Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is how she grow out from Night Feeding??

It's been almost 2 weeks En En refuse to take her milk in the midnight or early morning while she is sleeping. Before this, she just drank all the milk I made for her in the wee hours and slept soundly throught the night. Now... no more, even it was 8-9 hours after her last feed. Not even single drop of water as well.

En En will toss and cry... then scream till everyone in the house awaken at 3 or 4am! Terrible part is her eyes were still shut and she started to hit us if we tried to touch her or attempt to carry her to sooth her or to bring her to the bouncer. The pooh bear which was her sleep time companion also no longer in use as she simply throw away it after we bring it to her. She's still crying and screaming as if she's having a nightmare! She is throwing tantrum even in the sleep!!!

One strange ... or maybe she purposely did this, when Ah Mah came over En En will stop crying and requested Ah Mah to swing her in the bouncer. What's the problem here? It seems to us she is purposely cry for Ah Mah to come for her, isn't it? Still she doesn't want to have her milk even after she was awaken... I really have no idea how to let her get over this "special request" when she grow older...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Learning the naming of underwear

Ever since mummy started training En En to go to toilet and teach her about panties and bra, En En master them very well. She was puzzled whenever she see us topless when changing clothes and always show us the shy shy action by stroking her second finger a few times on her cheeks.

She is very happy when she knows that she can wear panties if she use the potty and toilet to wee wee. Since then, she can differentiate panties and pants very well.

Just now she wet her pants and avoiding mummy to change her into a new pair of pants and ran to the living hall. Daddy straight away told her so shy showing off her butt!

En En saw daddy was topless sitting in the living hall watching TV and she said: "Papa, liu liu (shy shy)!" (Meaning you don't need to tell me as you are not wearing anything on top of the body too!)

So, mummy asked En En: "Papa doesn't wear... what?"

Without hesitation, En En replied: "Bra!" *pengsan*

Terrible Feeding Time!

En En won't cooperate whenever it's her meal time. Not only we need to feed her but also she will ask to switch on the TV to eat and watch and sometimes when it's not her favourite TV programme, she needs to play with toys in order for us to be able to feed her successfully. The same thing happens even when she's super hungry! Mummy just can't understand why she's such a difficult eater. She is not refusing her food but it's her habit to ask to be served like that and she doesn't think that she's wrong with her habit!!!

Every morning, luckily we have Astro and we will switch to channel 613 - PHDC. En En's favourite shows are "Thomas & Friens", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" , "My friends Tigger & Pooh" and "Little Einstein". So, if she wakes up around 8.30am till 10.00am... we will be safe as these are the golden times for her breakfast with TV! Anyway, she doesn't glue to TV for so long but she doesn't allow anyone to switch channel even she's was upstairs or in the kitchen. Listening to the show or the theme songs are what she does best! She can tell us exactly which of her favourite show is showing without watching the TV. But, she's just too possessive!!! Ah Kong is not very happy as En En is the one who "conquered" the TV for the most of the time even she's not watching it... how terrible this little monster is... arrgh!!!

Hopefully, she can learn to enjoy food without TV one day...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Who says SAHM got lots of free time?

Mummy really can't agree with this since there's no time left to blog compare to before! Besides don't have very own laptop, initially mummy planned to update the blog at night after daddy comes back from work... but serving and entertaining the little one already made mummy long for the bed at night and no more mood to blog. Not even blog hop... so bloggers, very sorry that I seldom able to visit your blog... :( Therfore, I wonder how others SAHM able to cook and take care of the family? This is really a toughest job in the world and I think if motherhood is a profession, it must be categorized into a very high paid job!

Still need to squeeze time for learning to cook besides being the slave for En En, this little girl doesn't seems prefer mummy's company all the time. She will screams: "Mummy, go away!!!" when she wants to play with kakak or Ah Mah. There's really nothing much changes that she will clings to me more after I stay at home with her... Is there something wrong with me? Am I not loving and caring enough as a mother? Just feel miserable when others accuse that I'm not a good mother for my gal...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

En En is 22 months old!

Another 2 months into Terrible Two phase!!! En En is a little radio at home. She talks alot and able to say 4-6 words at once now. She even talks to herself when we (the adults) are having discussion or a conversation. There are times whereby she speaks her own language and none of us can understand what she's trying to tell... LOL!


Height and Weight are not sure as mummy never measure since 2 months ago.


Main meal still porridge but this time since mummy at home, mummy will just chop whatever vegetables, meat, fish or fry egg and serve together with soup. En En loves soup very very much!

Breakfast is always oatmeal. Lately, mummy introduced her sweet oatmeal with very finely chopped fruits and prune or raisin or salty oatmeal chopped with either one of cabbage, broccoli, egg, cooked minced pork. Sometimes mix them together but never exceed 3 types at once.

Po po even said the way En En eat is like the snake, she will just swallow whatever feed into her mouth. She can't even tolerate any big piece of meat, vegetable and even rice! She will spit them out... still need time to train her in appreciating food.

Takes 6-7oz milk 2-3 times per day. Still need night feeding and thus a heavywetter toddler.


1) Potty / Toilet-train

Mummy and Po Po started to train En En to do her small business in the toilet since last week. Since En En refuse the potty, we encourage her to go to the toilet in specific time interval. En En will never tell us when she wants to pee but she never reject going to the toilet as she loves to let mummy pour water (to flush off) on the floor... Oh, we did that in the bathroom so that she won't be scared by "Mummy/Ah Mah's Potty" (refers to the toilet seat which looks so big to her). Initially En En was so excited to be in the bathroom and forgot to squat down to pee but lately she does it very well.

Therefore mummy must also remember to bring En En to pee in the toilet every 45 minutes - 1 hours. Obviuosly, En En knows how to control her bladder and she's now diaperless in daytime if she's not napping. Well, of course accident does happen but mummy think it's alright not to use any training pants as this will send a signal to her that her pants and the floor will be all wet if she is not peeing in the toilet. We observe her this 2 days and there will be small action of hers that indicate she's going to pee. We use that as a signal that it's time to bring her to the toilet. In other words, we are using Elimination Communication method to train her.

It's not so sucessful to train her to sit on potty for her big business due to her fear of previous constipation experience. We take it slowly to encourage her to sit longer on the potty to complete her bowel movement. We see some improvement these few days after mummy able to bribe her with cornflakes or some household toys and she did sit on the potty for quite some times. Otherwise, we will find she did her bowel movement in the diaper or straight on the floor if she's just wearing pants. *fainted* Anyway, mummy see this as the process of the training and doesn't really bother about the after cleaning job. We just hope that she will cooperate with us to accept back the potty... LOL!

2) Sleeping habits

30 minutes - max 3 hours napping for daytime.

Sleeping at night is always the issue as she will become more energetic when we are in the bedroom. She will request to play with her toys, Ah Mah or mummy to tell her story repeatedly, steps on daddy's back (good for daddy for this free massage), jump up and down from the bed and don't worry as the bed is the lower Japanese type. Walk around the room until she thinks it's enough... is it time to introduce cane??

Unless she is very tired, otherwise she will request us to swing her when she's in the bouncer. Mummy hope she will grow bigger than the bouncer soon... *evil grin*

3) Vocab

En En is able to communicate very well with us. She picks up new words rather fast, probably after hearing it once or twice.

En En says...

at the traffic light: "Green go!" "Red-top!" (It's Red, Stop!)

at the playground: "Baby wan2 (means play in Mandarin) slide!"

point at the door: "Po Po, kuai4 dian3 lai2!" (means Po Po come here faster!)

and so many more...

4) En En is able to put on and off her sandals very well now. No more wrong sides as she just know wearing the opposite sides of the sandals will make her feet uncomfortable.

5) Loves to soak in the water when bathing and she is able to apply and rub body shampoo on her armpit, buttock and body. Mummy uses the water pail for her to sit in after her shower since the water in the bathtub already becomes very shallow on her.

6) Walk up and down the staircase very confident now sometimes even not holding the staircase's handle for 1 or 2 steps.

7) She feels ashamed if naked in front of other people and she will grab pillow or bolster or any piece of cloths to cover the area she refuse others to see.

8) En En screams at us when we don't pay attention to her or when she was calling us but we didn't hear. Her voice is so high pitch!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stress over those who don't support breastfeeding

This conversation happened some times ago between MIL and one of a female relative, let's call her "F-R". They were talking about En En's constipation problem.

MIL: En En has very serious constipation, I suspect it's the formula milk being too heaty for her.

F-R : Probably... maybe can change her another type of formula milk. Last time my children all took normal formula milk and they are not heaty.

MIL: True... when En En was a baby, we gave her Enfalac, not suitable. Then changed to Similac.. seems alright and when she grew older we change to Snow, the old trusted brand. We let her take Gain Plus after 1 year old and she has terrible constipation. Then change again to Nespray now and it seems better. Last time I gave my boy S26 and Dumex.

F-R: Oh yes... last time we only have Nespray, KLIM, Dumex,... this type of formula milk. More suitable to toddler, the new brands all has lots of additional ingredients that made the milk more heaty.

Mummy: Breast milk is the best...

MIL & F-R: Silence...

Did I say something wrong??? Looks like they either don't support breastmilk or they have no knowledge about breastmilk and how breastfeeding had making a come back! Feel so stress and worry as there's none of both family members breastfeed successfully and the most they will talk and discuss about is formula milk! I failed once and I hope I can bf successfully for the next baby... living in such environment please tell me how to twist my mind and shall I twist their mind?? My MIL even once told me it's no good to bf the baby if mummy is sick. So better don't bf. I was so naive and believed on what she said and touch wood I never sick from day 1 I pregnant with En En till she's 15 months old!

Seriously, am looking for breastfeeding support!!!

Missing in action!

Mummy and En En currently spending a week time in Alor Setar... therefore limited Internet access and hence this blog will be abandoned for sometimes... but interesting happening with En En will be updated soon... stay tune!!!

By the way, it's really a tough job to become a stay at home mum... now I miss working life... hahahah! Probably motherhood is a challenge in life, the meaning is much more than money if to compare... Mummy is having a hard time to frame my overly pampered girl (from her grandparents) as she has such a "strong" characteristics.

Anyway, let's enjoy the short holidays first! :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scrapping mood is in!

This is a gift from a scrapper friends from Brunei - Jasmine and I delayed till today to thank her for her creative work using En En's photo. Thanks alot Jasmine... this is really a surprise!

Completed this for a challenge and I think I have to scrap more to get back my scrapping mood... :)

Chinese New Year 2008 - Part 2

This is a backdated post.

Let's showcast En En in fashion during CNY...

This is En En with her tricycle in Gong Gong's house. That was the third day of CNY when we went back Alor Setar. She was having fun by putting all the mandarins on the table found at living hall into the basket of her tricycle and told us she's bringing all the "Orange Papa, Mama, Gong Gong, Kor Kor" go kai-kai with her "bai-see-kel"...

En En was so delighted when she found the smallest mandarin (Honey lokam) from the basket and called it "Orange baby"! She's overjoy to play with orange baby.

Did I mention En En loves lighting? We didn't play any fire crackers but this light deco at Gong Gong's house really caught her attention. Luckily she didn't pull it down but just a soft touching...

She couldn't stop transferring the biscuits in and out from the container... then put some into her mouth and forced us to open our mouth in order to put in ours too! Mummy hope she will grow up to be one helpful girl one day... :) Everyone love Chinese New Year and so does En En as she has so many outings during this festive season. In fact, who doesn't?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Life as a SAHM...

Hello, wish to know how's my life as a SAHM now? Well, still have lots of things to learn but the time that I'm having really PRODUCED A HAPPY MOM!!! LOL!

Am starting to take over meal preparation for En En, feed her, bath her, entertain her, play with her and she's so happy to have me around until push Ah Mah away! This little girl really mischievous yeah...

Despite having some little time for my own activities, I'm surprise that I'm able to sit down and spend time to learn knitting stitches from MIL! I'm having mood to start scrapbooking now... yeah! There are so many interesting activities awaiting, especially moment with the little one... we will go to swimming, visit to the beach, play at the playground in Youth Park, meeting with blogger mommies and En En's peers,...

So glad to see this happy face!

p/s: One disadvantage - limited Internet access at home even have stramyx at home *Sigh* When can I have my own laptop??