Friday, February 29, 2008

Making Money Online

I thought I won't be having more chance to blog for money after resigning from my full-time job. The reason? Very simple - no access to Internet at home! But thinking twice about making money online, I simply can't resist not to do anything if there is slight chance given. Therefore I took up the courage and sign up with bloggerwave.

Next, I think I shall try to discuss the money-making plan with my hubby and seek for his approval to have 24 hours online access from home. Some IT gadget that I will need including a laptop, modem, router, ... I think I need to find out as soon as possible. Of course before I'm able to start spending money earn from paid post, I think I need to save enough to get the necessities tools to start my plan at home. So bloggers, I'm in with bloggerwave what about you?

Last Day!

Yup... today is my last day in corporate world. How do I feel? To be frank, I'm happy and relieve that I can leave finally. Perhaps I'm not in a good company... staying there for 5 years with no performance reviews (hence no increment), no bonus, ...Yes, you READ me?? I never know we will receive bonus working for a company after 2 years I joined in!!!... no career path, etc... Basically I just work for money. Feel wasted for my knowledge and time but now it's all over.

People always asked why I stay on? Well, I always have hope towards the company but the greater the hope the greater the disappointment. The most terrible thing that I received from management is "You don't contribute because you have no projects on hand!" Hello... how would you expect someone who do procurement, someone who do customer support, someone who do company's inventory control, someone who take care of financial have certain projects with customers? What excuse is this??? I just feel unfair to those supporting staff in this company as I already knew it's very hard for them to get increment. Shall I psycho them to leave as well... *evil grin*

Alright, no more complaining and it's not good to talk bad behind, huh? But this is reality! I hope you won't feel so bad about your current company as I hardly can find any company like mine... so be grateful! Hahaha...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008 - Part 1

This is a backdated post.

On the first day of CNY, En En woke up quite late and later after bath, mummy changed En En into a dress and clipped her hair with cute hair clips. She is not very well-behaved especially there were visitors and relatives in the house. En En dragged her blue chair from living hall to dining area making those squeaky sound and it was very irritated. The more we asked her to stop, she protested to do it repeatedly.

Mummy baked moist chocolate cake on CNY eve. After almost 3 years never touch the baking utensils... but the baking "product" was surprisingly impressive! Yummy!

All set and ready to be served... but wait... moist chocolate cake need to be chilled overnight in order to be more tasty. Cutting the cake is not an easy job though, some tips from MIL is to use a knife that is rubbed with a little butter and repeat rubbing after a few cut. Or alternatively, clean the knife frequently. This is to ensure that the edging of the cake maintain its smoothness (of the looks!). Don't believe me? Next time when you order a few pieces of cake from Secret Recipe, observe how they cut on the cake.


At the evening of the first day of CNY, En En still insist to go kai-kai. Well, we brought her to Gurney Drive and have a walk there. As long as she's able to enjoy the seaview, the boat and the bird, she's one happy baby!

1 year old blog!

Search back the history on when this blog is started and it's last year's TODAY! Was worry whether I could blog continuously back then but what worry me today is why there's so less of opp to grab lately?? Muahahaha... never think that I will blog for money as well... this is life that full of unpredictable incidents on countless sun rises and sun sets...

Time flies and Happy 1st Anniversary to Awaken Spring!

TAG: Let's Play Domino

Slavemom sent this to me yesterday. Now only I know this is Domino... :)

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These are given by Jo-N. Thank you for the lovely awards.

Forever Friends Award

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Thank you very much, Jo-N. I'm passing this to all my blogger friends too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Potty Train? Not now...

Yes, the culprit that hold back potty-training for En En is constipation. Even till today she's not willing to tell us when she wants to do big business simply because she's afraid of the painful feeling... As a result, En En keeps her bowel movement moment as long as she can and we have no choice to give her medicine for softening the stools every alternate day.

Been giving her "cheap" formula milk for almost a month now. Her stool no longer hard as rocks but we believe it's her habitual way to keep the stools in her tummy until she finally decides to let go. Such a weirdo baby... She was previously taking Gain Plus but now change to Nespray 1+ (yeah... ease on mummy's pocket too, LOL!) and there is a different of her "output" as well. Even she doesn't have bowel movement for 2 days, by the time she does her business there is no more hard stools and bleeding. That's a blessing! Hopefully, she will outgrown the fear for the red potty soon...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Latest music lesson with En En

Even wonder how to teach young toddler to differentiate loud vs soft sounds? Mummy really think hard about this but bear in mind that young ones are interested in actions and sounds... in other words it must be interesting to them.

So, take lion as an example, Mummy told En En lion papa is very fierce (just like her daddy) and roars the loudest. Therefore, mummy leads En En hands to press on the left side of the piano which sounds the loudest... just let her presses to get the most loudest sounds produced from the piano. Then at the middle is the lion mummy (to make sure she can differentiate) and lion baby's sound will be the soft one, at the right most of the piano. When mummy was leading En En to press on the keyboards, not forgetting to imitate the sound of lion's roaring in Loud,Medium and Soft. En En was very happy to notify the differences and is able to tell "lion papa" is on the left side and "lion baby" on the right side. Sounds cool, huh?

Right now, she will point to the piano and said "I-yen papa" and wants to press on the keyboard. She got it right BUT lately she introduced in "I-yen Ah Mah", "I-yen Ah Kong"! *slap forehead*

Posting about CNY?

In fact, mummy got a few post about CNY to share but busy... or maybe lazy to sort out the photos and blog. Need to get daddy's laptop to download the pics... oh yes, they are not yet downloaded and that's why.... Mummy went to sleep early these few days and feel much more better with no blog hop or blog update in wee hours at midnight... LOL! Simply love this feeling - to sleep as much as possible and the time when En En sleeps (or not yet? No idea...) mummy already zzz...

Knitting is getting into mummy's head everyday now as Ah Mah is leaving mummy to sort out all the wrong stitches all alone and that really makes the mind thinking hard. Don't ever think that knitting is a simple job, it's not! Nightmares haunt mummy when there's no solution to overcome the wrong stitches. That's why mummy's knitting garments takes so long to complete. *Sigh* NO pain no gain, practice makes perfect,... ok, still got to hang on... By the way, did you know knitting in other hands train your patient?

Well, got to really sort out some pic and update some backdated post on CNY later... ciao!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No production for scrapbooking

It's 2008 now and I can't believe I never scrap any Layout (LO) since the beginning of the year. I really miss scrapbooking and I wish I can finish using all the pattern papers and cute stickers /embellishments that I have in my stash.

Hubby and I are hooked on movies lately. We watched LOTR extended version almost every alternate night after En En went to bed, be it after 10.30pm or 11.30pm... I should use the time for doing some scrapping but just too lazy now. I'm crazy over knitting and I never stop practicing everyday even it's just a 15 minutes slot per day... so determine (this is when I'm really in the mood!) Obviously I'm not in the mood to scrap even there's only 4-5 pages to complete En En's mini album.

Hopefully I'm able to come out with something for this coming weekend. Finger crossed!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My New Hang-out place!

I found new things to do ... in the laundry area!

Hmm... how to operate this washing machine? I always saw kakak using this to wash clothes... Make sure the door close tight tight...

Then, push some buttons...

Suddenly mummy asked me whether I wear shoes or not coz the floor is wet and slippery. So I double checked...

Yes... I'm one obedient girl.... shoes - checked! Pardon for my big tummy but this is my view from top...

I think I'm done now. I want to find my Pooh Pooh bear... coz I'm afraid kakak will throw Pooh Pooh into the water and it needs help! "( in fact, we soak the plush toy for wash but En En thought Pooh Pooh is drowning, LOL!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleeping Habits or Pattern?

En En lately prefers Ah Mah to bring her to bed at night. She will screams "Mamie, bu yao!" whenever I try to go upstairs with them. She will push me away and enjoy Ah Mah as her companion besides her Pooh bear. Pity mummy...

She requests to sleep in the bouncer and also Ah Mah to do the swinging and story-telling session of Minnie the Pooh and friends. She will stay awake for another 1-2 hours in the bedroom before she sleeps. She will play and read her books before bed even she's getting tired. She will never compromise to go to bed after milk, after story-telling, after enough playing,... we couldn't force her anymore, scolding is not effective too. En En will decide when she is willing to sleep.

Last night mummy tried to accompany her into the bedroom. She's playing with her wooden cutting toys and pull out Winnie the Pooh's story book... she was busy with her activities and never call Ah Mah or mummy. Mummy was able to read some knitting books and started to cast on with En En occupied with her own stuff. Then, she's bored and yawning... she remembered grandma shouted once for Ah Mah. Mummy quickly offer to tell her the Pooh and friends story from her book. She laid on the bed with mummy till the end of the story and asked mummy to repeat again! *roll eyes* Ah Mah will repeat for her about 3-4 times but mummy is not so patient... hehehe...

Wanna know what I told her? "Quickly go to bed with pooh pooh then you'll meet with Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Baby Roo..." En En nodded her head and quickly crawled to her bouncer. She didn't sleep immediately and kept on waking and asked for the story again. Mummy told her to bring pooh pooh and sleep together so that they can meet with other Pooh's friends. She finally requested that she wanted to sleep on the bed. Within a few minutes, she's off the her dreamland with Pooh bear!

I wonder whether children love bedtime story? En En is one that wants you to repeat again and again... if I didn't tell her she will meet Pooh bear's friends if she goes to bed I don't think she's willing to shut her eyes so soon. Parents are trained to be creative when they have children around, isn't it?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Terrible Nightmares?

Mummy and daddy couldn't have good night sleep during our break for Chinese New Year and even now after we were back to work. En En did it again this morning around 2.30a.m and 6a.m. She was crying hysterically, screaming out loud especially if mummy tried to put her down to bed or bouncer after comforting her. Worst still, she was pointing at the bedroom door with the eyes shut and we wonder how she knows the door's direction? There were a few times we have to wake her as she won't stop crying if mummy never stand up and walk around after carrying her. She requested us to go out from the room! As if she wants to go kai-kai.

Sometimes, it works after comforting her with a little rocking in mummy's arms and she also requested mummy to swing her after putting her down at the bouncer. So, welcome back the use of bouncer again. Arrgh... Even during daytime, En En is now turning into one little fussy, noisy and cranky monster as she will just throw anything on hands when she's playing alone and scream out loud of a sudden.

Is it nightmares during sleep? Too many outings and people to meet during this festive season? Overstimulated?

Favourite activity for Chinese New Year

Guess what is that? I know many families was having gathering for Chinese New Year and also another favorite activity for anyone during the gathering regardless of age. It's gambling session! My family and my in-law's family seldom have this activity unless there are friends and relative come back from outstation and overseas. I think this is the tradition and culture in Chinese society as I still remember when I was a little girl I used to see my grandparent, granduncles and aunties will sit around the table to play blackjack. That's the moment I know we were having relatives from far away visiting us for celebrating Chinese New Year together.

These days most of the relative and friends are working across states or countries. We don't really meet every year for Chinese New Year celebration. I even heard of one of my cousin brother who's working in California, US plays poker through online casino. He is the frequent poker champion when playing with us back here before he moved overseas. Seems like all his Chinese house mates went home to celebrate this festive season but he got to stay back due to his work requirement. He even recommended us about this online casino whereby we can find the best review for various online casino and he is having great fun without us for this Chinese New year too!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clingy again!

En En cling to mummy early this morning after having a nightmare and refuse to let mummy went anywhere without her. She yelled at anyone came near giving the message that never think to carry her away from mummy. Mummy is happy that she stick like a glue now but today mummy still need to go to work.

Nevertheless, mummy is late for work and En En unwillingly wave goodbye to mummy after she failed in trying to ask mummy to carry her to work together. Lately, she prefers mummy to carry her more... this is the result of one week spent with her for 24/7 even mummy overslept at midnight and during her nap time too. Hehehe...

Tag: Want to know what I love and hate?

This is a long due tag from Denna. Just realized this morning... sorry :)

1) I love to eat: hot and spicy + a tiny bit of soury food! TomYam is always yummy to me; never reject any types of curry puffs and of course chinese dishes.

2) I hate to eat: durian, everything meat meat meat... and cheese, chesse, cheese

1) I love to go on: vacation by the beach with family

2) I hate to go on: trip with people who prefer to sleep in the hotel or not adventurous at all

1) I love it when: it's a cozy and lazy afternoon to do some baking and reading in my own pace

2) I hate it when: everything's is so rushing and pushing

1) I love to see: peace and justice, serene of the sea, winding road in countryside, smiling face

2) I hate to see: cruel side of human being and politic

1) I love to hear: nature is singing, babies is laughing

2) I hate to hear: the sound from TV that's on for almost whole day and I'm living in such environment with no complain can be made.

Not passing this tag.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Funny Faces

She is just too funny...

The funnniest one...

"Ohh... ooo... oooo..."

Honey, where is my glasses?

Hubby and I both wear eye glasses. His eyesight is more serious than mine, he will go almost half blind without the glasses. Due to this, he hardly can go anywhere without his glasses. It will be very risky if he goes for the LASIK surgery. Therefore, he decided to stick with his old frame.

There had been quite a few times his glasses was damage while he was playing sports or worse still was pulled by our little princess when she was younger. As a result, we had misalign frame and loosen handle due to tiny screw came off just like that. I was surprise when I read about Great Discovery: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses! Wow! That's a very great deal. Those are very stylish prescription glasses with so many types of frames and lenses to choose from. I'm going to tell hubby about this great deal!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

En En with Gong Gong

Wishing you & your family a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Why so difficult?

Recently En En becomes a very difficult to handle toddler... how?

- refuse to nap
- refuse to sleep even it's already after 11pm
- back to sleeping on her bouncer at night (extra work for us to swing her... arrgh...)
- throw tantrum and cry out loud in order to get what she wants
- still refuse potty and do her big business behind the door or anywhere out of our sight *slap forehead*
- refuse to tell us when she wants to pee even she knows it
- refuse to take bath
- refuse to get out from the shower room if we manage to bath her
- refuse to put on her clothes and diaper after bath
- refuse to change diaper no matter what (so, we have to lock her hands and legs or bribe her with new things such as mummy's camera... it's risky though)
- refuse to taste new food
- refuse to finish all her biscuit or piece of fruit and will force us to swallow hers by pushing into our mouth
- refuse to take water

Why? Why? Why?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dress and Skirt

Nope, Mummy never got any new dresses and skirts and these are En En's new collection for the Chinese New Year. Except the blue dress that mummy bought, the rest are either from Ah Mah or Po Po. En En is so lucky!

This is the first time En En has all the new dresses... last year she has more blouse and pants simply because she was "botak" very little hair and didn't look nice in a dress. So this year En En is going to loook more feminine than mummy liao!

Blog and Traffic

Do you ever wonder why your blog never get approved after your apply with PPP even your blog is more than 90 days? The next concern to look into most probably is the traffic from your blog. This is even true for those bloggers who blog for money, they will need traffic to increase their page rank and indirectly will have more opportunity to write paid post.

Basically, I don't realized the impact of the traffic and never think about my blog has any traffic. Then, I found Buzzfuse and it can actually help in promoting our blog and increase the traffic to allow our blog to be more visible in the blogsphere. Buzzfuse not only accept post but it accepts videos, photos, and even songs in which will help to promote your site to audience. Hence, you will have more visitors dropping by your blog and therefore more traffic!

Signing up with Buzzfuse is free and they also offer premium account with even more features. Well, I'm going to sign up and create more traffic to my blog now! What about you?

I love...

Today I feel like wanted to voice up something so I asked mummy to help me blog and let aunties know whether I'm clever girl or not.

I love to eat "kiam hu" "(salted fish crackers) and "bak hu" (homemade meat floss) that Ah Mah made. I can just take as many "kiam hu" as I can if I request from Ah Mah, Mummy and Ah Kong but they always limit me and worst still hide the bottle that keep "kiam hu" away from my Sight! I can't help it but it really taste so munchy and crunchy... hmm... I wish when I grow older and taller I will take the bottle and keep for myself inside my shirt!

I love to have/play with "bak hu" when I'm having my porridge. I prefer to ask daddy to bring the "bak hu" to me. Whenever they suggested "bak hu" that's the time when I don't tolerate to take porridge. So, I will quickly said "papa! papa na (means daddy take in mandarin)" Then, I will slowly use my finger to nibble and put into my mouth bit by bit or pour them out from the saucer and mess on the "table" of my walker. Ah Mah said must put me into the walker when it's feeding time otherwise I might run away in the middle of my meal. I also don't know how and when... I was busy playing with "bak hu" my porridge already finish and I also feel not so comfortable on my throat and requested to take half bowl of the soup.

Basically, that's my feeding time and the usage of "bak hu" but now I don't really like to eat "bak hu". I still love to play with them. *Cheeky grin* The new activity I love now is talk to myself and pen-down afew things from my thought...

See? I can hold the pen very well now and Ah Mah said I'm holding pen in a correct way now!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Getting a laptop

As I blog until today, will you believe that I still haven't own a personal laptop? I wish I can get myself a laptop for the ease to access Internet in the middle of the night... haha! Yes, that's the only undisturbed time I have for blogging. At the moment I still need to borrow hubby's laptop and wake up in the wee hours at night to do blog hop!

Lately, one of my friend can't wait and quickly bought himself a brand new Dell laptop just because of his new found love - blogging. He only graduated last year and started working less than 3 months! I was shocked and wonder how he got enough money to buy the laptop. After approaching him, we finally realized he used cash advance offer from the bank! No wonder suddenly he can afford on so many IT gadgets. He's going to get a new Apple classic iPod soon. I wonder whether he's able to pay back the debt later?