Monday, April 28, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby En En

OK... not sure this is good or bad but at least when we ask En En what's the name of mummy, or papa... she's able to tell in not so accurate pronunciation. But at least we know who she's calling.

When we ask En En: "What is your name?"

En En replied: "BABY!!!" or sometimes "Baby En!"

When we ask En En: "Is baby inside mummy's tummy?"

En En nodded her head and pointed to herself saying: " Baby is here!"

Are you a Beauty?

Many young ladies nowadays wish to become singer or actress through participating in talent contest, cat-walk competition or maybe beauty pageant. Even magazines will have Beauty Queen or Miss XXX of the year held annually. The one I remember is our local CLEO which will select the Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year! I'm not sure whether this event still available since I stop reading CLEO when I turned 25. So, I'm aging now...

Each year, there will be many new faces or look of the year appear. They are beautiful, handsome, young, energetic, tall, and... many more. Everyone who had seen En En will tell me I have a model look-alike daughter, very beautiful and smart. She will have bright future when she grows up. Well, in my opinion, I don't really encourage my children to live under the limelight or become a model. Our cultures and believes is very different and not every parent can accept the child having a life without privacy, well sort of exposure to the public. At least I know I'm one of them. There are parent who love the kids to be the headlines of the press or superstar... maybe can pay a visit to Hopefully you can find some information there.

Anyway, I still believe beauty is not everything. Even handicapped children can have bright future if given proper guide. Therefore, being a parent is a challenging task and now I realized why my parent refuse me and my sisters to take part in any beauty contest previously.

Relieved moments...

Guess what! So many bloggers mama told me Bloggerwave never paid us if we take the opportunity but to my surprise... I was paid last few days! My post was published 2 months ago... so, don't give up yet!

Next, the wool longies that I ordered from US also arrived safely (finally!). I was waiting for more than 2 months which I nearly give up and concluded that it got lost during transit somewhere in the Pacific Ocean... LOL! This one is meant for En En but it looks very big and long on her... I'm doubt whether she still wants to wear wool pants?

Oh yes, remember I said I was having the credit card problem to purchase online? Well, I managed to place order at last and the knitting yarns arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Yes, can start my knitting projects anytime now...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy... busy...

It's not easy to be a home-maker... I can't believe it can be so busy... 24 hours really is too little for a mother who wears so many hats! Alright, no maid at home for 2 weeks and no toddler at home for 2 weeks as well. But, you think mummy has time to do knitting or favourite activities? NO!!!

Miss knitting and scrapbooking but this is not the time yet. Wake up almost 6am in the morning and start cleaning the living hall, kitchen, prepare for breakfast even it's a quick one. Luckily I only do laundry every alternate day or at night... then go to wet market every alternate day. PIL told me it's not fresh to buy vegetable for a week's consumption, which I think it's acceptable. Then, after that brunch (you know, pregnant mama tends to eat more when the portion size is smaller too), time for lunch preparation.

Today, mummy needs to cook ABC soup, sweet and sour pork, spicy fried fish with lime juice and perhaps long bean with egg? Hmm... got to go check the fridge for the ingredient now... Ciao!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online Shopping Craze!

Ever since I was introduced into the blogsphere, I discovered more and more e-stores and the convenience to purchase online. Well, the first online product I bought was a modern cloth diaper! Everyone around me gave me a strange stare as how can you trust online store? Well, if you never try, you will never know.

I'm in love with the process of buying online now and everytime when I browse at the e-store... well, mostly they are baby items and I really can't wait to fill the shopping cart as much as I can. Even I don't really buy in the end... I think I'm having some crazy imagination thinking that I'm going to get the item from the merchant soon. LOL!

Oh well, I do hope that my credit card will be able to use as I really need to purchase some knitting yarn from overseas for my knitting project. I just don't understand why my credit card is refused when I'm preparing to make online payment. When I look at the shopping cart that I filled up with wool yarns, I feel so sad that I can't proceed the transaction of purchasing. Probably I need to visit the bank tomorrow to get some clarification.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Mummy is doing right now?

Learn to cook! It's not easy to have good tastebud family members yeah... Every little spices or slightly different cooking method will totally alter the taste and originality of the dish... Need to learn from the beginning as never posses any good talent in cooking.

MIL is going to Shanghai tomorrow and I'll be the cook for 2 weeks. Not sure whether I can cook for the family even En En is now in Alor Setar, a good reason to cook without a toddler disturbing. Hopefully no need to end up ta-pau from outside... :P

As for this pregnancy, am not having good appetite. I still can eat but not in big portion and can't live without hot, spicy and sour. Not sure why the tastebud change so drastically even normal stir-fry vegetables which was my favourite is so difficult to swallow without sambal chillies! So, Malay and Indian recipes book is the one that gets referring the most. Will off to prepare sambal ikan bilis in a day or two... *yummy yummy* Only one things that bother me... tiny bloody vessel discharge but not everyday. Some days even got pinkish red discharge, gynea said it's fine but am still not sure why this happen to both of my pregnancies.

On the other hand, need to start helping daddy to do his checking & recording on monthly expenses (to make sure whether he got some pocket money for mummy or not... hehe...) and lots of household chores to be done since the maid is not here at the moment. Oh... not forgetting knitting too... hopefully able to finish most of them before En En comes back to "interrupt the progress"... LOL!

Huh? Not that bus...

En En loves Winnie the Pooh so much and she won't miss the series from Astro PHDC every morning at 10a.m. So, one night before bed mummy had some coversation with En En about Winnie the Pooh... & his friends.

Mummy: What's this furry bear name? *pointing to her Pooh plush toy*
En En : Ah Pooh!
Mummy: His friends' name? *point to Tigger, Piglet, Baby Roo, Eyore in the book*
En En : (told mummy one by one) Tigger... Pigket ... Baby Roo... Eeyorr...
Mummy: There's one Jie Jie name Darby too. She has a dog, right?
En En : *Nodded her head*
Mummy: What's the name of the dog?
En En : *speechless*
Mummy: It's call Buster! Say "Bus-ter"...
En En : *pause for a while* Bus... bus... lorry...
Mummy: No... it's "Bus-ter"...
En En : Bus... car??!!
Mummy: * rolled eyes*

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

She knows how to "dot"!

En En loves to draw and write with a highlighter... maybe the colour is more striking? When mummy said: " Draw dot-dot on the paper..." She came out something like this:

Then, without our knowledge, some damage done silently when she "expand her territory"...

On the wall... *slap-head*

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mozzies Attack!

How sad to look at En En's legs... she will keep on scratching those area even when they are healing. As a result, she has lots of scars from the "kiss of the mozzie". It started before CNY but till today those old and new scars keeps on appearing from time to time... so worry that her skin is extremely sensitive. What we need to do now is how to prevent her from the bite? Insect repellant is not working on her as she refuse to let us put on and those are chemicals-made product... good meh?

Any good solution to get rid of mozzies instead of spraying, and using other commercials method? Is there any natural approach? Daddy loves to use the electrical mozzie racquet to electro-shock them... Any more ideas?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Quick Update...

En En is going to become big sister... Yeah, mummy is 11 weeks pregnant with no signs of morning sickness and nausea. Thought will have extremely good appetite like previously but to my surprise... it's not that way. Not feeling like eating alot but nibble here and there still happen as hunger pangs hit quite frequently.

Gained 25kg for my last pregnancy due to craving of carbohydrate food and doctor advised :"If possible don't let yourself gain more than 10kg for this time..." possible??? The body fat still carry the extra 6kg from previous pregnancy and most probably this 6kg already included as pregnancy weight gain. Luckily no special craving so far... and even the tastier food that mummy longs to seems not even attractive anymore. Hormone is doing the job here...

En En is not clingy at all and there's no sign of pregnancy until the period stop visiting 2 months ago. That's how it started the wondering or guessing game...

Gynea informed that I had high blood pressure on the last visit. Therefore, shall monitor the reading for a week. Hopefully it's because of late night sleeping... Looks like blogging have to give its way by hook or by crook... What about blog for money?? I leave it for quite some times now... Alright, time to get up to the bed!