Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Booties

Nice or not? But not mummy's work, it's MIL. Yeah... Ah Mah is a very talented in art, crafts and needlework. Mummy feels pressure but quite glad to have someone to guide in knitting or crochet. Oh, sewing too!

Mummy is going to try out crocheting a pair of baby booties. The picture above is the pattern but exclude the embroidery. Let's see whether baby Z can wear them when it's done.

Photos to be developed...

Mummy is the person that can't stop taking pictures of our little princess but now daddy took over this role. Why? Because mummy is busy to take pictures of our little prince too! Now looking back, our princess has more than four thousands of her very own digital photos collection and our little prince has almost three hundred plus ever since he said hello to the world 2 months back.

Next is what we are more headache about - choosing photos to be printed by a photo studio. At the beginning we thought that with digital photos, we can save alot by viewing through computer screen. But in reality, the one that you carry on hand is still the best especially En En's Gong Gong who always want us to print photos of En En in hardcopy as he's carrying them in his wallet!!! Can't really tell how many trips we travel to the photos studio just to get the photos done.

Recently, mummy discover one Malaysian based online photo printing service EOE which mummy think it's way more convenient to us. This website is currently having a promotion whereby 4R print at only RM0.30 and we can get free delivery for orders above RM35.00! Wow! This is really a good chance to try out online photo printing service. We don't need to travel out to send the photo files and collect photos now.

To all the bloggers out there, this website is having a Blogger Review Program II with prizes to grab. Due to the excellent feedback for the first Blogger Review Program, EOE is having the second one with a grand prize of Olympus E-520 kit with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop in the crowd, write a review and find out more about this new online service.

Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding... what say you?

Baby Z rejects so much when we tried to feed him with a bottle. Why use bottle? He's threating mummy as his pacifier and we afraid one day if mummy got emergency that is unable to bring him together (Touch Wood!!!) at least bottle is the alternative. In fact, mummy wish to work part-time again to earn some money.

With Baby Z super high pitch screaming and crying, it's really becoming a torturing to use bottle. Ah Mah said this is terrible already, how come a baby can reject bottle? Of course mummy just keep quiet as the bottle-formula concept already printed in Ah Mah's and Po Po's mind, they both think that a baby that cling and stick to mummy will be a horrible thing.

Well, this is what mummy thinks:

1. Mummy not really plan to work until baby Z is 6 months old, there's no problem to feed baby anytime.

2. Pump and feed with bottle is a double work. Mummy insists that someone else to feed him with bottle if anyone still want to suggest mummy to use bottle.

3. Mummy believes bottle is to replace the existance of mummy. Sadly said, mummy also understand this after sucessfully breastfeed. So, it's no surprise why many people still think that baby=milk=bottle.

4. Baby too cling and glue to mummy whole day which is true. Others will say this is no good. Mummy enjoys the feeling to be needed by my own baby and taking care of him daily makes mummy feels more confident about motherhood. Besides, how many years your baby will cling to you? Mummy missed the first year with En En and doesn't want to miss another time.

5. Breastfeed baby better stay at home. Who said so? With a sling, nursing wears and a nursing cover, breastfeed in public is stull possible. The only challenge is you must practise the techniques to breastfeed in discreet. Parkson in Gurney Plaza now has breastfeeding room too!

Anyhow, it is mother's choice to breastfeed or bottle-feed. There's no right or wrong but as for my case, AT THIS POINT MUMMY CHOSE TO BREASTFEED even that means has to overcome tons and tons of hurdles. There are too many reasons behind that encouraged mummy to stay firm in breastfeeding.

All in all there's only one thing that mummy feel miserable about baby Z and that's his nap time. Mummy can't always carry him to sleep and be a walking pacifier for him. His average daytime napping hours are only 2 hours! Mummy wonders whether he's not feeling full or he's been preferring to sleep in mummy's arm while sucking to his walking pacifier?

-When baby Z can sleep on his own?
-When baby Z can really drink at the breast besides nibble and suck for fun?
-When baby Z let mummy has more time spend with Jie Jie?

Mummy doesn't love me!

Huh??!! So heartache En En said that eventhough it's not in front of mummy. Ah Mah told mummy En En said that to her this morning.

This is how it got started, a conversation between Ah Mah and En En:-

Ah Mah: Baby En go sleep with mummy, ok?

En En: Don't want!

Ah Mah: Why?

En En: Mummy sleeps with DiDi...

Ah Mah: Mummy sayang baby En and DiDi... mummy sayang baby En or not?

En En: NO!

Mummy asked her again whether what Ah Mah said is true but En En just remain silent as if mummy is talking to the wall!! Is she too clever or what??

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jie Jie & Di Di

Glad to see this finally... En En likes to get close to Di Di provided that he's not screaming.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sling Baby, Sling!

Try out babywearing... Ahem... should be calling it as sling that carry an infant or toddler with baby Zheng(Z) and still don't really understand why he loves the sling so much? He sleeps so soundly and comfortably (you will be doubt about this) at least 2 hours in the (looks) small and tight pouch or ring sling.

This is a DIY pouch sling (with batik sarong) and it's actually 1-2 inches bigger than my actual size. Still big? Yes, and everyone commented it's too small. Oh yes, if you are looking for batik sarong which is a good material for pouch sling, let me know.

Wear this and the DIY ring sling to the mall a few times and baby Z was so quiet in there. Perhaps it's mummy's smell? In fact it's Gurney Plaza and haven't really seen anyone use this... mama with sling in the south Penang PLEASE join me here!!! Everyone saw me and asked "Baby feels hot in there?" " Baby's legs comfortable or not?" Well, if only the position is incorrect. Visit Malaysian Babywearer to learn more. All my slings are DIY. Even bedsheet can be used too... haha! As long as it can be used, I'm all-okay mama.

Baby Z has problem sleeping at home, he prefers people to carry to sleep. Therefore, if he can't sleep mummy will put him into sling and bring him out after he's asleep. Mummy think it's not a good idea but still it's not a bad idea coz mummy is unable to do anything if carry baby Z all day long. Moreover, babywearer mummies told me it's another great way to lose weight eventhough the reading of the scale is still the same. *Sigh*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

31 Months Old Baby En

Backdated post.

En En is now taken care by Ah Mah 24x7, mummy really miss those funny and interesting moments with her now and then.

Weigth: Should hit 13kg?
Height: Never measure so far...

- Main meal still porridge due to she refuse to chew on more solid food such as rice and vegetable. Occasionally she wants rice and egg.

- New addition food is bread and she particularly loves cinnamon rolls. She is now taking bread for tea-time and before bedtime.

- Ah Mah introduced back Ribena + glucose and she likes it. Just recently, she's been given diluted prune juice with some glucose added (to reduce the sour taste) and this really improve her constipation problem.

- Still on 7oz milk 2-3 times per day. 5-6oz diluted Yakult 2x per day.


- Afternoon nap 1-2 hours is a must.

- Not sure why she will dance and sing in the bedroom with Ah Mah and Ah Kong as audience before she goes to bed every night. Bedtime is between 10.30pm - 1am.

- She needs her story-telling time and at least half an hour play with her toys before she really settle down.


1. Understand the characters in cartoon movies. Able to memorise those funny conversation and use in her daily life's conversation with us! (mummy was quite surprise where she learn all that at the beginning)

2. Able to relate why and the reasons. She is a very understanding little girl when we tell her why she can do this and why can't she do that. (Preparation to go kindy???)

3. She is still lazy to pull her pants down when it's wee wee time. Sometimes when in emergency, she will and is able to pull up and down!

4. She knows how to press "pause" (the space bar) and "next" (the arrow keys) using daddy's laptop when watching cartoon movies and viewing photos.

5. She can sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" with correct pronunciation and her "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" goes like this:

Row, Row, Row your boat
Gentle la la stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily (exactly 4x!)
Life la la la dream

* La La La - don't know what she's saying

Friday, December 19, 2008

2 Months Old

Yeah!!! Mummy already breastfeed baby Zheng for 2 months... Baby Zheng is getting smarter as he refuses bottle!

Vital (taken on 2 Dec 08)

Weight: 5.1kg (from 4.43kg during 1st month checkup)

Length: 57cm


Fully on breast milk... therefore no measurement (everyone around can't stop asking how many ounce baby is taking)

Direct feed at the moment but tried to introduce bottle a few days back but he rejects.


Not so sure whether it's the training that mummy gave, he can't sleep on his own without suckle. This is not only the problem, he still insists mummy to carry him to sleep. Luckily no need to swing or rock as long as he's in mummy's arm, he can sleep soundly but when putting down to bouncer or bed, he will wake up very soon.

So, basically night time seldom wake up unless for 2-3 feeding. Daytime nap is the most 2 hours per session and the least is 10-15 minutes before he yells for his walking pacifier!

He loves to sleep in the sling and on mummy's chest. Trying to make him sleep on tummy and hoping that he can sleep longer.


1. Smiles a lot even in the middle of his feeding.

2. Able to lift up his head for a few seconds when put down on tummy. Lift his head up without any assistance when sitting on our laps.

3. Prefer to sit with back assisted than cradle hold. Prefer up-right position when we carry him.

4. Started to put his fist into the mouth and sucks.

5. He is able to use his legs to push on mummy's thigh in order to get higher when feeding on lying down position.

6. He talks alot when we talk to him and will make sounds if he doesn't see anyone around him.

7. He will close his mouth when given something else than breast milk.

8. He has a favourite entertainment for himself - looking and smiling at the slow moving ceiling fan. This can keep him free from screaming for us to carry him for 10-15 minutes.

9. He will cry before he pees and hates to be in the wet lampin. He hates nappy changing.

Baby Zheng is a sleeping problem baby as he can't really sleep for long hours during daytime. The most terrible part is he needs people to carry him once he's awake and the person who carry him cannot sit down! He will screams once there's no body movement. Only mummy can sit down because that will be his feeding time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby... Anywhere?

He sleeps so soundly besides his bed...

Very messy... well, that's the room of a breastfeed mum who neglects anything even the looks herself in order to concentrate in breastfeeding. So, can you spot the baby?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Understanding Baby

En En went to Po Po's home last week while mummy stayed at home with baby Zheng. She loves to go to Po Po's place. Last night, Po Po called mummy to inform that En En's aunty (mummy's youngest sis) Mendy met an accident. Therefore, En En need to be back to Penang. Po Po also told En En about this incident that Po Po is unable to take care of En En and she has to go back as soon as possible.

So, Ah Mah and daddy drove to Alor Setar to fetch En En this morning.

Ah Mah asked En En: "Let's go to Po Po's house..."

En En replied: "Cannot! Pain, pain,... yee yee pain pain... yee yee cried. Po Po take care yee yee."

Ah Mah said: " Then let's go home with Ah Mah?"

En En replied: " Okay!"

At home, we asked En En: "En En sleep with mummy, OK?"

En En replied: "Cannot! Mummy sleep with Di Di." (means mummy take care Di Di)

We asked: "Where do En En sleep?"

En En replied: " Sleep with Ah Mah!" (yes, since baby Zheng's arrival...)

She does understand why this and that is going on around her. In other words, she starts reasoning and very soon will start debating with us.