Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bad luck weekends!

Last 2 weekends mummy was busy rushin in and out the hospital. Zheng admitted earlier and now he's recovering but daddy is hospitalized at the moment, since last Friday.

Not so sure what is the cause that made daddy's ankle area swollen and at the end unable to walk. Internal fluid is the culprit from MRI and scan done in hospital, might get second opinion from other hospital since there is no cure for an unknown case.

Tomorrow will be Zheng's 3rd birthday but without daddy. How unfortunate is that... :( Well, mummy need to go back from work now to get Zheng's birthday cake. We'll celebrate in his school then. More updates later... later...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's just 2 days before Mummy's birthday...

But mummy ended up staying in hospital with Zheng! Zheng was having some virus attack from the blood test on Friday. He suddenly vomitted non-stop after arriving to school and mummy still remember he was so active in the morning before school.

Mummy received phone call from daddy around 4pm, informing that Zheng already admitted to Adventist Hospital and was on drip! By the time mummy rushed home to pack his neccessity, it's the perfect time to change shift with daddy who was taking care of him after he's admitted.

Zheng didn't cry when he saw mummy but he was so weak and finally cried due to discomfort in his tummy and the vomit. It was recorded that he vomitted after meal or took any liquid. Basically, what's went in, went out eventually. This is quite a serious case and according to paed, there are a few same cases in the hospital already. It is contagious and we all avoid En En to visit her little brother during his stay in the hospital.

Zheng slept quite early last night due to tiring and his weakness, he can't even fight back when doctor and nurses poke him with the needle. Totally not his usual self... first time we seen Zheng so inactive and weak! Luckily he still able to take milk at night even it's just 2oz at a time. The next morning he seems better and able to eat half plate of the noodles. He drinks more and most of all, no more vomit after meal or drinking. He started to jump and run in the playroom at the paed wards unit. Glad to see he is recovering.

Paed advised not to discharge him yet and better still stay another night to monitor his condition. He still need to get his antibiotic injection for 3 days continually. What is more glaad to see is that he is not throwing tantrum or screaming wild in the hospital. He is alright if we reason with him and putting him to sleep is a bliss! He will tell you " It's dark already, switch off the light and sleep!" When he's in that mood, we quickly switch off the light and within a few minutes, he's already in his dreamland.

Maybe because he is attending school? Frankly, his attitude changed alot even he is still pig-headed and has storm-like temper. He is able to express himself more and able to listen to us now. But downside sending him to school too early will be having more frequent paed visits due to kids in school may spread health-threatening virus anytime... Conflict, right?

Anyway, wish he will be fine tomorrow morning and we all can go home.

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Malaysia Day! Yes, it's daddy's B Day too!!!

Mummy was not feeling well last night.... hardly can attend the kids... Fortunately, this morning was better and we continued out plan for this 16 September, a special for Malaysia and also it's DADDY"S BIRTHDAY!!! So nice, everyone in Malaysia is celebrating with daddy today.

After breakfast we headed to Kek Lok Si. Even though Kek Lok Si located in Penang island, we hardly visit there. Today, daddy said he wanted to take a walk there so up we go!

 This is another outing fir the kids since last trip to Phuket &Krabi... Oppsss... mummy suppose to blog about that but just too busy with work lately and unable to filter more of 1000 photos of them during the trip! Well, coming soon...

The huge Kuan Yin statue which is still under construction... a famous attraction at Kek Lok Si temple.  

En and Zheng couldn't wait to see fishes at the pond... so big and so many of them...

Later, we went to Gurney Plaza to have lunch. We planned to try at Chilli's but unfortunately, the queue is long. So did Chicago Grill... daddy had no patient for waiting so we ended up at Manila's Place! Food was nice and not so crowded, so consider Manila's Place if you can't get a seat at Chilli's or others famous western restaurant in Gurney Plaza.

This Jumbo Sausage is for Zheng! Amazingly big and of course he hardly can finish all... daddy and mummy got to eat them up in the end... *blurp*

This is daddy's Set Lunch... where is the Chicken?? The chicken looks rather small in the serving covered with cream butter sauce...

After meal, mummy went to bookstore while daddy brought the kids to playground. Bought some books before we went home.

In the car, suddenly En En said "Where is daddy's birthday cake?" So that reminded us that we forgot about the birthday cake! We bought a small Italian Chocolate birthday cake for daddy from Maxim's Cake house on the way back.

Opps... now everyone knows how old is daddy... LOL! En En recently will ask us quite special question like: "How old are mummy when I'm 100 years old?" She likes to do counting and feel so proud that she can count till 100. Therefore, comes out all weirdo question lately... duh...

As for Zheng, he is still a good tester for all the food we have around. He is the type of kid who will eat any food in front of him even you told him we need to wait or he can't take that food. Anyway, his favourite food is HOTDOG! That's why with that Jumbo Sausage we had during lunch... And another thing is he always think that everyone's birthday is his birthday... he is very good at singing the Birthday Song though... :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Sanity

Modelled by En En of course, but i t's for her cousin sister X (well, it still was all the while) ... I still have many projects on going...

Below is the one completed 3 months ago, the name is Macy Top / Dress... a very fun knitting project with many possibilies of changes to the look. It can be a top for older girl or a dress for young toddler.

Too bad En En is not really in love with this Macy Top, maybe the wool yarn is not suitable for our climate. So, any taker??

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy... busy... busy...

Life... yes this is mummy's life at the moment... rushing here and there.... sending Zheng to school, fetch him back from school after working hour... oh yes... mummy started a new job in June. Long story behind... still a part-time music teacher so mummy only left 1 day for weekend spend with the kids...
Suddenly everything happened so fast and mummy still need knitting for that therapeutic moment...

En En and Zheng suddenly grows up so fast, glad that mummy never miss out for the past three years spending more time at home with them. It's really a brand new experience, so as starting a new job too!

Arrgh.... kids are calling it's time to bed, mummy need to get busy for them to go to bed before can visit the dreamland... so busy is going to stick with mummy again...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Valentine's Day!

Backdated post.

Just feel nice to get the kiddos to make Valentine's Day card for daddy... and they got the cance to play with Glitter!!! En En is defintely excited, Zheng just followed whatever JieJie is doing.

 This is the heart mummy cut out for Zheng and he's enjoying so much "pouring" out the sparkle.

This one belongs to En En. With pink glitter, pink heart,.. she wants everything in PINK!!!

The outer look of her card...

and this is Zheng's card with mummy's help...

The cheeky boy posing with the card while eating...

Ladies receive flowers from guys and everyone knows that how expensive to buy flowers on V-Day! Ah Kong and Ah Mah also criticized on buying and sending flowers on V-Day. It is said to be a waste of money.. anyway, mummy doesn't really like flowers though...

Guess what, Ah Kong and Ah Mah gave a briliant idea!! Instead of sending a bouquet of flowers / roses, why not send a pot of growing roses!!! Buy that beautiful pot of roses 1 week before V-Day.Water the plant, taking care of it until V-Day then send it to your love one. The roses will still bloom and bloom all year long plus save you lots of money!!! LOL...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The "ME" Time

It has been a very long time mummy never have that little time to send sms to friends which mummy used to.

Today brought En En and Zheng to visit paed as En En is having sore throat after CNY celebration, sounds familiar huh? The actual culprit must be late night sleep (imagine at 12.30am or even 1am!!!) and lack of fluid intake since the last few days. Too excited, perhaps which is very common for special festival.

While waiting to collect En's mediacation, mummy finally sent out sms to say hello to friends who has been "neglected" for such a long time. Sound cruel to whom are friends to mummy... hehe... well, this is life. But mummy still miss them and really wish to know what's up to them lately... Hmm... maybe because mummy never bring knitting project out this time... :P

So, lesson learned... there is no ME time in motherhood, you have to find it out on your own. So, kampateh mummy! Keep on moving for the very own time management course... :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Bunny Year 2011!!!

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Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate! May the new year bring you more happiness and good health...

p/s: Click on the pic to see the many funny faces of the little two cuties in our house... hehe... :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year... new life??

First of all, this is the first time mummy never update anything on the last day of 2010 and the first day of 2011. In short, no blogging activity from end of December 2010 till early January 2011. Nope, not really the lazy bug around but we are not in Malaysia!!!

Okay, the new life here means us in the family... don't get misunderstanding thinking mummy is carrying a new life. (No, two of them already making us tumbling down at home... no more new baby!!!)

Oh yes, we went to this place in the North with Gong Gong & Po Po and to make it more merrier, mummy's uncle's family (Po Po's brother) and mummy's maternal grandma joined in the fun too! Simply a new experience for En En and Zheng.

Can guess whereabout? Clues: It's almost 5-6 hours ride from Kedah. Need passport... or border pass. :)

Not many photos can be taken as Zheng was fussing, disturbing throughout the trip. No fun to bring a toddler who refuse to eat and be an obediant child for a few days. Well, at least we tried to include Zheng for all the trips we have. Probably the next trip for them will be quite some time later.

Zheng was having his very first time "swimming" in the sea with mummy and both of them were having a great time making sand castle! Rou En refused to play water at the beach but got her first swim in a hotel's pool. She loves it very much even initially she dare not go near the water.

Some of the photos of them in the pool...

Freezing Zheng who refusd to wear a shirt as his body and lips were turning black when he insisted to stay in the ice-cold pool. Luckily, he stopped fussing and get out from the pool eventually and stayed with Po Po while watching others played.
So, mummy was able to spend time with Rou En in the pool without worrying about Zheng.

All in all, it was a fun and exciting trip for the kids... as usual... when can parent enjoy their own vacation??


Some knitting projects to show off (that's why blog so little for the past one year!!!)

Remember Rou En's blouse?

Ta-dah! Presenting our little model with mummy's handknitted Rainbow Dress (in fact, it's a bigger size pullover for her)

And mummy's wool shrug which started since August 2009 and completed in mid of December 2010! The longest knitting project in queue...

Wish to continue knitting in this new year too. It brings satisfaction... in some way, knitting is therapeutic. Kids are growing so fast, Rou En is attending K1 in her kindergarten this morning.

Most important of all, the new life is WE ARE MAID LESS now!!! The maid somehow ran away... so let's just take this opportunity to lose weight by taking up the household chores more...

It's late, but still wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2011!!!