Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Booties

Nice or not? But not mummy's work, it's MIL. Yeah... Ah Mah is a very talented in art, crafts and needlework. Mummy feels pressure but quite glad to have someone to guide in knitting or crochet. Oh, sewing too!

Mummy is going to try out crocheting a pair of baby booties. The picture above is the pattern but exclude the embroidery. Let's see whether baby Z can wear them when it's done.

Photos to be developed...

Mummy is the person that can't stop taking pictures of our little princess but now daddy took over this role. Why? Because mummy is busy to take pictures of our little prince too! Now looking back, our princess has more than four thousands of her very own digital photos collection and our little prince has almost three hundred plus ever since he said hello to the world 2 months back.

Next is what we are more headache about - choosing photos to be printed by a photo studio. At the beginning we thought that with digital photos, we can save alot by viewing through computer screen. But in reality, the one that you carry on hand is still the best especially En En's Gong Gong who always want us to print photos of En En in hardcopy as he's carrying them in his wallet!!! Can't really tell how many trips we travel to the photos studio just to get the photos done.

Recently, mummy discover one Malaysian based online photo printing service EOE which mummy think it's way more convenient to us. This website is currently having a promotion whereby 4R print at only RM0.30 and we can get free delivery for orders above RM35.00! Wow! This is really a good chance to try out online photo printing service. We don't need to travel out to send the photo files and collect photos now.

To all the bloggers out there, this website is having a Blogger Review Program II with prizes to grab. Due to the excellent feedback for the first Blogger Review Program, EOE is having the second one with a grand prize of Olympus E-520 kit with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop in the crowd, write a review and find out more about this new online service.

Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding... what say you?

Baby Z rejects so much when we tried to feed him with a bottle. Why use bottle? He's threating mummy as his pacifier and we afraid one day if mummy got emergency that is unable to bring him together (Touch Wood!!!) at least bottle is the alternative. In fact, mummy wish to work part-time again to earn some money.

With Baby Z super high pitch screaming and crying, it's really becoming a torturing to use bottle. Ah Mah said this is terrible already, how come a baby can reject bottle? Of course mummy just keep quiet as the bottle-formula concept already printed in Ah Mah's and Po Po's mind, they both think that a baby that cling and stick to mummy will be a horrible thing.

Well, this is what mummy thinks:

1. Mummy not really plan to work until baby Z is 6 months old, there's no problem to feed baby anytime.

2. Pump and feed with bottle is a double work. Mummy insists that someone else to feed him with bottle if anyone still want to suggest mummy to use bottle.

3. Mummy believes bottle is to replace the existance of mummy. Sadly said, mummy also understand this after sucessfully breastfeed. So, it's no surprise why many people still think that baby=milk=bottle.

4. Baby too cling and glue to mummy whole day which is true. Others will say this is no good. Mummy enjoys the feeling to be needed by my own baby and taking care of him daily makes mummy feels more confident about motherhood. Besides, how many years your baby will cling to you? Mummy missed the first year with En En and doesn't want to miss another time.

5. Breastfeed baby better stay at home. Who said so? With a sling, nursing wears and a nursing cover, breastfeed in public is stull possible. The only challenge is you must practise the techniques to breastfeed in discreet. Parkson in Gurney Plaza now has breastfeeding room too!

Anyhow, it is mother's choice to breastfeed or bottle-feed. There's no right or wrong but as for my case, AT THIS POINT MUMMY CHOSE TO BREASTFEED even that means has to overcome tons and tons of hurdles. There are too many reasons behind that encouraged mummy to stay firm in breastfeeding.

All in all there's only one thing that mummy feel miserable about baby Z and that's his nap time. Mummy can't always carry him to sleep and be a walking pacifier for him. His average daytime napping hours are only 2 hours! Mummy wonders whether he's not feeling full or he's been preferring to sleep in mummy's arm while sucking to his walking pacifier?

-When baby Z can sleep on his own?
-When baby Z can really drink at the breast besides nibble and suck for fun?
-When baby Z let mummy has more time spend with Jie Jie?

Mummy doesn't love me!

Huh??!! So heartache En En said that eventhough it's not in front of mummy. Ah Mah told mummy En En said that to her this morning.

This is how it got started, a conversation between Ah Mah and En En:-

Ah Mah: Baby En go sleep with mummy, ok?

En En: Don't want!

Ah Mah: Why?

En En: Mummy sleeps with DiDi...

Ah Mah: Mummy sayang baby En and DiDi... mummy sayang baby En or not?

En En: NO!

Mummy asked her again whether what Ah Mah said is true but En En just remain silent as if mummy is talking to the wall!! Is she too clever or what??

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jie Jie & Di Di

Glad to see this finally... En En likes to get close to Di Di provided that he's not screaming.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sling Baby, Sling!

Try out babywearing... Ahem... should be calling it as sling that carry an infant or toddler with baby Zheng(Z) and still don't really understand why he loves the sling so much? He sleeps so soundly and comfortably (you will be doubt about this) at least 2 hours in the (looks) small and tight pouch or ring sling.

This is a DIY pouch sling (with batik sarong) and it's actually 1-2 inches bigger than my actual size. Still big? Yes, and everyone commented it's too small. Oh yes, if you are looking for batik sarong which is a good material for pouch sling, let me know.

Wear this and the DIY ring sling to the mall a few times and baby Z was so quiet in there. Perhaps it's mummy's smell? In fact it's Gurney Plaza and haven't really seen anyone use this... mama with sling in the south Penang PLEASE join me here!!! Everyone saw me and asked "Baby feels hot in there?" " Baby's legs comfortable or not?" Well, if only the position is incorrect. Visit Malaysian Babywearer to learn more. All my slings are DIY. Even bedsheet can be used too... haha! As long as it can be used, I'm all-okay mama.

Baby Z has problem sleeping at home, he prefers people to carry to sleep. Therefore, if he can't sleep mummy will put him into sling and bring him out after he's asleep. Mummy think it's not a good idea but still it's not a bad idea coz mummy is unable to do anything if carry baby Z all day long. Moreover, babywearer mummies told me it's another great way to lose weight eventhough the reading of the scale is still the same. *Sigh*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

31 Months Old Baby En

Backdated post.

En En is now taken care by Ah Mah 24x7, mummy really miss those funny and interesting moments with her now and then.

Weigth: Should hit 13kg?
Height: Never measure so far...

- Main meal still porridge due to she refuse to chew on more solid food such as rice and vegetable. Occasionally she wants rice and egg.

- New addition food is bread and she particularly loves cinnamon rolls. She is now taking bread for tea-time and before bedtime.

- Ah Mah introduced back Ribena + glucose and she likes it. Just recently, she's been given diluted prune juice with some glucose added (to reduce the sour taste) and this really improve her constipation problem.

- Still on 7oz milk 2-3 times per day. 5-6oz diluted Yakult 2x per day.


- Afternoon nap 1-2 hours is a must.

- Not sure why she will dance and sing in the bedroom with Ah Mah and Ah Kong as audience before she goes to bed every night. Bedtime is between 10.30pm - 1am.

- She needs her story-telling time and at least half an hour play with her toys before she really settle down.


1. Understand the characters in cartoon movies. Able to memorise those funny conversation and use in her daily life's conversation with us! (mummy was quite surprise where she learn all that at the beginning)

2. Able to relate why and the reasons. She is a very understanding little girl when we tell her why she can do this and why can't she do that. (Preparation to go kindy???)

3. She is still lazy to pull her pants down when it's wee wee time. Sometimes when in emergency, she will and is able to pull up and down!

4. She knows how to press "pause" (the space bar) and "next" (the arrow keys) using daddy's laptop when watching cartoon movies and viewing photos.

5. She can sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" with correct pronunciation and her "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" goes like this:

Row, Row, Row your boat
Gentle la la stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily (exactly 4x!)
Life la la la dream

* La La La - don't know what she's saying

Friday, December 19, 2008

2 Months Old

Yeah!!! Mummy already breastfeed baby Zheng for 2 months... Baby Zheng is getting smarter as he refuses bottle!

Vital (taken on 2 Dec 08)

Weight: 5.1kg (from 4.43kg during 1st month checkup)

Length: 57cm


Fully on breast milk... therefore no measurement (everyone around can't stop asking how many ounce baby is taking)

Direct feed at the moment but tried to introduce bottle a few days back but he rejects.


Not so sure whether it's the training that mummy gave, he can't sleep on his own without suckle. This is not only the problem, he still insists mummy to carry him to sleep. Luckily no need to swing or rock as long as he's in mummy's arm, he can sleep soundly but when putting down to bouncer or bed, he will wake up very soon.

So, basically night time seldom wake up unless for 2-3 feeding. Daytime nap is the most 2 hours per session and the least is 10-15 minutes before he yells for his walking pacifier!

He loves to sleep in the sling and on mummy's chest. Trying to make him sleep on tummy and hoping that he can sleep longer.


1. Smiles a lot even in the middle of his feeding.

2. Able to lift up his head for a few seconds when put down on tummy. Lift his head up without any assistance when sitting on our laps.

3. Prefer to sit with back assisted than cradle hold. Prefer up-right position when we carry him.

4. Started to put his fist into the mouth and sucks.

5. He is able to use his legs to push on mummy's thigh in order to get higher when feeding on lying down position.

6. He talks alot when we talk to him and will make sounds if he doesn't see anyone around him.

7. He will close his mouth when given something else than breast milk.

8. He has a favourite entertainment for himself - looking and smiling at the slow moving ceiling fan. This can keep him free from screaming for us to carry him for 10-15 minutes.

9. He will cry before he pees and hates to be in the wet lampin. He hates nappy changing.

Baby Zheng is a sleeping problem baby as he can't really sleep for long hours during daytime. The most terrible part is he needs people to carry him once he's awake and the person who carry him cannot sit down! He will screams once there's no body movement. Only mummy can sit down because that will be his feeding time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby... Anywhere?

He sleeps so soundly besides his bed...

Very messy... well, that's the room of a breastfeed mum who neglects anything even the looks herself in order to concentrate in breastfeeding. So, can you spot the baby?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Understanding Baby

En En went to Po Po's home last week while mummy stayed at home with baby Zheng. She loves to go to Po Po's place. Last night, Po Po called mummy to inform that En En's aunty (mummy's youngest sis) Mendy met an accident. Therefore, En En need to be back to Penang. Po Po also told En En about this incident that Po Po is unable to take care of En En and she has to go back as soon as possible.

So, Ah Mah and daddy drove to Alor Setar to fetch En En this morning.

Ah Mah asked En En: "Let's go to Po Po's house..."

En En replied: "Cannot! Pain, pain,... yee yee pain pain... yee yee cried. Po Po take care yee yee."

Ah Mah said: " Then let's go home with Ah Mah?"

En En replied: " Okay!"

At home, we asked En En: "En En sleep with mummy, OK?"

En En replied: "Cannot! Mummy sleep with Di Di." (means mummy take care Di Di)

We asked: "Where do En En sleep?"

En En replied: " Sleep with Ah Mah!" (yes, since baby Zheng's arrival...)

She does understand why this and that is going on around her. In other words, she starts reasoning and very soon will start debating with us.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Never give up to Suckle!

He's so determine! Taken when mummy was having bleeding nipple and he's not giving up to suckle anything that close to the mouth! He motivated mummy to get help asap!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Full Moon

Backdated post. (just yesterday.. :P)

Very traditional, isn't it? Well, it's a big day for the family. Mummy and baby Zheng went back to Penang a day before the full moon celebration.

Baby Zheng was gifted with black and thick hair when borned... the funny part is the hair always stand up no matter how we try to comb it down... (borned with Beckham's hairstyle)

Isn't he cute? ;)
So, yesterday we brought him for a hair "trimming" and this is baby Zheng new looks! Cool yah!

Looks like "Tai-Kor" or little monk?

What about En En? Thank goodness that she slowly accepts baby Zheng but still can smell the jealousy in the air. En En doesn't like it when baby Zheng cries and screams, she will be away from baby Zheng as far as possible.

This is the only photo of both of them when Ku Ku insisted to take a photo with them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

No more life to breastfeed like this!!!

Tired... tired... and tired... can't really figure out why baby Zheng's feeding pattern still like a newborn in hospital? These 2 days mummy hardly able to rest and eat peacefully as baby Zheng refuse to sleep at day time. He only wanted to suckle then nap at the breast then suckle then nap... he seems not having enough? Or tired as no proper sleep for long hours?

The most we can't stand is - his screaming... Arrgh! He screams when:
- pee
- poo
- change diaper
- need suckle
- once he opens his eyes!

Baby Zheng is a cranky baby?? Perhaps mummy needs to get some advise from lactation consultant to check on his latching on. How come he requests to suckle so often and only nap for a few minutes before next feed?? Mummy had been asked to give him bottle so that he can feels full and pacifier so that can shut his mouth.

How? Any advise?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Feeding Pattern

Hmm... guess mummy have a frequent snacker on the boobs around the clock. Baby Zheng is one aggresive and alert baby. Thank goodness that he allows mummy to have time for daily 3 main meals and a few uninterrupt hours to sleep at night.

All the while been thinking breastfeed babies will have 1-2 hours interval between feed and sleep. Well, different baby has different pattern which is definitely so true! Baby Zheng wakes up everyday right after mummy had breakfast at around 8a.m. Sometimes mummy is able to get a short nap before he wakes up. Then, start the feeding session till 11.30am or 12.30pm (mummy's lunch time). In between this 3 hours, baby Zheng never sleep and goes on feed --> pee --> feed --> poo --> feed --> ... and repeats and repeats till he sleeps. Mummy suspected that he sleeps due to tireness instead of fullness (of the tummy).

After 2-3 hours sleep, he wakes up for boobies again. The same pattern applies for the whole afternoon till 6 or 6.30pm, which is the time for mummy's dinner. Then he'll sleeps for another 2-3 hours before bedtime feeding which will last 2-3 hours too. Mummy is so tired of this frequent snacker as he will sucks for 20 minutes, then dozed off for a few minutes. By the time we thought he's sound asleep, put him down and he'll yell for the breast, oh... perhaps his walking pacifier? Mummy even can feel the boobies is producing non-stop around the clock, having slight engorgement even without feeding for 1 hour! Good news??

Luckily, both nipples already heal with slight soreness still due to baby Zheng prolong suckling. Lately, mummy discover some discomfort or... pain to be exact when baby Zheng sucks. There's no bleeding or cracked nipples but mummy is sure he's using his gum when suckling. He has the habit of curling in his lower lips even after mummy corrected him again and again. Looks like this journey is not a smooth one for us. Mummy won't give up anymore as we already went through the most terrible phase, will determine going on no matter what.

This is such a new esperience as compare to a formula-fed En En. Mummy even feels so "syiok" to see his poo poo... not even using any strength to poo! Haha! Let's see what's baby Zheng feeding pattern will be after his full moon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Mummy never blog about En En reaction when she first met with her didi, baby Zheng due to breastfeeding issues. Sadly, En En doesn't like her Di Di as we can sense the jealousy from her. En En still refers herself as "Baby" and baby Zheng as "Baby Di Di".

Mummy still remember the first day En En visited mummy in hospital... there's no smile on her face. She looks weird as mummy was carrying and cuddling another small "creature". This was the first time En En saw a tiny baby and she even cried when she heard baby's crying. Next we asked her like baby Di Di or not, she said scared! The second day in hospital En En asked mummy to go home with her and baby Di Di stay in hospital. *pengsan*

En En reluctant to enter mummy's room whenever baby Di Di is and she will tells you baby Di Di is very noisy, always cry. All of us try our best to include En En with baby Zheng but she always turn and run away! Oh Gosh... maybe she's been used to be the princess of the family as she really needs time to adapt to her new role as a Jie Jie.

En En, no matter it's you or baby Di Di, mummy and daddy will give equal love to both of you. Hope that one day you will understand.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Battle of the Breast

After 14 hours of using bottle for baby Zheng, we realized that he can't forget about suckling at the breast even when he's full. In fact, this is a good sign as he's looking forward to suckle and mummy is able to see that baby Zheng mouth is sucking just like at the breast even when he's drinking from a bottle. Mummy's instinct was telling that the shorter periods baby use the bottle, the higher chance he will go back to the breast.

Mummy accepted suggestion from Loh, a member from MMPS (Mother-to-Mother Peer Support Group, look it up at Facebook!) to see Dr. Balkess in Srigim Penang immediately. Dr. Balkees is a paed and a lactation consultant, mummy only found out that she is a lactation consultant after the visit. So, that was Thursday and we quickly packed, confinement lady also following to Penang as mummy plans to stay in Penang for a few days til 4 Nov, which is an appointment checkup for baby Zheng in Adventist Hosp.

Mummy was so tensed and panic when meet when Dr.Balkees. It was mummy's feeding position that caused the soreness besides baby's latching on problem. Dr taught mummy the cradle hold and lying dowm position to feed baby Zheng and surprisingly, there's no pain at all! And fior the first time baby Zheng was able to let go the nipple after he's satisfied.

After the visit, we went home and practise the cradle and lying down position. There's still error here and there. Baby Zheng still accidentally bite on mummy but once the latch on is correct the feeding goes so well. Yet, the fear of pain is still there as mummy is still having sore nipple till today as baby Zheng sucks so long and frequent everyday. Never thought that breastfeeding will be so tiring... it's always like a battle for mummy and baby Zheng as we are trying to get the right position, the right latch since everything will seems incorrect at the first place. Baby Zheng will get so angry and cries loudly if we have to repeat again and again. Mummy always hope that tomorrow we will have more and better improvement...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Am I consider fail in breastfeeding?

By introducing bottle to 11 days old baby???

Last night discovered the right nipple also bleeds... so no more nipple for baby Zheng to suckle. He was awake from 8.45pm till 12pm even we spoon-fed him 3 times with EBM. He still reluctant to sleep and was crying and screaming in search for his comforting source. Everyone was helping me to think of a way to calm him down but nothing works. Mummy was so guilty to agree give him the bottle but what to do in the followings days realizing the injury needs to take a few days to heal. Baby Zheng suckle another 2oz before he finally dozed off.

In fact, Jess came to see me yesterday all the way from Butterworth and taught me how to correct baby's lips when he latch on. Thank you so much Jess... and it really reduce the pain to very minimal or almost no pain at all once baby continue to suckle. That time, the right nipple was sore but no bleeding. Looks like the injury started since yesterday morning, the soreness was actually the RED signal.

Now mummy pray that baby Zheng won't reject mummy's breast after this and mummy is able to heal faster. Any tips to wean baby from bottle to breast?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pain & Tears! ...and HELP!!!

Never expect breastfeeding can be so tiring and terrible... Mostly because baby Zheng has incorrect latch on since Day 1 till today. Mummy thought breastfeeding will be painful at first and it is normal. Things go wrong when mummy realized mummy has sore and cracked nipple on and off. Since yesterday, mummy got bleeding nipple on the left breast.

Mummy and the confinement lady gave baby Zheng EBM (expressed breat milk) by spoon or cup. Each time we hear him screaming and crying, it is so heartbroken. Baby Zheng refuse spoon/cup feeding and will "fight" with us throughout the feeding session. After we gave him 1-1.5oz of EBM he still won't settle down by continuing screaming and crying till the breast is offered. He loves to suckle into his dreamland. Though mummy knows his latch on is incorrect, each time mummy unlatched him, he's screaming like no tomorrow! Baby Zheng cries, mummy also cries to see this (of course including the pain too!) ...

It is almost 3/4 of the time per day mummy is sitting to breastfeed him. All the joint and lower body feels painful since mummy really lack of rest. Mummy is comfortable in using football position and cradle hold position while nursing. Mummy even developed fear in direct feed baby Zheng because he tends to bite mummy with his gum and once he got on to the breast, mummy must try so hard to unlatch him. There's no lactation nurse that mummy knows in Alor Setar but will try to seek help from the government clinic which we brought baby Zheng to check and monitor for his jaudice for the past 1 week. Really hope to see Adventist Hosp lactation nurse next Tuesday (4 Nov) when baby Zheng is going back for his checkup.

My mum commented that baby Zheng is a clever baby since he's so afraid of loosing the chance to suckle on the breast, he tends to bite on tightly whenever he has the chance (??!!). Also another comment is mummy's nipple is too short and flat and this make it even harder for the baby to suck on. Once there is milk drip out (the reason why mummy can't go braless, coz the milk will be dripping everywhere!), the aerola and nipple will be so slippery to suck. Is it true the size and shape of the nipple will cause baby's mouth suction differ?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Greeting from Baby Zheng!

DOB: 19 Oct 2008
Weight: 3.5kg
(big horr...? No wonder En En said mummy is Oogway -tortoise...)

Mummy and baby now back to Alor Setar for confinement. Having breastfeeding challenge everyday and mummy is happy coz got abundant of supply (engorgement) but sad as nipple cracked and sore for a few days already. Hoping baby Zheng is able to learn the correct latch on and good suction soon. Was having breastfeeding marathon during the first 3 days in hospital, mummy is almost a zombie.

Wish to thanks tips and advises especially from Jess, Alice, Chanel, Angie, Loh from MMPS and Sandra. Without encouragement from you all, this is really a tough journey!

Friday, October 17, 2008

False Alarm at 39 Weeks!

Thought the blood stain was the sign of labour but it stopped at mid-day. Nothing happen since then and mummy is still sitting at home feeding En En, bring her to bath... everything remain as usual. Basically, mummy already prepare to welcoming baby anytime as it's very heavy to walk around plus mummy developes painful thigh if sitting too long. Thus, resulting in walking difficulty. What a bad experience... Well, to be exact... mummy really wish baby to greet the world as soon as possible!

Had the chance to try again childhood food. In memory, only had this once during teenage years. Putu Mayong... not in love with it but it did bring back some childhood memory.

And latest craving - Char Siew Pau! That's how mummy's weight piled on so fast lately... last visit to gynea, mummy's weight already hit 83kg!!!

Never stop knitting as knitting helps to keep swollen fingers active! Daddy asked mummy to snap a picture of all the knitted items so far and here there are:-

A vest for baby No.2, a cable vest for En En, baby cardigan, baby hats and woolen babylegs! Never get boring knitting wool longies and wool soakers for use with cloth fitted nappies!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Little boss on the "Phone"!

The last sentence En En said:" Mummy, chi4 (eat) banana!!! " *fainted*

En En is 29 months old!


Height: Unknown coz never measure but Ah Kong keeps on saying she grows taller each day...

Weight: 13.3kg, taken during a visit to paed last Monday.


- Trying out soft rice with soup as she hates porridge everyday.

- Breakfast will be mee suah and alternate with oatmeal every 2-3 days.

- Still refuse to chew on food during main meal but is able to take biscuit or Pringles very well.

- Fall in love with Fernleaf's yoghurt and she calls that as "Niu2 Niu" (cow). Not sure why too?

- Mummy tries to include everything that we adult eats into her diet in a smaller portion and got to make sure they are chopped very finely as she will only swallow whatever we put into her mouth!

- Milk: 6-7.5 oz 3-4 times per day.

- Drink diluted yoghurt drink almost everyday.


Talk like an adult nowadays. Able to use I, you, him/her, we, myself, ... in her speech. A little radio at home.


Mummy hardly can recall by now as they are just too many.

1. Able to identify colours very well and able to tell whether it's red, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, white and black.

2. Able to operate the DVD player with our supervision and will choose cartoon movie or shows she wants to watch from the CD holder.

3. Able to pull up and down her pants but most of the time she's just too lazy to do that on her own.

4. Potty training is almost successful as she is diaperless 95% in a day except at night. Yet, she only use one cloth diaper and able to tell us she wants to pee in the middle of the night. No diaper when outing.

5. She is a clean toddler as she won't tolerate to use a dirty public toilet outside and will wait till we find a more cleaner toilet for her.

What else? Mummy's brain is shutting down now... can't really think of anything. Perhaps next time must jot down with a pen first.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

38 Weeks!

Yeah... still here... don't ask me when baby will be out. I guess he must be enjoying swiming inside and walloping whatever this "penguin mummy" is having. Can't believe mummy put on averagely 1kg PER WEEK!!!

Mummy's weight: 81kg (Oh my God!!!)
Baby's weight : Over 3kg as gynea can see baby's flabby thigh through scan in which she considered that as FAT!
Belly measurement: 46 inches (anyone bigger than mine? I mean except carrying twins)

Mummy is having quite a good appetite during this last month and tummy grows so big suddenly. Just hoping don't hit 85kg, which was the highest weight when preggie with En En. Gynea advised to watch the weight and control diet... same old advise. Feel heavier than ever and hardly can walk any longer or move around freely. Developed pelvic bone pain when switched from lying or sitting position to standing up. Guess will need to end up sleep in sitting position too.

En En glue to Ah Mah more now and only will look for mummy for bath. Still able to feed her and read her story books but no more jumping and running here and there. Mummy got some spare time to keep on knitting... yeah, seriously addicted to knitting now. Anyhow, knitting calm the mind and makes me feel good if having a bad day.

Tomorrow will be my birthday and daddy is hoping baby will share the same birthday with mummy. Can be so coincident??

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Goodbye Pacifier!

Yes... finally En En wean herself off pacifier before 2.5 years old!!! (It was almost 3 weeks without any paci now, hurray!) Mummy had been waiting for so long to get rid of the "chut-chut" from her.

So, what's the trick? En En loved to bite her pacifier and there was a moment that she got angry, bad mood and cried out loud, Ah Mah as usual pushed her pacifier in order to make her shut up. Dear mummies, how many of you think that this will work? Mummy never believe it from day 1 En En was introduced to pacifier by Ah Mah. But Ah Mah said pacifier is a gift to noisy babies...

Back to the story, En En was unhappy and geram. Therefore, she use all her strength to bite her pacifier. The new Avent pacifier just been given to her 2 days ago and got torn apart immediately. Mummy decided not to give her anymore (even still got 1 spare), Ah Mah also agreed since No.2 will be here soon, must save money for No.2. Just imagine we got to spend almost RM12-15 per month just for the pacifier and this had been went on since En En addicted to "chut-chut" for more than 2 years. (A pacifier that cost RM3-4 only will last for one week as En En liked to chew her pacifier eversince she has teeth!) *pengsan* Now you know why mummy so eagerly wanted En En to wean off from pacifier.

En En kept on request for her "chut-chut" and we gave her the torn one. She tried to put into her mouth and chewed then she didn't like the spoiled "chut-chut" irritated her mouth and spit out! We told her no more "chut-chut" for her as she's a big girl now. Ever since then she requested for pacifier, we showed her the spoiled one. She tried then spit out again. We repeated this for almost a week and slowly she stop requesting for pacifier.

We still keep the spoiled pacifier in case one day she still remember... hahaha! :D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Favourite Character from "The Incredible"

Picture courtesy from Wikipedia

Edna Mode!!! Don't know why En En find this character is funny as she will laugh whenever we repeated her name with voice in very low key as "Ed-na Mode"...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Addicted to the Square Box

This is En En glued to ... you know it! She loves cartoon movies very much nowadays till she's able to tell you the conversation between the cartoon characters.
Her favourite are those with Mummy, Papa and baby characters in the story line. Namely,:-
1) whereby she tells you she is the baby penguin and afraid of the seal and birds who wanted to eat the little penguin.
2) She enjoys the whole movie and won't leave the chair if she hasn't finish watching. Loves to see baby Jack Jack, imitate Dash to run faster, hates the bad guy Syndrome (yes, En En can tell the bad uncle is "Sin-dome")... and to our surprise her favourite characters in this movie is... YOU GUESS WHO?
3) She tells everyone that Panda is daddy (coz daddy is a giant to her), En En is Shifu (since Shifu is so small in size, just like her) and mummy is Oogway (the tortoise!!!) Am I so slow?? Perhaps she thinks that mummy big tummy looks like Oogway's shell... *fainted*
4) Latest addition Disney classical movie and she loves it bacause there are Meow Meow mummy, 3 meow meow babies in white, black and brown colours plus meow meow papa.
Mummy just hope that she won't wear glasses too soon...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Favourite Hat

My latest fashion statement... I love to be in the basket and luckily I'm diaperless now. Those old days they used this basket to gather my soiled napkins and cloth diapers... Eeww... but now, No More!!!

Mummy, can you see me?? Am I cool?? I got another favourite hat, the square box... will show you next time.

36 Weeks!

Mummy's weight: 79.8kg (WAH!!!)
Baby's weight : Unknown... since no scanning done for this visit but will visit gynea again next week.

Mummy feels tummy becomes heavier and suddenly grows bigger than ever. No increase appetite or craving for a particular food but snacking quite often. Still knit like crazy, it's like competing with time now... will post about the knitted baby's garments later. Mummy even feel it's unfair to knit so many stuff for No.2... so today started to knit a vest for En En. Hopefully will complete it before baby No.2 pops! :)

Completed this wool soaker today, it takes 3 days to finish.

Legs seems to be swollen abit and fingers are quite tense and painful when it's late evening. So, will slow down on knitting coz MIL reminded that if knit too frequent without any exercises to the arms and upper body, it will be very easy to get painful and tired arms. Mummy only concern is whether it will affect breastfeeding coz will need to carry baby most of the time... unless... mummy masters Lying Down position. Hmm... will get advise from lactation nurses in Adventist Hosp later.

Already packed the hospital bags... arrange the cabinets for En En by transforming the toys rack into her new clothes rack... En En will be back from Po Po's house in Alor Star tomorrow as she already stayed there for 10days. That's why mummy got time to do so many things...

And also the cloth diapers stash been rearranged and looks neater in the cabinet now...

Oh ya... mummy will be going back to Alor Star for confinement. En En maybe following too but depends coz maybe she will travel withh daddy 2 weeks in Penang and 2 weeks in Alor Star. Let's see who can handle her later...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Meat Lover!

We don't have to feed her when she's having her favourite dish... see?

Or, suddenly she will be so co-operate when you ask her to make cheeky face like the one below when she's having her meat meat-

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tiring to potty train...

We were almost celebrate the joy of En En to be diaperless by now, on her 27 months old but everything turn into a nightmare. Everyone is so piss off with her teerrible behaviour and mummy also got to give in and delay her potty training plan.

Remember a post titled "Mummy whacked the little butt"? We still have this episode on every few alternate days and apparently En En was crying and screaming for no reason! Be it daytime, night time or mid-night!!! Lately, she wants Ah Mah madly and refuse to let daddy and mummy get into the bedroom with her! This is really too much... but we still have to distract her with lots of stories, new ideas in order for her to forget about what she was demanding previouesly. Otherwise, everyone of us don't have to sleep! Ah Mah said becasue En En is jealous with No.2 inside mummy's tummy and she doesn't feel mummy loves her so she picks Ah Mah to accompany her. Mummy tried so many things to get close to her and never whack her or scold her (since No.2 will cramps inside the tummy and kicks mummy when mummy feels angry or irritated), but still she chose Ah Mah! So heartache...

Back to potty train, En En is diaperless during daytime and during nap. Mummy is so amaze about her strong bladder control, or perhaps she has bigger bladder?? She can go all dry at night for 5-8 hours! That's so amazing and mummy only use 1-2 modern cloth diaper for the whole night till next morning. Before this, she will refuse to wear any diaper and wake up at midnight to pee with mummy's help. Ever since mummy tummy got bigger and she requests and cries for Ah Mah to come over to put her on potty at midnight as she refuses to come doen from the bed... we decided to let her to stay in the diaper at night. Mummy felt so bad as we already trained her to have the awareness to pee at night and she's able to tell us to wee wee during her sleep, we consider that as a very good improvement. But seeing that she has this ridiculous request and screaming for Ah Mah at midnight, we have no choice to turn a deaf ear when she murmur at midnight. Feel so so so bad, but if mummy or daddy offer to help her to the potty at midnight, she will starts crying and screaming till Ah Mah comes and by then everyone in the house will be awaken! So, if you are in mummy's shoe.. what will you do??

Saturday, September 6, 2008

DIY Baby Items

For babywearing:

Am trying to DIY a pouch and ring sling.Thanks alot to Jess and the monthly babywearer group gathering in Penang. Well, I can't sew yet, my mum help me on the pouch sling and I'm still haven't squeeze time to learn sewing the edge of the cloth for ring sling... Need to learn to sew straight line on cloth first...

For Breastfeeding:

-nursing cover

Also DIY nursing cover, I have 2 of them. Thanks alot to my mum... there are so many wonderful items can be made if only I know how to sew... :P

- nursing pillow - no photos yet as they are still in progress and yes I'm going to have 2 and made by mum... :)

- nursing clothes - will try to modified existing baggy clothes (for experiment) if really need to have them after the baby establish good latching on and mummy can be a moo by then.

For baby garment:

Completed knitting 3 wool longies and one baby vest...

Knitting in progress:

1) Another wool longies size M/L - 85% completed

2) Baby hoodie/cardigan - 80% completed

3) Baby hat

4) Toddler simple kimono - 55% completed but am afraid not enough yarn...

5) A cable vest for myself - guess this one will drag and on hold after No.2 comes out...

Just rememebr I got to clear the room's cabinet and wardrobe to make space for baby clothes and napkin. Limited space need a nice arrangement and clean up... that's why I'm so pack at this moment...

Oh ya... today I started to feel the belly tighten up, looks like baby is growing and the belly starts to expand. Got to monitor any extra stretch mark now...

Sticker Mania!

Mummy:" Oh No!!! What happen to your legs?"
En En: " My leg pretty...oh... pretty..."
Mummy: *pengsan* IIn fact, the first body part that she pasted was her face!!! No one told her before...

Monday, September 1, 2008

32 Weeks

Went for routine checkup today and baby is doing fine. In fact, baby's head already down!

Mummy's weight: 77kg

Baby's weight : 1.965kg

(gynea said baby will grow very fast during the last month, probably will hit 3kg by the time for delivery.... true?)

Alright, mummy already banned coffee since earlier last month in the fear of having a lower weight baby and will be very caution about every food intake. Luckily this time no constipation issue, much more better than last pregnancy.

Still rushing to knit the baby cardigan and hopefully ready before due. Can't believe I have so many things to do before baby arriving... Next task will be thinking of what to pack for the hospital bag.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

In great demand for Peace of Mind!

Who? Of course it's mummy...

En En has turned into a very terrible toddler. On one hand we are almost celebrating the joy of her success in potty training but yet her crying and screaming haunted everyone in the family.

En En will turn into a little monster when she crys (the signal) that she wants to pee in the mid of the night or dawn. The problem is she refuse to get down from the bed to go to the potty and refuse us to carry her to the potty as well!!! She will cry and insist till Ah Mah comes into the room then only she is willing to sit on the potty. There were times Ah Mah went out to morning walk or to the market and En En will cry her lungs out. Times like this mummy got no other choice but to force her to sit on potty and everytime she was in very terrible urge to pee! If we wait for a few more seconds definitely she will pee onto the bed!

Mummy and daddy can't do much here except forcing her to sit on potty and let her cry out loud but once she peed, she will settle down and sleep back.

Why she is becoming so terrible and make others to dislike her behaviour? Is it because I'm having No.2?

Differences between 1st & 2nd Pregnancy

Not sure why the differeces are so big but these are the very obvious few:-

1. Appetite
1st Preggie:
Not picky on food but mostly like craving for starchy and high carbohydrate food - resulted in tremendous weight gain during 1st and 2nd trimester.

2nd Preggie:
Not so good appetite comapre to previously eventhough not picky on food as well. Portion size is smaller due to lesson learnt from last experience. :D

2. Caffeine, Junk, Canned & Processed Food
1st Preggie:
Banned all of them throughout the whole 9 months... I had such a strong determination.

2nd Preggie:
No restriction! Oh my god... Don't quite understand how come I'm addicted to coffee so much since I'm not a coffee person when I'm not pregnant. Loves fast food, burgers, and don't bother food that I took from can or processed type. This time really prone to weakness... :(

3. Exercise
1st preggie:
Was very ethusiasm in yoga for pregnancy or any stretching exercises even I was having placenta previa. Took precaution from gynea and tried to squeeze time in for light exercises.

2nd preggie:
Don't bother any type of exercise since having a toddler really makes me treasure my sleep and rest time.

4. Story time moment
1st preggie:
Won't miss that every night to tell a story to the baby in the womb.

2nd preggie:
Still have nigh time story-telling to the elder one. So, the second one in the womb share the story.

5. Music time
1st preggie:
Played the classical music almost everyday through CD player. Attended exam after 2 months delivery.

2nd preggie:
No CD player this time but practise more on the piano and the baby in the womb followed me to exam too.

Sometimes, it's quite unfair to second baby, isn't it?

Friday, August 22, 2008

After the butt whacking...

En En seems understand and behaved better than before after she realized she can't use crying to get what she wants. Maybe it's true everyone in the family must co-operate and firm in teaching her what she done is acceptable and vice versa.

Right now whenever she did something wrong or cry without any reasons we will tell her that we are going to whack her again and she said: "Ah Mah ta-ta (beat buttock)!"
She only allows Ah Mah to whack her... *roll eyes*

Another method to stop her from crying is by telling her there is a mozzie or a housefly is flying into her big mouth and this works! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mummy whack the little butt!

En En was crying and screaming non-stop even it's already 10.30pm. Reason? She just wanted Ah Mah to accompany her to sleep and yet she was making fool of us. By that time, everyone already back to their bedroom and Ah Mah was awake because of her crying.

We stayed with En En in the room for more than half an hour and yet she's still refuse to sleep. Suddenly, she told Ah Mah she wanted to drink water. Alright, Ah Mah gave her the water she said she wants milk. Gave her the milk she said she wants water again! Ah Mah told her if she still keeps on doing this, Ah Mah was leaving the room. En En is trying to be funny with us but once Ah Mah went out from the room, En En never stop crying and screaming... yeah, to use this method as a "weapon" in order for Ah Mah to come back. She even forced herself to scream and cry, just imagine how naughty she can be!!! Ah Mah never came back and En En in fact was very tired as it already passed her sleeping time. Still making noise after 15 minutes... then she said she wants to pee but didn't want mummy's help to sit on the potty. She was screaming for Ah Mah till she finally pee abit on her pants!

Mummy gone mad already and can't help to force her siting on the potty but En En protested to wait for Ah Mah. Mummy whack her butt twice as her screaming and crying getting louder and louder... Ah Mah came and whack her again as she's apparently crying and screaming for no purpose in the first place. Then, En En vomitted due to screaming and crying for too long... everyone was angry with her and the most terrible part is she didn't allow mummy to clean her up or clean up the mess in the room! Yes, she used her crying to let us know that she didn't want mummy to do things for her at this moment and she wanted Ah Mah to do everything! This is just too much... Looks like she been too used to people listen to her all this while... right now everyone started to feel something must be done (rotan pls...) to avoid her from becoming too dominant, demanding and bossy.

Mummy is unable to sleep tonight... can't imagine how my cute little girl can turn into a horrible little monster that boiled our blood so badly! Looking at her sleeping now, mummy feel pity that she got whack but what to do?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

See... what I can do!!!

When no one disturb me, I'm able to asemble them one by one without any help... I'm so clever, am I?

Papa help me to do this but I transform them into my hands!!! Yeah! I'm genius... Hahaha...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

This is mummy @ 27 weeks preggie

Always think that this baby is smaller compare to En En... is it true for pregnant with a boy?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a little bit about En En

She's getting more choosy and active nowadays... Not sure why she picks a particular person to help her in changing, bathing, feeding and many more... she will cries and makes loud noises in order to get to what she wants. She's becoming very terrible to handle and fussy nowadays, ones must let go on what is doing to SERVE her!!!

This is what she did when we asked her to give us a cute-looking face!

She loves to draw. Everyday she will request for paper and her crayon and draw for quite a long time if no one disturbing her. She even will ask you to Shut Up when she's drawing and you are talking non-stop to her. She said that to her Gong Gong... How rude... Little artist-to-be?

She's able to differentiate colours very well now but still not sure what names of colours to call. Loves to find similiarity of just anything. Then will tell you "Same, same!"

Addicted to Barney nowadays and glue to the square box most of the day but most of the time she prefers to listen to the show rather than watching... she even has her own small TV! Mummy think she's been pampered by other family members coz En En will scream to watch her favourite VCD or DVD whenever we switched on the TV. Therefore, Ah Kong (who can't live without a TV) cannot tahan anymore and provide a small TV for the little one. Guess this is not a healthy habit but a TV is unavoidable for a city kid... *Sigh*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Received Good News!

Got 2 sms from last weekend:

First one from Bryan's mama on 19 July, Brandon Lim had greeted the world!!!

Second one from Chanel on 20 July, Ariel Lim (loves the name) had an early peek to the wonderful world too!!!

Congratulation to both!

Knitting Nightmare

when you realized you need to undo everything...

I'm a Pooh Fan!

Just look at my collections... I have the plush toys... hmm... maybe mummy can help me to collect all Pooh's friends together one day so that I can play with them in Hundred Acre Woods. I love the Pooh's bear story books (yeah... mummy is broke buying so many story books about Winnie the Pooh & friends from times to times) and I learned alot of new vocabs from the stories.

And the magnets too... those are my toys...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Confinement Lady or Confinement Center?

Seriously I really need advise on what is the biggest difference between staying at confinement center over having a persoanl confinement lady at home?

Alright, the most I heard is confinement center is not supportive over breastfeeding. True?I guess that's the biggest worry for moms who is planning to breastfeed the baby. Secondly, it's not as comfortable as staying at home, right? But as for my case, it will be a problem to get a CL to stay with us as the house already so crowded... I'm staying with in-laws, BIL and coming soon another Indon maid. Well, I guess it is a luxury to have a persoanl CL at home but it seems abit impossible and I'm reluctant to stay in confinement center due to rumours like "you won't get 100% nutritious soup or diluted red dates drinks as the center caters for so many mothers" or "mother will be advised to leave baby at nursery for care"... and so on. Is this true? Any mummies stay in confinement center before??? Mind to share with me your experience?

My only concern is to breastfeed (in a relax place)... that's my highest priority. In fact, I don't really hope to stay at home with in-laws as too many "advises" from previous experience that caused me had terrible stress and thus failure in breastfeeding!!! Initially I plan to get a CL in my hometown and spend 1 month there but there will be some business going on in my family and therefore the plan is cancelled. I really feel miserable over this and don't intend to get the CL to stay in my in-law place... looks like confinement center will be my next alternative.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Went for a routine checkup at Adventist Hospital last Monday but only manage to record it today. Don't know why lately so lazy to blog... and sledom take pictures of En En too. I thought I will have plenty of time to capture my gal's photos more since staying home but it's the opposite.

Baby No.2 now is 24 weeks old... and it's a BOY!!!

Mummy's weight: 72.10kg
Baby's weight : 730g (mummy is carrying most of the extra weight...)

Gynea claimed that baby is growing well, just too active and it's difficult to get a good picture from the scan. He's moving so much througout the whole scanning process. Boys are like that?? Besides, am having Braxton Hicks contraction according to gynea as there are a few times the belly felt harden but luckily it's not regular. I thought this only affect in late pregnancy? So, it can be happened earlier too.

Mummy don't really restrict on junk food this time, just eat whatever the heart feels like... love the aroma of coffee eventhough I'm not a coffee person. I wonder whether baby will come out with darker skin???!!

Naughty Baby!

Mummy got so pissed off when En En is always against us.

1) Mummy asked En En to bath:

She says: "My hands pain pain, cannot get wet!" In fact, there's nothing wrong with her hands... or she will simply said: "Later... baby is watching movie!" *Arrgh...*

2) Mummy asked En En to collect her toys and keep in the box:

She quickly jump onto the sofa, sitting there and pointing to her legs saying: "Leg pain, no strength (jiao3 tong4 tong4, mei2 you3 li4 - in Mandarin) to do!"

3) Mummy asked En En to finish her milk as she will leave 1-2oz for every feed:

She says: "Ming2 tian1 he4! "(Drink tomorrow!!!)

4) Mummy asked En En to take her porridge or collect her dirty clothes from the floor:

She says: "Baby pao3 tiao4!" (Baby runs away!!!)

5) Mummy gives En En milk bottle:

She says: "Mummy cannot give! Ah Mah can!" *roll eyes* So picky one?

6) Mummy asks En En to greet Good Morning:

She says: "Mei3 you3 Good Morning!" (No Good morning!)

Is this part of Terrible Two phase??

Friday, July 11, 2008

Maidless for more than 1 month!

The new maid still don't know when will arrive... everyone in the family is playing their role in keeping the house clean and sharing the responsibilities among each other. But pity MIL as she will do all the cooking and most of the house cleaning job as there are some which I'm not able to help with the little one inside the belly. Furthermore, i need to ensure that I take serious precaution on household chores that I'm unable to carry out.

Since this 2 weeks MIL already hurt her foot and unable to climb upstairs so often. Well, finger cross that the new maid will arrive within this few days or otherwise, MIL's situation will be even worse. Feel bad that I can't really help much! On the other hands, I'm busy to wash En En's clothes everyday, sometimes only with hands when the clothes is not many; cook her porridge almost daily and work on any type of beverages or juices in order to encourage her to eat or drink more. Quite tiring if she refuse to take in enough fluid as she still has constipation. *Sigh* Iron clothes, clean the bedroom, sometimes help to wash to bathroom but definitely not scrubbing the floor as I can't squat for a longer period, not forgetting that I still work part time 3 day per week! Life is quite rush when it's my working day. It's not easy to be a SAHM as working in a house is a never ending task!

I realized my previous maid didn't really clean the cloth diaper throughly. No wonder her cloth diapers were still with some urine smell after collected from the clothesline. I'm worry about the new maid too as these modern cloth diaper needs extra care and wash I hope she will listen to me or else I'll have earlier out of shape of damage diapers. I hope that I can wash it on my own but with a newborn coming soon... I'm doubt whether I'm able to do so?

Sometimes I wonder whether we really need a maid? It's good to have a pair of helping hands but on the other hand we got to worry this and that. Very often we heard people complaining the electricity and water bill rise up so high after having a maid or numerous damaged household utensils after the maid "help" out,... and so on. But staying in such a big family which consists of elderly and young children, a maid is a bonus to have.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A sneak peek!

En En with second baby...

Baby is 24 weeks snuggling warmly inside mummy's belly...