Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Valentine's Day!

Backdated post.

Just feel nice to get the kiddos to make Valentine's Day card for daddy... and they got the cance to play with Glitter!!! En En is defintely excited, Zheng just followed whatever JieJie is doing.

 This is the heart mummy cut out for Zheng and he's enjoying so much "pouring" out the sparkle.

This one belongs to En En. With pink glitter, pink heart,.. she wants everything in PINK!!!

The outer look of her card...

and this is Zheng's card with mummy's help...

The cheeky boy posing with the card while eating...

Ladies receive flowers from guys and everyone knows that how expensive to buy flowers on V-Day! Ah Kong and Ah Mah also criticized on buying and sending flowers on V-Day. It is said to be a waste of money.. anyway, mummy doesn't really like flowers though...

Guess what, Ah Kong and Ah Mah gave a briliant idea!! Instead of sending a bouquet of flowers / roses, why not send a pot of growing roses!!! Buy that beautiful pot of roses 1 week before V-Day.Water the plant, taking care of it until V-Day then send it to your love one. The roses will still bloom and bloom all year long plus save you lots of money!!! LOL...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The "ME" Time

It has been a very long time mummy never have that little time to send sms to friends which mummy used to.

Today brought En En and Zheng to visit paed as En En is having sore throat after CNY celebration, sounds familiar huh? The actual culprit must be late night sleep (imagine at 12.30am or even 1am!!!) and lack of fluid intake since the last few days. Too excited, perhaps which is very common for special festival.

While waiting to collect En's mediacation, mummy finally sent out sms to say hello to friends who has been "neglected" for such a long time. Sound cruel to whom are friends to mummy... hehe... well, this is life. But mummy still miss them and really wish to know what's up to them lately... Hmm... maybe because mummy never bring knitting project out this time... :P

So, lesson learned... there is no ME time in motherhood, you have to find it out on your own. So, kampateh mummy! Keep on moving for the very own time management course... :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Bunny Year 2011!!!

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Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate! May the new year bring you more happiness and good health...

p/s: Click on the pic to see the many funny faces of the little two cuties in our house... hehe... :)