Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Energizer who munch alot

9 months 1 weeks and 5 days old Boy

Of course he is the one!!! Move non-stop, eat non-stop (eating things that are call food and thing that aren't food)... but still hardly notice any fat form him as he burns fat faster than mummy... :P Climb up staircase at least 3x per day BUT he is unable to come down.

Eating bread while watching TV...

Eat porridge while playing at the chilren playground @ Gurney Plaza...

He thinks pacifiers and milk bottles are toys... he never suck them on longer than a minute...

Eating toys... and that was Jie Jie's toy...

"See my tummy rumbly?"

Weighed him yesterday at the visit to Klinik Kesihatan and he is 8.8kg, 72cm tall. Still no teeth but loves to eat biscuit!

Lunch at home

A twist from cooking rice everyday, PIL decided to change abit for lunch one day. Taste good with the fresh ingredient added and almost identical to real Har Mee (in Penang it's called Hokkien Mee).

She's improving...

The red patches started from the end of limbs such as toes, fingers

About her allergy rashes... it's getting better... slowly... She is not on Zyrtec everyday but only take it orally if the red rashed/spots/patches suddenly appear fast and can't even go away after some times.

After the course of the chinese medicine from Eu Yan Shang, she indeed had "big" bowel movement for 4 days. During this 4 days, no Zyrtec was given and no sign of allergy reaction came out. Quite amazingly but she had to take Zyrtec on the last day she's took the chinese medicine. Somehow, we are still unsure what was going wrong in her body.

So till today... the longest interval that she's not taking Zyrtec was 6 days apart. Quite a good improvement as compare to previously whereby she needs to take it every night.

She stopped Zyrtec on 13 July when she started the chinese medicine, took Zyrtec again on:
- 16 July
- In between another 2 times
- 22 July
- 28 July

We still need to monitor her from now on and hopefully she won't be needing anti-allergy medication eventually.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 years and 2 months old

So lady-like....

Trying to be active...

Camera-shy lately... (thus we have to snap her without her knowledge)
Hoping that she can recover faster and get rid off any medication she's having now...
*Pray harder*

The first craft

Playing with paper punches and stamping! No choice, mummy got to bring out all the tools and papers for scrapbooking to introduce En En some paper craft or maybe scrapbooking in future... Oh well, she loves it!

The flowers in white and black ink stamped by En En, mummy embellished them later with the details. Nice or not? Will blog about where this to be used in next post.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A little note about kids

- She is officially sleep with Ah Mah at night and she sleeps soundly instead of waking up at midnight to grab her pillows and walked to Ah MAh's room in dark... and that was when she's sleeping with mummy and daddy...

- She is not allergy to anything according to her allergy blood test result BUT the red spots/rashes/patches never go away ever since she's been discharged from hospital. She's on anti-allergy medicine, Zyrtec for 1 month plus. We tried to stop Zyrtec for a day and the next day the symptom appeared and she started to scratch. Paed advise to let her have Zyrtec for 2 months at least...

- All of us agreed that she's allergy to Arieus, another anti-allergy medicine which the paed gave her at the earliest. We brought her to see a Chinese sinseh at Eu Yan Shang. She's on chinese medicine start today. Hopefully this alternative way works on her as we don't like to see little girl on long-term medication.

- She is boring with life at home sometimes, she wishes to go outing as long aspossible and she will tell you not to go home if she is not satisfy or ready to get home. Seriously, mummy is diggin out the memory of what I was doing at her age and maybe can start with her to do some simple art and crafts...

- He is restless and always bang his head with or without our knowledge. Mummy knitted a head band for him but he's now able to take it off. Therefore, we got to keep an eyes on him every minutes!

- He's going to be 9 months old soon and he's able to walk with hands supported on table, door or anything solid and firm.

- He's hyperactive, triple more than En En during this age. He won't stop crawling, climbing, snatching newspaper or any other papers, toys, anything within his reach in order to send into his mouth!!!

- He had a taste of durian and mangosteen despite other fruits and he can finish one big slice of papaya, eat more frequent whenever he's not sleeping as he always seem want to eat but not hungry.

- He rejects to poo into the potty and only do it in the diaper. Lately he will just poo abit then continue crawling or playing. He refuses to finish his bowel movement when mummy offer him the potty. Therefore, ended up he poo poo 4-5 times per day all in diaper/napkin... arrgh...

- He was starting to do stunts/acrobatic during breasfeeding when mummy offers him side lying. He won't sleep properly instead he will suck from above, buttock high up like doing the downward facing in yoga! Very naughty boy... oh yeah, milk came out from his nostril today... *slap head*

A Sweet One

Mummy hit Didi's hand when he was trying to reach the lamp besides the bed in order to warn him this is not a toy to play with. En En was standing besides Didi and whenever mummy hit Didi's hand, she said: " Touch... touch... (means sayang back DiDi)..." After that, mummy was surprise why En En suddenly pushed mummy down (I was sitting) and sit on mummy's tummy!

Ah Mah saw this and she said En En is helping Didi to make revenge... Ha!

At least we know she loves him!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

Why En En doesn't want to be close with daddy and mummy?
Why she refuse to play with DiDi?
Why she seems like hate everyone in the fanily except Ah Mah?
Why she suddenly love the TV cartoon shows so much?
Why she has no interest on story anymore?

Mummy wonder whether because I breastfeed baby Zheng and she is fear of losing the special place in mummy's heart and changed to get Ah Mah's attention? How... and what to do?