Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zheng's First Birthday

Definitely a backdated post!

The day before the celebration, mummy made this... guess what it is?

Zheng couldn't wait to inspect his birthday toy from Ku Ku by stepping on it!

Received first "Ang Pow" from Ah Kong... He thinks red packet taste good too!

Mummy specially made this Birthday hat for En En, she loves purple colour...

Testing the crown for Di Di...

Ta-Dah! This is the King of the day!

The traditional way to tell it's a birhtday party... LOL

Yummy-licious jelly!!!

Very nice birthday cake eventhough initially the design should be round but the day we collected the cake, it's square... Strange but maybe we didn't emphasized the cake must be round.

Oh... mummy thought of ordering cupcakes but after thinking twice, being in an extremely health concious and picky food eaters family... probably will get bad comments such as "Sugar coated, bad for the body", "Too expensive just for the decoration", "Not even delicious as our homemade", "Not worth since small portion", "So waste as no one is going to eat sugar cupcakes"... stick to the old fashion is still the evergreen solution... haha!

Before Zheng blew the candle, the cake already in a disaster mode... well, done by the King of a day!

Zheng couldn't wait for the photo sessions and was fussy standing in front of the cake too long. En En on the other hands showed her jealousy by not joining in the birthday song singing session and the photo session. She was sitting aside from all of us even we asked her to join. NO smiles from her face at all!!!

Zheng was throwing tantrum when it's cake cutting ceremony but felt interesting about the act and therefore he was quite cooperate for the photo shots.

Later on, they couldn't wait to play with the new toys... and threw balls all over the living room. Found the ball on the piano, inside the potty, out from the house,...

A very special and eventful day - at home!!!


So fast, it's already end of the month. Thought would blog more for this month but never happen. So many thing s to blog in this month but mummy is so lazy lately... plus the kids grow so fast!!! Too many milestones for Zheng and suddenly only realized En En will enrol in school in another few months!

Zheng starts to show his mischiveous and stubborn personality. En En already knows how to make decision on her own as she refuse to go out with us even we told her we are going to shopping. She rather stay at home watch cartoon! Weird, weird... Zheng took over her place as he will stand in front of you if he sees you dress up and anyone who goes open the door.

Hope time will stay so that they don't grow so fast, huh?

Monday, October 19, 2009

One Year

1 day old vs 1 year old

Mummy sleeps with you for one year...

Mummy breastfeeds you for one year...

Mummy changes your cloth diapers for one year...

Mummy put you in a sling for one year...

Mummy take care of you for one year...

Mummy hugs and cuddles you for one year...

Mummy kisses and plays with you for one year...

Mummy observed and discovered your new tactics and fast motor skill developments...

Can't believe it's already ONE YEAR!!!

~Happy 1st Birthday to dear baby Zheng!~

Craft time!

It's about mummy, ok... Daddy just said mummy was doing some crazing things again... Well, how many years mummy can get the chance to do crazy crafts like now? LOL!

It's all about childhood memory, moreover arts and crafts are something mummy would love to share with the kids if mummy have time to scrap and mess around with colours and papers. Now is the perfect time and mummy still have lots of things to do with En En and ZHeng when they grow older...

Sorry yeah... coz right now let mummy do the messing games solo first, furthermore at midnight!!! Haha... it's good to be a scrapper as everything is ready on hands!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

41 months old!

The "I don't want" stage:-

1. I don't want to sit in the car seat
2. I don't want to sit in the cart when buying groceries in TESCO or Cold Storage
3. I don't want to sleep
4. I don't want to wear dress or skirt (headache as she out grown them so fast)
5. I don't want to watch this programme
6. I don't want to eat (porridge)
7. I don't want to drink milk (but mix with MILO is fine)
8. I don't want to stay in a room with DiDi alone
9. I don't want to accept anyone say I'm pretty in what I wear
10. I don't want!!! (to listen to any command that I don't like)


Lately, she loves to eat Marie biscuits, cheese, Yakult, prune juice, Calci-yum and fried anchovies with porridge. She still refuse to eat rice, always request to have noodles when eating out. Because she dislike vegetable, we need to cook them in porridge in order to give her a balance diet. Don't really understand why she reject fruits at all (except apples) as she never willing to taste any of them too.

She takes milk (with MILO) at least 3-4 times per day. 8-9oz each... Wondering whether she still need so much? Can't let go of milk bottle yet...

Conclusion: En En is a fussy and picky eater.

Potty Train

She is still having constipation problems. Good news is she's totally potty train, even for night! Bravo! No more diapers...


She is a sensitive person. She needs attention most of the time and will cry it out loud when she realized no one is in the room when she wakes up from sleep or nap. Call it a bad habit or perhaps it's her need for comfort since she was an infant. Ah Mah gives her all the attention she needs even till today and she still call herself as baby *slap head*

She adores her little brother but she has mood swing. Some day she will hug and cuddle Di Di but sometimes she will kick and push Di Di away and curl up in Ah Mah's arm. That's the time she refuse mummy too. Maybe that is the cause of jealousy especially when she see mummy is with Di Di 24x7, moreover Di Di still suck McB. She pretend to suck McB too but when she's with Ah Mah...

Lately, she prefers to go "kai-kai" and will ask us almost everyday after bath "Where are we going?" Her favourite spots include:-

1) Youth Park to play slide, swing and see-saw

2) Gurney Plaza - Toy "R" Us, Popular bookstore

3) Any new places with big space for her to run and jump!

Guess she's boring to stay at home nowadays. So, it's time or nursery school hunting!

Dear En En,

Just hope that you know mummy, daddy and Di Di adores you alot! We are always there for you and we love you very very much!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Zheng's TEETH... and some update...

Since last week, we notice his 2 top pearly white sprouting out at last. They are growing longer now... mummy wish Zheng teeth grow faster so that can stuff him with various kind of food woth different texture... haha!

He walks very steady and confident now, stepping on or over anything under his heels. Therefore, this is the reason he will fall down but this little guy is too tough as he never cry after he fell down or bang his head accidentally on wall or table. Scary boy... As a result we always discover he has bruises and cut all over his limbs but have no idea when it had happened. Another big headache for mummy and daddy...

He was eating like a bliss when we first introduced solid food to him but now... he has turned into a little monster whenever it's meal time. He spits the food out when he doesn't like it especially after he feels abit full. Fuss over in the high chair and never eat properly like before. He likes to snatch people's food, bowl or spoon whenever he sees anyone is having meal within his reach.

He still poo poo whenever he feels it's coming... which has no expression on the face! He doesn't know how to let us know too. He refuse to do big business in a potty as he will protest by screaming loudly as much as possible whenever mummy put him on potty. As a result, we always have to clean him and the soiled diaper too. Suddenly mummy feels that potty training is still very far from us...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recovered from flu!

Finally both En En and Zheng already back to their usual self and active... playing! Not forgetting those screaming and shouting sound... Very noisy, guess it will be terrible if mummy got 2 boys yeah?

Mummy knitted an elephant toy for En En, she loves it! Mummy is so happy since this is the first handmade toy for En En. She even requested mummy to make one for Di Di and she selected Red colour for the little brother. Oh... she's such a loving sister.

So, this is a pair of elephant for Jie Jie and Di Di! En En calls hers as Yellow Elephant and Di Di's elephant as Di Di's... so simple only! LOL...

Below this one is a long queue project in mummy's knitting list... recall from this post. Mummy finished the top knitted part for 5 months but only manage to get Po Po's help to sew the dress during last month's visit back to mummy's hometown.

Isn't it lovely? Too bad En En refuse to wear it and she said because can see armpit... *slap head*

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mini Donuts

This post is dedicated to daddy, the donuts lover! Simply too cute (the size)... LOL!

A suitcase with...

Cloth Diapers!!!
This was taken when mummy was packing for 1 month holiday in Alor Star with En En and Zheng.
But our little Tarzan was trying to be adventurous IN the suitcase too~~