Sunday, August 31, 2008

In great demand for Peace of Mind!

Who? Of course it's mummy...

En En has turned into a very terrible toddler. On one hand we are almost celebrating the joy of her success in potty training but yet her crying and screaming haunted everyone in the family.

En En will turn into a little monster when she crys (the signal) that she wants to pee in the mid of the night or dawn. The problem is she refuse to get down from the bed to go to the potty and refuse us to carry her to the potty as well!!! She will cry and insist till Ah Mah comes into the room then only she is willing to sit on the potty. There were times Ah Mah went out to morning walk or to the market and En En will cry her lungs out. Times like this mummy got no other choice but to force her to sit on potty and everytime she was in very terrible urge to pee! If we wait for a few more seconds definitely she will pee onto the bed!

Mummy and daddy can't do much here except forcing her to sit on potty and let her cry out loud but once she peed, she will settle down and sleep back.

Why she is becoming so terrible and make others to dislike her behaviour? Is it because I'm having No.2?

Differences between 1st & 2nd Pregnancy

Not sure why the differeces are so big but these are the very obvious few:-

1. Appetite
1st Preggie:
Not picky on food but mostly like craving for starchy and high carbohydrate food - resulted in tremendous weight gain during 1st and 2nd trimester.

2nd Preggie:
Not so good appetite comapre to previously eventhough not picky on food as well. Portion size is smaller due to lesson learnt from last experience. :D

2. Caffeine, Junk, Canned & Processed Food
1st Preggie:
Banned all of them throughout the whole 9 months... I had such a strong determination.

2nd Preggie:
No restriction! Oh my god... Don't quite understand how come I'm addicted to coffee so much since I'm not a coffee person when I'm not pregnant. Loves fast food, burgers, and don't bother food that I took from can or processed type. This time really prone to weakness... :(

3. Exercise
1st preggie:
Was very ethusiasm in yoga for pregnancy or any stretching exercises even I was having placenta previa. Took precaution from gynea and tried to squeeze time in for light exercises.

2nd preggie:
Don't bother any type of exercise since having a toddler really makes me treasure my sleep and rest time.

4. Story time moment
1st preggie:
Won't miss that every night to tell a story to the baby in the womb.

2nd preggie:
Still have nigh time story-telling to the elder one. So, the second one in the womb share the story.

5. Music time
1st preggie:
Played the classical music almost everyday through CD player. Attended exam after 2 months delivery.

2nd preggie:
No CD player this time but practise more on the piano and the baby in the womb followed me to exam too.

Sometimes, it's quite unfair to second baby, isn't it?

Friday, August 22, 2008

After the butt whacking...

En En seems understand and behaved better than before after she realized she can't use crying to get what she wants. Maybe it's true everyone in the family must co-operate and firm in teaching her what she done is acceptable and vice versa.

Right now whenever she did something wrong or cry without any reasons we will tell her that we are going to whack her again and she said: "Ah Mah ta-ta (beat buttock)!"
She only allows Ah Mah to whack her... *roll eyes*

Another method to stop her from crying is by telling her there is a mozzie or a housefly is flying into her big mouth and this works! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mummy whack the little butt!

En En was crying and screaming non-stop even it's already 10.30pm. Reason? She just wanted Ah Mah to accompany her to sleep and yet she was making fool of us. By that time, everyone already back to their bedroom and Ah Mah was awake because of her crying.

We stayed with En En in the room for more than half an hour and yet she's still refuse to sleep. Suddenly, she told Ah Mah she wanted to drink water. Alright, Ah Mah gave her the water she said she wants milk. Gave her the milk she said she wants water again! Ah Mah told her if she still keeps on doing this, Ah Mah was leaving the room. En En is trying to be funny with us but once Ah Mah went out from the room, En En never stop crying and screaming... yeah, to use this method as a "weapon" in order for Ah Mah to come back. She even forced herself to scream and cry, just imagine how naughty she can be!!! Ah Mah never came back and En En in fact was very tired as it already passed her sleeping time. Still making noise after 15 minutes... then she said she wants to pee but didn't want mummy's help to sit on the potty. She was screaming for Ah Mah till she finally pee abit on her pants!

Mummy gone mad already and can't help to force her siting on the potty but En En protested to wait for Ah Mah. Mummy whack her butt twice as her screaming and crying getting louder and louder... Ah Mah came and whack her again as she's apparently crying and screaming for no purpose in the first place. Then, En En vomitted due to screaming and crying for too long... everyone was angry with her and the most terrible part is she didn't allow mummy to clean her up or clean up the mess in the room! Yes, she used her crying to let us know that she didn't want mummy to do things for her at this moment and she wanted Ah Mah to do everything! This is just too much... Looks like she been too used to people listen to her all this while... right now everyone started to feel something must be done (rotan pls...) to avoid her from becoming too dominant, demanding and bossy.

Mummy is unable to sleep tonight... can't imagine how my cute little girl can turn into a horrible little monster that boiled our blood so badly! Looking at her sleeping now, mummy feel pity that she got whack but what to do?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

See... what I can do!!!

When no one disturb me, I'm able to asemble them one by one without any help... I'm so clever, am I?

Papa help me to do this but I transform them into my hands!!! Yeah! I'm genius... Hahaha...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

This is mummy @ 27 weeks preggie

Always think that this baby is smaller compare to En En... is it true for pregnant with a boy?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a little bit about En En

She's getting more choosy and active nowadays... Not sure why she picks a particular person to help her in changing, bathing, feeding and many more... she will cries and makes loud noises in order to get to what she wants. She's becoming very terrible to handle and fussy nowadays, ones must let go on what is doing to SERVE her!!!

This is what she did when we asked her to give us a cute-looking face!

She loves to draw. Everyday she will request for paper and her crayon and draw for quite a long time if no one disturbing her. She even will ask you to Shut Up when she's drawing and you are talking non-stop to her. She said that to her Gong Gong... How rude... Little artist-to-be?

She's able to differentiate colours very well now but still not sure what names of colours to call. Loves to find similiarity of just anything. Then will tell you "Same, same!"

Addicted to Barney nowadays and glue to the square box most of the day but most of the time she prefers to listen to the show rather than watching... she even has her own small TV! Mummy think she's been pampered by other family members coz En En will scream to watch her favourite VCD or DVD whenever we switched on the TV. Therefore, Ah Kong (who can't live without a TV) cannot tahan anymore and provide a small TV for the little one. Guess this is not a healthy habit but a TV is unavoidable for a city kid... *Sigh*