whenever he wants to come down from upstairs as he was afraid to come down on his own. He is brave now.


Weight: Think he grows abit flesh as can see the tummy obviously from side... LOL!

Height: Unsure as no measurement taken


This little boy has snack throughout the day! He doesn't take more than 3oz of formula milk per day but loves Milo and yoghurt drinks alot.

Porridge for lunch and dinner (even the same for En En!), biscuits or cookies or bread in between meal. Sometimes, he will eat apple, orange, papaya and pineapple at late afternoon. As long as he's awake, he will munch on food! Specially in love with crunchy food maybe he loves the crunches sound that he makes when biting...

He still snack on McB througout the day except that it's lesser at daytime but can't live without McB if it's nap time and at night.

Verbal/ Vocab

Discovered some new words from this little boy lately:

"buall" -ball

"wow! Wow!" - mimic the dog's barking and the way he says dog

"b-yau" - bu yao in mandarin (means don't want)

Other Developments

Overall, he speaks late compare to En En but achieved way too fast on other motor skills. He mimics or follows whatever En En is doing or saying almost IMMEDIATELY and learn very fast.


- Strong determination (Never give up easily and will do whatever he can to get what he wants)

- Bad temper in wanting everything to be done quick

- Tough and rough (imagine he's able to mix in and pay with kids that are En En's age or older)

- Happy baby (always smile with anyone even stranger)

- Food lover (as long as not mushy and yucky type of food)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going to School

En En went for a trial class for the past 2 days in school or probably will be her nursery school soon. She seems very happy going to school eventhough she said she doesn't want to go when we asked her.

Mummy attended the class with her (yes, inside the classroom!) from 9.30am (well, it started at sharp) till 12 noon. From reluctant to join on first day, she was slowly enjoying the activities in class. Lots of movement with playing while learning is what mummy loves about this center. It's run by an Australian mama whom mummy knew from the Penang babywearing group!

Mummy joined En En in the class sicne she's too shy and timid to mix with her peers. She even zipped her mouth and looked away while others were singing or the teacher was asking her a question. Even so, mummy noticed En En in fact was observing her surrounding and whatever that was happening. So far, we created sea creatures with Play-Doh, did colouring. writing, singing with movements, counting with coloured figurines and crayons,... and there are lots of story books displayed in the classroom which teacher will ask the students who completed their writing or colouring work to grab one while waiting for others to finish.

We attended the trial class and after discussed with daddy, we decided to enrol En En for the last 2 weeks of the month before the school holiday starts since she started to show her interest. Then on January 2010, En En will be officially going to school!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Random update...

Phew... so fast it's coming to the end of another week! How come suddenly time flies unconciously?

- Discovered more white hair lately maybe due to sleep at early morning... like 2am or sometimes 4am?? This is really crazy...

- No reduction on body fat from the body as the reading from weighing scale never drops since a few months ago... so sad...

- Never stop knitting... the BIGGEST addiction at the moment... Current projects are:
1. A crocheted shrug for aunty Jesslyn (hey, you still own me the yarn shipping fees ya if you read this)

2. A baby jacket BUT not for Zheng... maybe one of the blogger mummies in PENANG who's going to pop by the end of this year... hehe... guess who's the lucky one...

Thinking to start:-
- A lace scarf
- Another pair of wool longies
- Mini felted wool bag
- A shrug for mummy
- A cardigan or bolero

- Will start to do some baking as Zheng is exploring different texture of food now...

En En
- No more red patches or the so called allergy reaction since August. Glad to see that she's growing taller and taller each day...

- She calls herself with her name with surname together. NO MORE referring to herself as "BABY"! A big leap in her milestone achievement.

- She will ask us where we go when we go out, what is this and that, use lots of imaginary stories to tell us what she's playing on her own. She's like pretending staying in the Hundred Acre Wood with her Pooh bear, Piglet, Tigger,... never stop to ask us to act as one of the characters from Winnie the Pooh's scenes.

- She still love to watch TV most of the time... still cry out loud when anyone is trying to switch channel from her favoutrite PHDC. Weird enough, she loves to watch Planet Earth, the documentary film downloaded by daddy.

- She adores Zheng very much and always hug him, giggles together and invites di di to play chasing together. When in bad mood, she will trip his leg while di di is walking or push him to make him fall down. Sibling rivalry huh...

- Since both of them love watching TV, being a big sister she will hug Di Di from back and pull him down together to sit on the floor whenever she saw Zheng is standing right in front of the TV. Well, not really to take care of the little one but afraid Di Di to switch off the TV!!!

- He started to eat rice or lunch and dinner since yesterday. He hates porridge, oat,... anything too watery and too soft... he spits out them when the food just touches his mouth. The only probelm is he has only 4 teeth, how to munch on adult food?

- He is one noisy baby... he even speaks loudly in dream! He will shouts or scream to get what he wants. If we ignore him, he won't stop making noise untill is given something (to distract him).

- He will follow whoever that change into outing clothes and he will be standing at the door for kai-kai. If someone is outside the house, he sure wants to go out and start to make noise in order to let us know what he wants. He will stop the noise when we come inside the house.

- Was surprise with his vocab ability. We thought he will be late in developing his ability to speak since his motor skills developed way too early than normal baby.
He speaks very well when calling:

"teh-tei" - Jie Jie (sister, pronounce this word since he was 6-7 months old)
"ge-ge" - elder brother
"Pa-pa" - daddy
"Ma-ma" - mummy
"Mah / Ah Mah" - grandma
"Ele" - Elephant
"Mum-mum" - wants food
"na-na" - take /give
"dai-dai" - "kai kai"
"ishhh..." - fish

- Still a breastfeed little boy, more like for comfort or when fussy. He still nurse to sleep but we are trying to break this habit. There were a few times in which he's over tired and he was able to fall aslpeep without suckle BUT he still want mummy's body warmth. He will toss and turn on, against, besides mummy's before he sleeps. In short, he wants to SMELL mummy...