Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why always sick before CNY?

Including mummy too... blame the weather?? We all seen doctors and having medication now. The worst must be En En, she's coughing so terrible and vomit after her non-stop coughing most of the time...

Any advise?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Mummy is not feeling well with little bit of stuffy nose and sneezing in hot sunny days! Zheng starts to cough today... En En not so much on coughing and running nose now ever since she got the symptoms last Thursday. She was coughing at midnight till vomit continuously for 2 nights!

If Zheng get worse, will probably bring him to see doctor. Mummy must take some Chinese medication as well called Ying Qiao but need to buy from the chinese medication hall tomorrow. Hopefully able to sneak out from the house without the kids...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I don't want to go to school!

Lately En En is getting very naughty than before. She will answer us back in opposite or reversely to make ones angry. When we told her she can't do A,because will cause B to happen but she will told us she LIKES B. So, whenever she said she likes something, she's going to do it or want to have it no matter what.

Yesterday morning, she refused to go to school no matter how we sweet talk her or bribe her... none was successful. At the end, Ah Mah, Ah Kong, Zheng and mummy got to accompanied her to school and that was 1 hour late!!!

She was not friendly and gave us the long face when she reached school. We pretended to stay there with her but in fact went back after she went in class. Teacher Alison told mummy En En was doing fine, just like her usual self and there was no sign showing that she hates school at all!

Well, probably she was upset for the past 2 weeks when mummy dropped her to school but went off before her break time. She expected to see mummy there during her break but always disappointed. In fact, she was crying during her first week in school but getting lesser when she was in her second week. Still, she doesn't seems happy to be alone, without any family members in school.

Rou En, you are growing so fast and you need to learn to be independent. School will be your second home for the coming 20 years, perhaps. This is just your baby step in your learning life that everyone will go through... and so do you! In another 2 years time your little brother will be going to school like you. Mummy and daddy hope that you will love school and have fun too!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year Resolution

Normally I don't have resolutions just for the year... it happens to be, well... all the time until I achieve or fulfill them. Quite bad huh?

So here goes for this year (or started from this year :P )

- spend more time in the kitchen which I seldom do

- taking charge of my 2 kids daily life together as much as I can (since En En still stick to Ah Mah)

- blog more, get more paid post (it seems like quite hopeless nowadays), spend more time with my kids, knit less (how could this possible???)

- do scrapbooking! It's been like ages I never touch scrapbook, no even 1 layout about Zheng and he's approaching 2 years old soon!

- pick up my music lessons, go back to music education industry (yes, starts to work gradually...)

- wean off Zheng from breastfeeding when he's over 18 months old slowly (sooo reluctant *sigh*)

- involve in more charity works with MMPS, other mothers' group (I'm still a new beginner in this area), lend a hand for new mothers in any form of help that I could offer

- live a greener life by recycling more in the house... (which means spend less money)

- reduce time spending in Farmville! (sounds familiar??)

What else? I think I still have a list of them but never mind... I'll be very happy if I could complete all of the above...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Time for Cookies

This was happening this afternoon... preparation for Chinese New Year perhaps and mummy is in the mood to bake after so so long...

Did En En help out? Yes but she's only telling mummy this is not pretty that is nice which mummy was sweating to pump out the batter with the cookies pipe... Zheng was so interested to stand besides mummy to have a look when the mixer was working with a very loud sound...

Hopefully very soon they will join in the fun in the kitchen then we will have additional two little helpers... :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

IT'S YEAR 2010!

Oh dear... I just realized today we are entering to year 2010!!! I can hear firecrackers launched from Gurney Drive and just know that yesterday was the last day of 2009 when I was reading the newspaper...

Time flies unbelievable fast, kids are growing so fast and we are getting much older each year too. I have many new year resolutions for year 2010... hope that I am able to cope with each of them.

Last but not least, to all of you...