Monday, September 29, 2008

Favourite Character from "The Incredible"

Picture courtesy from Wikipedia

Edna Mode!!! Don't know why En En find this character is funny as she will laugh whenever we repeated her name with voice in very low key as "Ed-na Mode"...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Addicted to the Square Box

This is En En glued to ... you know it! She loves cartoon movies very much nowadays till she's able to tell you the conversation between the cartoon characters.
Her favourite are those with Mummy, Papa and baby characters in the story line. Namely,:-
1) whereby she tells you she is the baby penguin and afraid of the seal and birds who wanted to eat the little penguin.
2) She enjoys the whole movie and won't leave the chair if she hasn't finish watching. Loves to see baby Jack Jack, imitate Dash to run faster, hates the bad guy Syndrome (yes, En En can tell the bad uncle is "Sin-dome")... and to our surprise her favourite characters in this movie is... YOU GUESS WHO?
3) She tells everyone that Panda is daddy (coz daddy is a giant to her), En En is Shifu (since Shifu is so small in size, just like her) and mummy is Oogway (the tortoise!!!) Am I so slow?? Perhaps she thinks that mummy big tummy looks like Oogway's shell... *fainted*
4) Latest addition Disney classical movie and she loves it bacause there are Meow Meow mummy, 3 meow meow babies in white, black and brown colours plus meow meow papa.
Mummy just hope that she won't wear glasses too soon...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Favourite Hat

My latest fashion statement... I love to be in the basket and luckily I'm diaperless now. Those old days they used this basket to gather my soiled napkins and cloth diapers... Eeww... but now, No More!!!

Mummy, can you see me?? Am I cool?? I got another favourite hat, the square box... will show you next time.

36 Weeks!

Mummy's weight: 79.8kg (WAH!!!)
Baby's weight : Unknown... since no scanning done for this visit but will visit gynea again next week.

Mummy feels tummy becomes heavier and suddenly grows bigger than ever. No increase appetite or craving for a particular food but snacking quite often. Still knit like crazy, it's like competing with time now... will post about the knitted baby's garments later. Mummy even feel it's unfair to knit so many stuff for No.2... so today started to knit a vest for En En. Hopefully will complete it before baby No.2 pops! :)

Completed this wool soaker today, it takes 3 days to finish.

Legs seems to be swollen abit and fingers are quite tense and painful when it's late evening. So, will slow down on knitting coz MIL reminded that if knit too frequent without any exercises to the arms and upper body, it will be very easy to get painful and tired arms. Mummy only concern is whether it will affect breastfeeding coz will need to carry baby most of the time... unless... mummy masters Lying Down position. Hmm... will get advise from lactation nurses in Adventist Hosp later.

Already packed the hospital bags... arrange the cabinets for En En by transforming the toys rack into her new clothes rack... En En will be back from Po Po's house in Alor Star tomorrow as she already stayed there for 10days. That's why mummy got time to do so many things...

And also the cloth diapers stash been rearranged and looks neater in the cabinet now...

Oh ya... mummy will be going back to Alor Star for confinement. En En maybe following too but depends coz maybe she will travel withh daddy 2 weeks in Penang and 2 weeks in Alor Star. Let's see who can handle her later...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Meat Lover!

We don't have to feed her when she's having her favourite dish... see?

Or, suddenly she will be so co-operate when you ask her to make cheeky face like the one below when she's having her meat meat-

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tiring to potty train...

We were almost celebrate the joy of En En to be diaperless by now, on her 27 months old but everything turn into a nightmare. Everyone is so piss off with her teerrible behaviour and mummy also got to give in and delay her potty training plan.

Remember a post titled "Mummy whacked the little butt"? We still have this episode on every few alternate days and apparently En En was crying and screaming for no reason! Be it daytime, night time or mid-night!!! Lately, she wants Ah Mah madly and refuse to let daddy and mummy get into the bedroom with her! This is really too much... but we still have to distract her with lots of stories, new ideas in order for her to forget about what she was demanding previouesly. Otherwise, everyone of us don't have to sleep! Ah Mah said becasue En En is jealous with No.2 inside mummy's tummy and she doesn't feel mummy loves her so she picks Ah Mah to accompany her. Mummy tried so many things to get close to her and never whack her or scold her (since No.2 will cramps inside the tummy and kicks mummy when mummy feels angry or irritated), but still she chose Ah Mah! So heartache...

Back to potty train, En En is diaperless during daytime and during nap. Mummy is so amaze about her strong bladder control, or perhaps she has bigger bladder?? She can go all dry at night for 5-8 hours! That's so amazing and mummy only use 1-2 modern cloth diaper for the whole night till next morning. Before this, she will refuse to wear any diaper and wake up at midnight to pee with mummy's help. Ever since mummy tummy got bigger and she requests and cries for Ah Mah to come over to put her on potty at midnight as she refuses to come doen from the bed... we decided to let her to stay in the diaper at night. Mummy felt so bad as we already trained her to have the awareness to pee at night and she's able to tell us to wee wee during her sleep, we consider that as a very good improvement. But seeing that she has this ridiculous request and screaming for Ah Mah at midnight, we have no choice to turn a deaf ear when she murmur at midnight. Feel so so so bad, but if mummy or daddy offer to help her to the potty at midnight, she will starts crying and screaming till Ah Mah comes and by then everyone in the house will be awaken! So, if you are in mummy's shoe.. what will you do??

Saturday, September 6, 2008

DIY Baby Items

For babywearing:

Am trying to DIY a pouch and ring sling.Thanks alot to Jess and the monthly babywearer group gathering in Penang. Well, I can't sew yet, my mum help me on the pouch sling and I'm still haven't squeeze time to learn sewing the edge of the cloth for ring sling... Need to learn to sew straight line on cloth first...

For Breastfeeding:

-nursing cover

Also DIY nursing cover, I have 2 of them. Thanks alot to my mum... there are so many wonderful items can be made if only I know how to sew... :P

- nursing pillow - no photos yet as they are still in progress and yes I'm going to have 2 and made by mum... :)

- nursing clothes - will try to modified existing baggy clothes (for experiment) if really need to have them after the baby establish good latching on and mummy can be a moo by then.

For baby garment:

Completed knitting 3 wool longies and one baby vest...

Knitting in progress:

1) Another wool longies size M/L - 85% completed

2) Baby hoodie/cardigan - 80% completed

3) Baby hat

4) Toddler simple kimono - 55% completed but am afraid not enough yarn...

5) A cable vest for myself - guess this one will drag and on hold after No.2 comes out...

Just rememebr I got to clear the room's cabinet and wardrobe to make space for baby clothes and napkin. Limited space need a nice arrangement and clean up... that's why I'm so pack at this moment...

Oh ya... today I started to feel the belly tighten up, looks like baby is growing and the belly starts to expand. Got to monitor any extra stretch mark now...

Sticker Mania!

Mummy:" Oh No!!! What happen to your legs?"
En En: " My leg pretty...oh... pretty..."
Mummy: *pengsan* IIn fact, the first body part that she pasted was her face!!! No one told her before...

Monday, September 1, 2008

32 Weeks

Went for routine checkup today and baby is doing fine. In fact, baby's head already down!

Mummy's weight: 77kg

Baby's weight : 1.965kg

(gynea said baby will grow very fast during the last month, probably will hit 3kg by the time for delivery.... true?)

Alright, mummy already banned coffee since earlier last month in the fear of having a lower weight baby and will be very caution about every food intake. Luckily this time no constipation issue, much more better than last pregnancy.

Still rushing to knit the baby cardigan and hopefully ready before due. Can't believe I have so many things to do before baby arriving... Next task will be thinking of what to pack for the hospital bag.