Monday, April 30, 2007

Finger Pointing....

Finally my sis helped me to capture photos of En En using her finger to point us!!?? In fact she likes to point to anything that she wants us to see with her, to open the door for her, to show who is the one that we are calling among the families members, even on her bouncer! (Just look at the pics...) You just can't imagine how many things that she already know but never reveal or show us. She's smart and yet cheeky...
Anyway, these are the photos that finally caught her in finger-pointing action... haha!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Childhood Hobbies

Since daddy never wants to involve in this blogging thingy (I created this together with him but he only has interest to read) mummy is going to blog about daddy’s hobbies so that my children will understand more about how precious daddy’s hobbies are. Mummy really salute daddy.
When mummy first met with daddy, mummy never know that daddy has so many special hobbies. Ok, let me introduce daddy’s childhood hobbies that are still carry on even until today.

Daddy - Childhood-nowadays hobbies:
1) Old Coins – this one I was quite shock when I first knew coz to me it’s a hobby for elderly.
2) Comics – Favourite are comics from HK artist, Marvel, DC, Japanese animation are also some of his favourite. Used to have a big box of comics book but already donated out.
3) Dinosaurs – He can talk about dinosaur for the whole day and he has encyclopedia as well as CD collection of dinosaur series.
4) Cartoons – Any type of cartoons will make him glue on the sofa. Prefer Disney.
5) Kung Fu freak – theory and practical, can’t beat him.

Recently, daddy has growing interest on new items:

1) Gemstone – this one mummy also explore with daddy and grandma when preggy with En En and learn quite a lot from reading and surveys we do together. Daddy likes Sapphire and mummy like Peridot & Tourmaline.
2) Chinese Tea – not the normal type but it’s sold in pieces and quite costly.

Mummy - Childhood-nowadays hobbies:
1) Piano Music – started at 4 but stop at 6; then continue again at 11 then stop at 16; continue again at 26. If I’m not interested, I don’t think I’ll continue again
2) Nutrition & Health – won’t miss reading every bit of the information that I come across and was determined to become a nutritionist but it just doesn’t happen.
3) Keeping old mag & newspaper – especially those with nice pictures and writing
4) Cartoons – Especially from Disney, determine to get all the cartoon movies collection.
5) Kung Fu freak too! – Theory is there but practical only good for performance since I was a national wushu exponent before… haha!

Latest hobbies:

1) Gemstone – it’s great to have something similar to do with my partner
2) Crochet – learned from grandma but this really takes time as I have lots of unfinished projects
3) Photography – inspired by En En since she’s so cute
4) Bookscrapping (w/wo digital)- have idea on what to do but never start on anything yet.

On top of all, daddy’s top hobby is collecting old coins and daddy determined to pass this on to our children and grandchildren, if possible. Mummy know mummy can’t live without music. If we were living oversea, most probably daddy will be an archeologist and mummy will either be a musician or a nutritionist.

Been influenced by daddy, right now mummy also have a passion on old coins indirectly whereby mummy will keep coins that’s aged more than 20 years. Mummy know when it is passed to my children, it will have more sentimental value.

Cloth Diaper

Been exploring better option for diapering En En and spent quite a lot on disposable diaper till today. Never think of the disadvantages of disposable as it is very popular nowadays, every babies is wearing them everywhere. So, I think it’s already a market trend and it is just ease for today modern living style if compare to old cloth diapering. In fact, disposable diaper is made of chemical stuff.
Then, a mummy I met through mybabybay forum first mentioned about cloth diaper and it even have online store! Being curious and wondering what is so special about cloth diaper, I visited Mia Bambina - an online cloth-diapering store. All I know about cloth diaper is the usual flat white cotton cloth that used to cover baby’s bum with pin.
To my surprise, we already had an evolution for todays clothe diapering! There’s no longer a need for pins and flat cotton cloth, which our mother and grandma used to have. Now we have exactly the same concept as disposable, a cloth diaper that act the same as disposable but with insert for higher absorbency. The cloth diaper can even use for overnight! That is truly amazing!!!
Can’t wait to try this on En En as it is more economical since it is reusable and no more chemical smell as the one I got from disposable. And I did, but I think there’s some allergy reaction on her and I stop temporarily. I still like the concept of today’s cloth diapering and guess I will find out more on the one that suit my baby most.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Redang Island Trip

This is a backdated post.
The trip to Redang Island was a great experience that I was long for - yup, for snorkeling in fact! LOL.... I thought I won't have the chance to try out snorkeling after I have En En and furthermore daddy is not interested in water sports. I'm lucky since company trip destination was heaven for sea and beach lover like Me!!!
We took bus from Penang at 11pm and arrived at Merang jetty in Terengganu at 6am! Gosh... the boat transfer service only start operating at 9.30am. Everyone was sleepy with tired-looking face. The surrounding was silent and dark, it's a kampung area. Had our breakfast at a small local Malay stall - typical nasi lemak.
About 9.45am, we were all on the boat way to the island. The boat is bigger than the boat we used to take from Penang to Langkawi. The wave really made us felt like sitting in the rocking cradle. Initially was a bit scared since it's been quite a long time never take boat but later I just felt so nice to sleep. The sea colour is so blue and nice... it's really a breathtaking scene.
The boat trip was about 45-50 minutes. We were given a welcome speech by the resort's person in charge before headed to the main lobby. The funny part is the place we departed from the boat was the back of the resort and when we walked to the lobby, you can see the Mo Mo Tea Inn - the shooting location of the movie "Summer Mo Mo Tea" (forgot the real movie name, this is the translation from Mandarin title :OP )starred by Hong Kong actress Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren. Should pay a visit here; unpolluted sea with crystal clear water; the breeze and the scenery... you will believe you are in paradise! I realized this is a great place for family vacation as alot of families were here for holidays with little children.
We had lunch at 12pm then gathered again for renting snorkeling gear at 2pm. Around 2.30pm we were all on the boat again to the Marine Park to swim together with colourful fish. Yes, it's hot but the sunlight in fact beautify the living habitat under the water.
On second day, we were taken to visit another island but we were not allowed to swim near the beach as that is the delivery hospital for turtle. Too bad, didn't see any turtle but managed to swim beside Nemo! The garden under the sea is even prettier than the Marine Park and it was really a great place to see different types of corals. Well, it was quite exhausted as we went snorkeling in the morning and afternoon. We still manage to played beach volleyball and took photos of fish nearby the seaside. A real worth trip with eye-opening events in the sea everyday.
Afterall, vacation is meant for relaxing your body and mind and enjoy as much as you can! Maybe will plan a trip with daddy for Samui Island....

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Old Sewing Machine

Suddenly feel so regret of not knowing how to use a sewing machine. It's alright for other people but not me! My family was in textile business and my mum is a very good in sewing. We have electric sewing machine back home and that was bought for business purpose too. Nowadays since my dad decided to stop the business, they sold off a few good condition sewing machines.
After I married to Penang, I never touch any sewing machine. In fact, I seldom do that even back home. So feel so bad about it since my mum and my MIL also good in sewing with sewing machine. I think a mother should know how to use the sewing machine if there's one ready at home.
Right now, what I have at home in Penang is an antique sewing machine. MIL still take care of it very well and it's still in top condition. Yup, the type that you need to use your legs to move one.
Today I finally determined to learn using the sewing machine that my MIL is using all these while and found out it's not really that difficult. I guess I'll go back and ask from my mum on more sewing skills coz I remember she saw lots of clothes goodies for me and my sisters especially pretty bags and house-hold items which made of cloths.

Obssession of Skin Care...and Cosmetics

Can't really recall since when I'm addicted to skincare and cosmetic products. I really search and survey every brands in the market and even wish that there is a website that make comparison and evaluation towards the effectiveness of those skincare on shelves. I'm not interested to be a sales person for this but I wish that I can be a wise consumer since every new product launching there are so many claims saying "mine is better, the rest in the market is outdated!"
Good news is I finally found this website 2 years ago and then after my buying guide for skincare and cosmetic is based from the research and evaluation from Everyone has different views towards the goodness of a skincare product but I realized it is true that expensive department store skincare item is not always the best. Go read the review and you will find out more.
I like this website because it shows you how to interpret the ingredients of the product. Turn over the product box and what we always see is a list of god-know chemical names which us, as a normal consumer has no idea about. In fact, I did try out some skin care products and cosmetics recommended from the website, be it from the drugstore or department store and found out the results are very impressive. Well, that was before I got marry and still got some spare money on hand to spend. LOL....
Right now, I slowly switch to drugstore products for skin care and cosmetic but there are alot very well formulated drugstore skincare only available in US. *Sigh* Oh yes, I mix brands and it turns out nothing wrong with this, my skin still as beautiful as before.... haha! I don't believe in using a set of same line/range skincare.
So, whenever CK has business trip to US, I'm sure will provide him my wish-list. Today I received a few SMS from my hubby who's now in Arizona and unable to find Neutrogena's item! Well, in Malaysia we only have limited range of Neutrogena products but in fact it carries the best basic face and sun care product. Yes, only can get in US... so sad. Wish I were there and I think I'll buy the whole shop.... haha!!! (Joking coz I'm broke now - approching end of month)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Baby Cot

Don't really think En En like to stay in baby cot. I only put her in baby cot when she's 8 or 9 months old as before this we never have one at home and don't ever think we need one.
The cot was delivered from KL, it's my younger cousin brother's cot. He's 6 years old. My auntie said they won't be using anymore so it's a free gift. :O)
En En only will stay in longest 15 minutes and when sheis in good mood then maybe longer. It's useful when I want to make milk to her at night when she's still awake coz she will be crawling here and there, up and down, pull things down... and so on so on.... so 100% safe when she's in the cot!

My Little Girl's Favourite Tee

It's not En En's tee, it's mummy's! Since En En was 3 months old she's been excited and happy to see this t-shirt when I wear it on. Guess the cute little birds attracted her and whenever she's in bad mood, mummy always try to get this tee and wear on. This will distract her and occupy some of her times as she's trying to explore her little friends in tee no matter she was crying or fussing. En En will stop whatever she's doing and come close to mummy when I show up with her little firneds. En En will crawl up mummy's body and use her little finger to point to each of her cute little friends.
This tee aged more than 12 years, it's a gift from my ex-wushu team-mate who's been to Asian Games in 1994. I never been to Asian Games but SEA Game in 1997 and never have such a cute tee then. If look closely, the edge of the tee already turn yellowish. Don't know how long I still can keep it but for sure this is En En earliest favourite item!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

En En is 11 months old today & speaks a lot!

Yesterday visited En En in Alor Setar with my PIL. I just came back from Redang Island trip on Friday night, a real excited experience trip and was getting abit of sunburnt skin. Thank God En En still can recognise me.... hehe...
En En was looking for daddy when she saw all of us suddenly shown up at my mother's house in Alor Setar. She realised that "Ah Kong" (grandpa), "Ah Mah"(grandma) and mummy is here but she still searching and looking around us for her daddy as she keeps on saying "papa", "papa". Daddy was on his way to US yesterday, dropped him at the airport yesterday morning before we headed to Alor Setar.
We only can told En En that daddy was away for work. She's growing taller abit since last week when I first let her stay with "po po" (my mother). We teaches En En to call daddy's father and mother as "Ah Kong" & "Ah Mah"; mummy's father and mother as "Gong Gong" & "Po Po" (in mandarin). So,she's very fast in recognising everyone of us.
We was surprised that she knows how to pronouced a lot of words now. She held her little ball and shown to us saying "ball"; pointed to the banana pictures and said either "na-na" or "ba-na"! Haha... very cute. She's able to call "po po" but very softly. MIL told me before this En En did quarrel with her! That was when En En was trying to use her little finger to touch the TV, MIL beated her hand softly and said cannot play that. En En sat back on floor, never cry but shouted back (no one understand what she's talking about) her grandma fiercely too... haha! Everyone felt so funny about her reaction and suddenly all laughed. En En also turned out to be laughing together too. Well, she is just too cheeky. Even when she's on pacifier, she will take out the pacifier and talks what she wants to talk though sometimes it's just to shout at us. After that she will put back her pacifier into her mouth again.
Before we left late afternoon, I was packing my bag as I was bringing back some magazines and En En observed what I was doing. Suddenly she became so clingy on me and refused to get down from my body. We guessed that she knew we were leaving soon and it's true that she knew about our leaving. Not because she wants to go back Penang but she wants to follow for "kai-kai"!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Photos of my Little Princess

Sometimes I feel so nervous about not having enouugh time to arrange and choose En En's hundreds... I think maybe thousands photos since birth. She a camera-baby and know how to pose when just 1 month old. Really feel like posting all her photos in my blog and yet I still never really sit down quietly to resize the photos. I think there are 80% of the collection are at least 1MB size.
Wonder whether there is any camera can auto-resize the photo after the shot? I'm not that IT savvy person even I'm in IT line, perhaps interest not there. Hehehe... My dad will knock my head if he know this since he was supporting my course fees. So, lesson learn: Choose a field that you really have passion in, if don't know find out or else don't simply further study.
Back to the topic, I think I really have to spend time to resize En En photos. She's very cute in there and I did upload some in I wish I could do book scrapping but I know I can't coz I'm not so patient and time is not always at my side. Maybe I'm too greedy as everything that I see I also wish I can do this or that. Let's just settle and polish up whatever I'm doing now and maybe improve or learn up bit by bit from time to time. I believe in learning has no age boundaries.
Well, got to do last check on my baggage as am leaving at 10pm later for a company trip in Redang island. Sure will come back with lots of photos again... hai... more and more now....

Monday, April 9, 2007

Me, finally visited Borders

Reading is my hobby and I can spend the whole day in bookstore without tired look, but instead look afresh! Last Friday I finally able to spent almost 2 hours alone quietly in Borders at Queensbay. Being wondering outside Borders for a few times but that time was not really not my own time to browse books, thinking of my En En at the priority. I guess the same goes to every mummies out there.
I thought I was in a library and kinda like the environment, silent and peace, a great place for bookworms. I never let go any chances to read and explore new book, right now looking more for parenting books, toddler and children book, not forgetting health and nutrition and inspiration topic. I think probably one day is not enough for me as I just love to read from here and there... cooking also been influenced by MIL, but one thing never go out of date from my list is health magazines. Lately updated list is parenting magazines.... Gosh... really need to squeeze time for reading, I mean some "me" time. Been neglected for so long since having my little princess around.
Bought 4 books: Dinasaur Encyclopedia for hubby, Yoga and Pilates for myself and guess what both are very thick book but only RM19.90.... very worth! Got one for baby and one indian cooking recipe book (yummy, yummy!)I think I like Borders, will bring hubby again next time as he never been here too!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Real Life Hyperactive Kid - Part I

Never really come across a real hyperactive children. Today, I finally have a new student who is real active one. Not sure whether he's hyper- or not coz uncertain on the medical terminology about hyperactive.
He is almost 6 years old, today is the first day for lesson. Before we started, I noticed this little boy is moving here and there non-stop even when talking with the parent who are sitting. The way he carry himself really remind me of my little En En. Hmmm.... I wonder my little princess can grow up like this active boy? If this is true I believe everyone taking care of her will be extremely exhausted.
The parent and grandma of Andrew was with him for his first lesson and they even informed me that it will be a great challenge to teach this child. Maybe first day he behaved quite alright but I know there are more to come later.
It's not easy to get further explaination on Hyperactive symptoms online, as I would said it's limited or I'm not good enough at searching??!! Found some definition of Hyperactive - Attention-Deficit-Disorder-Hyperactivity (ADDH)in year 1980 by american Psychiatric Association. Hyperactive chilren are significantly more reactive to environmental stimulation. Wow... sounds very scary as many children also reactive to environemntal stimulation... well, I think I should do some study on this topic as I also read about boys are in higher tendency to become hyperactive than girls from a research. Really need to get some information from my younger sis who intended to do her child physcology study in near future.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Difficult baby.... & new learning milestone

En En is recovering from sore throat and we are having a real difficult time in feeding her these few days. This baby is hard to please and always want to go kai-kai whenever she feels fuss. She will turn away when refuse to eat and we have to use various toys to attract her so that she will be able to finish the meal. I know it's a bad habit but that's the only solution that works so far. Or bring her out from the house to take a walk. She even started to say "dai-dai" 2 months back.
Yesterday was the most terrible day till I was so tired to record what had happened. Basically it's a bad day for En En as she screamed, yelled, frustrated, crankier more than ever! The whole day without milk intake and feeding time was like a war. I feed her milk until myself also feel "geram"!!! But still have to force myself to be PATIENT. Sometimes she can be very cheeky, she will pretend coughing non-stop even there's no liquid been offer into her mouth!
Right now, it's impossible to let En En sit in her walker and highchair as she will cross her legs or open wide enough so that we are unable to put her in, the whole day she was like a glue to MIL, refuse to crawl or sit but wants to be held. Maybe because she not feeling well, so let her "manja"a bit. Haiyo.... why suddenly becomes so sticky?
Today, she also tried to be the glue on my body but after I hug her, she crawled away quickly to play on her own (not long, only 5-10 minutes). Today I discovered that her right front tooth already sprouting out and she still used to bite the glass table, plastic pail, remote control and whatever toys that are more solid and firm. I think it could be the painful feeling that made En En refuse to suck from bottle.
Today as well, En En already know where are the eyes, nose, mouth and ear. New tactics!! She will use her pointer (2nd) finger to point at someone, something and so on. This little act is very cute as most the time, she will point to the door to tell us that she wants to go out; points to daddy, grandma and grandpa with her little finger.
En En loves to play with my hair, in fact she loves to pull! She will be laughing non-stop if I continue to play with her, yes with my hair! What a cheeky & playful baby!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Baby In Carseat, Finally!

Yesterday was an adventurous day for En En, first time ever sitting in the car seat and she seems happy. She was going "kai kai" with mummy - to the clinic. She refuses to take water and reduce milk intake for the past few days and nobody can tell what's wrong with her. So, since yesterday was a public holiday mummy decided to try out the car seat with En En. After diagnosed, she's having a mild throat infection, all red throat but still able to screams and yells. That's why nobody suspect she's sick... a real stubborn egg!!
Brought her to visit doctor around 10am, distance is just 10 minutes away from home. Her eyes glued to the outside world of the car as the car seat is placed besides driver seat, at the front! Yahoo... guess she must be waiting for this day for too long, a wide and nice view from the car! To my surprise En En never fuss, never make noise when I striped on the safety belt on her. Normally she will refuse people to "tie" her up at one place, for example: her walker and highchair.
After lunch we went to do some groceries shopping with En En too. Second time, putting her in the car seat. Still no problem and she even never sleep though both eyes already red and supposed to be sleepy with the medicine given by doctor (who claim that the medicine will make her sleep). En En gave us sleepy look, but her eyes just wouldn't want to close... perhaps the world outside the car is more attractive, she wants to enjoy the new discovery first.
Traffic was heavy during noon time and it was raining. En En found that it;s boring since the car moved very slow and in one and firty five minutes, she started to show uneasiness in her car seat. Well, doctor advised to avoid her from screaming too much as this will further hurt her throat so once she started to make noise, MIL already got her to the back seat with daddy. So, everyone was pleased with En En patient this time since it's the first time she's in the car seat. Should give her credits!
Well, mummy is way too busy to paln for what toys and books that should be kept in the car as ned to train her to sit and sleep in the car seat too. Of course it will take time and feel great coz everyone in the family is supporting the idea of trainig En En to stay longer in the car seat.