Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Access to Blog for 11 DAYS!

Why? Coz daddy is bringing his laptop to Vietnam tomorrow. Daddy will be in Vietnam for 1 week plus and mummy will be sick of not getting the medium to access Internet at home! Sob... sob....
Well, what to do? In fact, it really doesn't matter la. I'm not yet that addicted to blogging and mummy still got piano to practise and unfinish scrapbooking projects!
Think it's time to have peace of mind for eleven days since writing blogs also squeeze lots of juices from the brain. It's time to refill now. Well, still able to visit other mommies blogs as still can access from office.... kekeke... It's time to "attack" others blogs! Opps, I mean visits and comments more here. So, I'm going to have relax, Internet free and blog free eleven nights!!! (Coz I blog during night time only since company block all access to quite a numbers of sites).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's En En up to lately?

It's already 1 week passed En En birthday. basically nothing special that happen in the family, En En still eat, sleep, play and ask for "kai-kai" everyday. Gosh, she just couldn't stay at home. No, we do not bring her to "kai-kai" as no one is going for shopping and the weather is hot during daytime. The most we can do is bring her out for fresh air early in the morning and visit dogs in the evening around the neighbourhood. Ah Kong and Ah Mah is doing this role everyday, never miss unless it's raining and En En just know what to do every morning and evening - points to the door and shouts "kai-kai"! when it's time.

Since last week, she prefers to walk more than crawling now. These few days, she's busy pulling our hands or fingers to walk with her. I mean to aid her in standing and guide her to walk. Well, this little naugthy girl walks very fast as if she's running but still very unstable.

The Stairs
En En seems never get bored with the stairs even we told her "NO" firmly and "catch" her everytime she attempts to crawl up herself.
Right now, she will crawls at the beginning, then will stand up by pulling the stair rails (the supported steels of the stairs handle)and walk up steps by steps. I mean one stair at a time. No one teach her this techniques but she's able to figure out herself.
Since yesterday, she is trying to do a more dangerous action, going down the stairs!!! Not even crawling, but still holding the stairs rails and place her foot one at a time to get down! Haiyo.... this barely can walk little girl is so brave and fearless. Unfortunately, she's still not tall enough and doesn't know how to step properly to place her foot yet. So, must watch out of her when she's upstairs now since she is trying to "walk" down.

Speech - New Words
"Go" - when she is climbing the stairs as I always tell her "go go & up up".
"Gou3" - sometimes pronounce same as "GO" too but the difference is look at the place. Climbing stairs means "go" otherwise it means "dog" in mandarin.
bird - suddenly heard she talk about this word and that time she's looking outside the house.
"Ah Kengn/Kong" - sometimes pronouce exactly but sometimes miss the actual word but means the same for grandpa. Ah Gong was so happy as he always thought all babies will be the last to be able to call "Ah Kong".
"Bao3 Bao3" - means full. There is one time she had enough milk but we saw still left 1oz (coz normally she will finish all)but she quickly turned and sit up then moved her hands on her tummy and said to us "bao bao". Indirectly means "I'm full, don't force me to finish the milk"! Clever girl... at last, you know how to express yourself when you are full.

Recent Activities
1. Open and close drawers - and yes she's been hurting her fingers by pushing the drawer in but never let go. She didn't cry but screamed. Then she forgot and redo again.

2. Shake her legs left and right while sitting whether there's music or not. It's like starting to build bad habits now.

3. Listen to what we said and imitate us. Sometimes, she really can speak out the exact words in exact pronouncing.

4. Kai-kai and Dai-dai! En En never fail in telling us this word even she's half awake in the morning. Kai-Kai is her all-time favourite, guess she must be an out-going person in future. Yes, this is her first word to greet us instead of Good Morning!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Leave or Stay?

Work for money or work for passion??
I always thought we are all working for money. Yes, you need money to survive in this society, everything involve money. Money is so important to human being.
Two years ago, one of my boss (yup, I reported to two bosses and always have conflicts as one always said go for A and the other said B) told me we must have passion in work so that when you enjoy what you do then indirectly you will become better at it and will silently establish potential or effort which you never know. Oh yes, provided that you really love your dear job!
In my mind, I was thinking if ones have problem in surviving or earning less, do you think they still can head for working for passion?? That is so untrue as working for passion at the job you love is an ideal case but how many of us on the earth are blessed with such opportunity?
I lose the interest, not even passion of my job as I don't see any future in it. Change company? Well, think about it but it's just changing environment. I had seen the dark side of corporate world. Office politics is unavoidable, it's just make me feel like I'm so hippocrate when talking to customers as the way I was told to. Therefore, at the end of the day still go back to square one. Organisation management wise, exactly like Jazzmint posted in her blog "The Bl***dy etc etc" and made me feel like I'm not a contributor there. Hello, I never asked for a rise in pay since I first joined 4 years ago. I just wish the company will appreciate what I did even my role sometimes are just a small project coordinator. Feel Very frustrated!
Sometimes, I think I'm too straight-forward and daddy told me that my attitude and behaviour is not suitable to be in corporate world. I have different characters compare to OL and I just prefer to tell the truths, and always do. Too bad, in corporate world when you deal in business, people tends to love listening to the opposite.

I took back my piano on the year I prepared for my wedding, before En En's arrival. The reason? Don't feel like selling my piano in hometown which I already abandoned for 10 years and in fact, the piano travelled to Penang as one of the furniture piece. That time I was quite free after work so decided to continue my music education till diploma.
I am not so ambitious about my career as I chose family as my priority. I even once told daddy that my greatest achievement is to become a full time housewife. Unfortunately, I'm not marrying a billionare so cannot be those highly educated "tai-tai" whose responsible to take care and educate the children. Funny is it? I also feel funny at first when I realised I have such an "ambition" LOL. Daddy never laughs at me but in fact, he loves it when I have this idea. Maybe that's why we clicked.... LOL
OK, back to the real world, both of us still have to work to support ourself and our family. I tried up teaching music as I wanted to know whether I love it more than my current job. And of course it's another stepping stone if suddenly got retrenchment. Just in case... and I never know that one day, I prefer to be in education world than the corporate world. Maybe because I have En En now, my perspectives and views had changed. I just wish that I can involve more in her development phases and early education. I still don't think it's the right time to become a SAHM, my parent will kill me. But slowly I receive support from both families for me to try involve in education line.

The transition phase is really hard, as this is actually a very difficult decision. I'm in a very terrible dilemma now. But if I never move the step, I can't reach either ends. It's so painful to let go on what you are earning now and start all over again. On the other hand, when thinking about you can do things that you enjoy, you will really long for that day to come. Hopefully I can select on work for passion in no time...

Friday, May 18, 2007

1st Birthday


En En was so excited during her first birthday 3 days ago. Her little cousin sisters were here, gong gong and po po also here and En En was busying asking anyone to bring her out for kai kai. No, we never brought her out but instead changed her quickly in nice outfits, pin her hair and let her wear on her first shoes.
En En was quite fussy at first but when she saw her cousins around, she can't wait to join them and follow them where they go. Even one of her cousin went bath, En En was sitting outside the bathroom and waited for her!

En En was so proud and happy when we praised her saying she looks so pretty with her new make-over (since most of the time seldom wear girlie cloths). She replied us with a big and yet shy smiley face.

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En En was quiet during her cake-cutting event as she was curious about people around her and the cake! We secially ordered the homemake cake and change the design ti adding her favourite Pooh bear as decoration. En En was stunned looking at the 2 tiny bears on top of the cake. She never seen any birthday cake before and was abit scared when the candle lighted on. We sang birthday song to her and she accidentally place her finger onto the cake and the sticky feeling from the cream in fact frightened her. En En was screaming and crying after touching the cake as if it's sometimes going to eat her up!!! She quickly turned away after we blown the candle for her. Then, slowly we moved her back to the cake and gave her the plastic knife to cut on the cake. After that, she screamed again bcoz she was touching the cake again! Afraid but still wanna try touching... *roll eyes*

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After the event, it's almost En En bedtime. All of us followed her into the room but played with her. She enjoyed so much with everyone especially the cousin sister. Mummy brought out her presents and she was so amamzed with daddy's one - Fisher Price: animal nursery rhymes CD player which daddy bought from US. We even play ballons in the room... hehe.

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Guess she's quite tired after the party and dozed off very soon. So, that's how En En first birthday was, simple and just nice!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

12 Month Old

Today is my little princess 1st birthday. Everyone in the family is so excited waiting to celebrate this joyous moment. Time flies incredibly fast and I thought it’s just yesterday I gave birth to her since memory still fresh on the day of her arrival into our family. Still remember the moment I saw her in the labour room, I burst into tears and hubby was overjoy to become a father. Went through happiness and sadness, frustration and anxious moments but it’s really a tough and difficult journey. Afterall, seeing En En growing up healthily everyday is worth than anything else.

Tonight we’ll have a small party for En En at home with both families. Even “gong gong” and “po po” also travel down to Penang from Alor Setar to join the event. How lucky this fella is coz she got so many people to love her. I’m sure she’ll have fun today and everybody will shower her with lots of love and presents. She will have many first times after this and mummy will be busy to record down her achievements.

The following is something that I wish to record for En En and also got permission from aunty Jazzmint coz this is her copyright. Hehehe… En En got lots of developments in verbal, actions and preferences. Mummy just don’t know how to record them down and starting from today will record every 3months about En En.

Vital Stat:
Weight: 9kg
Height : 73cm

Every 3 hours for meals. Rarely give her snacks as she never will finish the meal if tummy is even quarter full. If mummy is with her, then maybe will give her some cheese, baby biscuits, chocolate love letters from Julie’s (just very little and she just love it!) and daddy will offer ice-cream! I can foresee that En En will be a fan for ice cream in no time.
Typical Chinese baby, prefer porridge over cereal but breakfast been on fruits with oatmeal for 5 months already and still is. Only take 5-6 oz milk.
Favourite fruits: Pear, banana, apple
Prefer taste: Salty (even we never add salt), sour. Sweet is a no no for her.

Overall Development (since mummy never record down previously )
1) Dancing with both hand twisting
En En love music and will automatically move her body to dance whenever she listen to music. We never teach her that but she's able to move up and down then with hands twisting too. Just imagine like a Malay dancer's hands... yeah, she is doing it very well.

2) Identify house door key
Since she love to go kai kai (as long as out from the house then it's fine for her) we always try not to encourage her to go out by asking her to pick the key and ask her lots of questions like who you want to go out with. She will first point to ah gong (who is her personal entertainer and responsible for outing activities) and ask him to hold her. Then she will point to the place where we put all our house keys and car keys. En En will then pick the bundle of keys and she knows which one is the key to open the house door. then we take the key and she will be pointing to the dorr straight!

3) Nod and shake head
And she really means it! When we ask her whether she wants something, if yes she’ll nod otherwise she will keep quiet or shake her head.

4) Words she is able to pronounce and understand the meaning
Papa – daddy (since 5 months old)
“mah” – grandma (since 7 months old)
“mie” - mummy
kakak – my house maid
woo… woo or “Gou” (in mandarin) – dog
nana – banana
ball - ball
“kai kai” – her favorite words and will tell you directly even she just wake up
“kong kong” – grandpa
“mum mum” – eat
“hmm…e” – poo or pee
“Ma” – horse in mandarin
“mei mei” – pretty in mandarin
“ma yi” – ant in mandarin

5) Whistle
En En knows how to whistle when she’s 11 month old. She observed and learned from my sis who were being playful with her. Last 2 weeks she’s so proud to show off her amazing ability and she’s happy that she’s able to make all of us laugh with her new trick. Lately she seldom whistle but when on the car ride, she will whistle again and I think that’s indicate she’s enjoying and happy.

6) Smile to Camera with flash
She was giving us that “what you doing with the black thing (BIL’s SLR) again?” and “me again?” look. For the past few days since mummy only able to snap her pic at night after work, so need flash la. She is happy to see the flash and now smile more when facing the camera coz she expect to see the flash light. After that she will crawl to me to grab the camera.

7) Standing and Moving with Support
Support from us or she will support herself by moving along the sofa. She is able to stand up from a squat position and then clap her hands when she's successful.

8) Love the staircase
We used to forbid her to get near the staircase but think it's time for her to learn. So, everyday we let her crawl up the stairs at least 3 times - 2 for her bath and 1 for bedtime. Other time, we try to put a big empty box to block her way up.

9) Learn from mistake
This little fella is very clever, she knows once bitten twice shy. On the first time we used the empty box to block her way up to the stair, she pushed the box and the box fell hit on her head. It's not really that painful but I think she got scared and since then when she realized we put the box there, she turns away. So, we save money on skipping on buying the gate stuff. LOL

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sleepless Mummy

It's been quite a few days mummy slept after 12.30am and weekend even broke record - 2a.m! Normally I'll be on the bed after En En sleeps around 10-11pm. Since addicted to scrapbooking, this hobby really consume alot of my time now.
With En En around, there is nothing much I can do but wait for the appropriate time to start scrapping. Normally, it's after En En go to bed. Phew! It's not easy to do scrapbooking till midnight but the idea keeps on coming out and I just can't wait to translate that into my scrapbook.

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It took me almost 2 weeks to complete these 2 masterpiece, not because it's difficult but the chance to get the right timing to sit down and concentrate on my sb work seems so impossible. I only need 2 or 2 and half hours to complete one sb work. Another factor is En En is like a glue on me and whatever I'm doing she wants to get close and join. So, that's mean I got to delay and delay. There are still more to come out but curretly never print out the selected photos yet. So, it's a temporary break for me to catch up with my sleep time.

A Day Out

En En was overwhelm whenever we bring her out anywhere will do. She loves the car ride and enjoy herself very much even it's just a 10-minutes ride out from the house. She normally will sing, dance and whistle during the ride.
We brought her to Gurney Plaza yesterday from 2.45pm till almost 5pm then only went home. She's overjoy and excited with the environment and never fussy even it's time for her milk and nap. She won't sleep at all and always end up with both red eyes!
What's really make me feel funny is she really loves to dance! We were in the car and as usual daddy is the driver. Mummy asked daddy to turn on radio to LightFM or MixFM and within seconds En En listened to the music, she started to move her body and legs then with hands twisting like those Malay dancer!!! This one thanks to MIL who always sing and teach her and En En indeed pick up very fast. En En was standing at the backseat with mummy and while helding her dancing, I was uncontrollably laughing as her moves and little actions was so cute! Wish I got a cam recorder to record down.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Greeneries in Office

Never know why my boss loves green plants so much. Once he ordered, the whole office will be full of green plants at every corner since we have a medium size office. In fact, this really ease the tired working eyes and create a balance environment at workplace.

This is one of my boss's favourite plant.

I do not have a camera with me during working hours or else I'm sure will snap a few photos. The bad part is not everyone participate in caring for the greens and eventually the plant dies and again my boss will change the whole batch again. There are even evil-hearted people who pour coffee or tea to the plant, so bad! But then again, if the plant stay indoor for too long, they lack of the energetic look meaning starting to turn dry on the leaves and if abandon further will end up a pot of brown leaves plant. Feel sad about this coz it always make me think of us, human being who live and stay alone will end up very lonely and old in the future when we age.
So, take care of every lifes that we have and appreaciate the brightness and lustre of it even it's just appear for a short period.

ERP, Everyone?

Today was called in by a customer to undergo a training meant for supplier to submit quote and acknowledge PO from their online Oracle system. This is a new implemented model in my customer's buidling. Yup, they are moving towards full ERP system for the entire plant.
Well, this is my first time to see Oracle system. Not really touch the whole system but only the supplier portal. They spent almost a million to set up all these and to my surprise there are some common user friendliness is not there. Some of them are no defaulted value, no auto calculation for total price, no auto-triggered when submit is not funtioning. My company is doing ERP as well but we are not meant for giant company but is customisable. I feel great to have the exposure to popular ERP application even it's just a small piece of it. Nowadays most organisation will need ERP to run their business and operation as this will reduce their manpower and operation time and up the volume for production and proper management decision tools.
I am interested in learning about how today's IT technology and application can help and apply flawlessly in organization and the role of each of them. I'm not a techkie person and was once determined to be a consultant. Too bad, this never happen yet and since having my baby, I am thinking on how to become a good mother! LOL Sounds silly right?? But this is what actually my heart is longing for. So, ERP Consultant please give your way...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sleepless Baby

Arrrgh... I can't stand it anymore! Can't imagine how come En En refuse to sleep eventhough she's tired and both eyes are red? She just refuse to go to the bed. Whenever I tried to make her sleep with lullably or nice talk to her and even switch off the light, tell her it's time for bed she just ignore and crawl in the dark and even talking to me with her baby talks.
These two days she's very naughty, she refused to pass motion! So she will hold till night time, especially time for bed then she will pooed a little bit. Once we put her on her potty, she refused and insisted to stand up and get away from the potty. Today, I changed disposable for her and she poo in it. Fine, it's expected since she refused to sit on the potty so might as well let her poo in the diaper. Half hour later, she poo again for the second time and before this I was trying to make her sleep but she refused! I guess she still want to poo. So, I change the diaper again. How I wish I used cloth diaper but it's too late.
We wasted 4 disposable diaper without any pee but with a bit of poo. One disposable diaper cost is around RM0.75, so in just 2 days En En already used up RM4.40, including the new one we changed for her after poo.
Well, everything's done and I think En En should be ready to sleep but somehow didn't know why she's still so active and spring up when I tried to make her sleep. I tried a few times with her but she just didn't care about what I told her. She still wants to go around the room and I really lost my patient slowly. Felt like beating her since I was in bad mood already.
Before this, she's very easy to fall asleep, with her Pooh bear around her bouncer, she will sleep quietly and slowly closed her eyes. But not for yesterday and today! I just can't figure out what's wrong with her. Then, daddy came in the room and I just walked out telling daddy I'm in bad mood already. Thank God, daddy is supportive and he asked me to take a break, got out from the room first. I did and I went downstair to practise my piano as this is another way to redirect my anger. After half and hour, I felt better. It was 11.00pm and my dear daughter is still crawling in the room without any tired face but with two red eyes.
Daddy dozed off within 5 minutes, guess he's very tired from work but our little fella still with big, wide eyes looked at what we were doing. I just told myself by hook or by crook, I must make her sleep. I swing the boucer softly, no effect as she's still wringgle. Then I up the volume, swing harder... yup, En En started to shut her eyes and opened again then shut again. In less than 15 minutes, she too reporting to her dreamland. What a challenging task I have at home after working for whole day in the office!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Overwhelm with SB

Wow... gorgoues..... nice layout.... cute embellishments..... excellent colors and contrast..... full of love & passion.... how nice the look of this end result..... huh? they have stiches and paper craft added in Scrapbooking!!!
Oh Gosh... I think I'm overwhelm with those samples from gallery.... they are all very unique and pretty with lots of decorations, rich colours, just-nice contrast, beautiful art motif and so on..... Everyone is so artistic and they have their masterpiece display right here, in front of the PC with just a click away. How I wish I can be that creative but of course provided I have lots of spare time and money. It's a great way to scrap down the moments in your life of your precious one. Just anyone, anywhere and anything.
Alright, alright..... I must settle my mind and calm myself in order to take baby step in exploring scrapbooking. Everything must start out one by one especially if I'm going to add on crafting as this needs some skills though. Luckily, daddy support what I'm doing, thanks so much even it's just a spirited-support (means I buy the material on my own, sobbing...... :O( ) Well, perhaps I can add some crochet in my scrapbook.... this may take ages to come out with one that really work LOL.

Children's Creativity

Little Thean attended my music lessons as usual and on-time every week. He is my moody student and he's just 5 years old. He loves music and he will cooperate with me if he's in good mood, meaning he will do theory as instructed and play the piano without any nagging. Otherwise, he will talks non-stop to avoid playing on the piano.
These few weeks I was surprised by his creativity in using drawing and art skills when doing his theory. One time the sticker of a minim rest printed wrongly from the look it should be (become a semibreve rest) and I was blank on what to do as the answer was minim rest. Before I'm able to say a word, my little student already suggested to put it upside down so that it looks like a minim rest. What a Good Idea!
Another surprise is colouring flowers for the correct answer and I was expecting him to have one colour for one flower but you guess what! Little Thean coloured the flower in sections! Not only that, it's in vertical and horizontal sections which he drawn by himself. Then some more add 2-3 colors onto one flower.

Little Andrew is abit hyperactive. He's a new student and has no focus when comes to the last 10 minutes of the lesson. He did the colouring very simple as long as the colours sit in the place without filling up the whole space, he consider that as done. I'm glad that even so, he will seperate out different the colour for different item.
For example, there are 2 answer for selection, either it's a minim or semibreve. For young beginner's theory books, there are lots of colouring and playing with stickers. So, it happened that the answer is drawn inside a car. Meaning we have 1 car for minim and 1 car for semibreve. Then the child needs to colour the correct answer. I thought Andrew was not that patient in colouring and since he always doesn't fill the blank with full colour but to my surprise he still insisted the car is red, the window is blue and the tyre is black colour. For an active child to do this, it really need more patience and of course I gave him "Good" and stars not because of his colouring (his colouring can consider bad if you are a perfectionist) but because of his attempt to perfect his work.
We all have a similiarity, that is we are LEFTIE! They really have good imaginations and in fact I really encourage them to do as what comes to their mind even it's always end up a messy page. That's what I call CREATIVITY!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Papers for Scrapbooking

My boss was doing spring-cleaning in his office room today and asked us to help him to filter out files with unused and outdated documents. Guess what! I found out there are lots of colours papars (in fact, it's file divider)and brochures in good quality paper printing. After asking around that nobody wants to be the owner for "second-hand" items, I decided to keep them and use in my scrapbook later.
Indirectly, these papers suddenly inspired me on the usage in my scrapbook and feel so good as I can save money on papers already. *Thumbs Up*


Finally able to try out scrapbooking, roughly laid my idea into a finished product now. Ahem... this product is NOT FOR SALE and has copyright reserved.
Well, it's quite fun doing the cutting and drawing stuff and you need to have time along with some imagination and lots of inspirations from anything on doing this type of art work. At least, as for me, I really think so but it's too early to give any conclusion as I'm just exploring and new to scrapbooking.
There's only ONE shop that sells scrapbooking product in Penang and located at Burmah Road. It is true that you will spend money on the album and papers as they are not cheap. Look at what I'd got from the shop:
Thanks to Irene in providing tips and advice on starting out scrapbooking. I enjoy and have fun with scrapbooking!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New milestone before 1 year old

Lately discover my little angel learn a lot and fast too. Can you imagine a child under 1 year old is ABLE TO WHISTLE??!!En En pick up very fast and imitate us faster than we can imagine.
1) Able to comb hair (even she's just trying but she insists to do this after bath)
2) Able to whistle with "hu-fu-hu" sound from her mouth in a deeper tone than her normal voice! (I was really surprise with her ability)
3) Able to sleep on her own BUT with the Pooh bear by her side.
4) Able to nod or shake her head when we asked her whether she wants her milk or not.
5) Able to call "mie", which refers to her mummy.
6) Able to understand instruction that we gives her such as "No", "Cannot", "Come here", etc...
7) Able to crawl up the stairs and still with energectic look when she reachs there.
8) Able to stand for 1 minutes without anyone help and other types of support.
9) Able to bite our shoulders, legs and hands with her new 4 big teeth!
10) Able to play more wilder with her cousin sisters now since she loves to join them even she just crawling...
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Really wonder what she can surprise us again when approching her 1st birthday soon... I hope it's not something bad.

En En vs Fingers

Besides using fingers to point, En En also loves to play with her little fingers. Right now since she's teething, she keeps putting her finger inside the mouth and bite herself. Then, when the finger is out from the mouth, it will be busy in multiple pointing actions...