Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Received Good News!

Got 2 sms from last weekend:

First one from Bryan's mama on 19 July, Brandon Lim had greeted the world!!!

Second one from Chanel on 20 July, Ariel Lim (loves the name) had an early peek to the wonderful world too!!!

Congratulation to both!

Knitting Nightmare

when you realized you need to undo everything...

I'm a Pooh Fan!

Just look at my collections... I have the plush toys... hmm... maybe mummy can help me to collect all Pooh's friends together one day so that I can play with them in Hundred Acre Woods. I love the Pooh's bear story books (yeah... mummy is broke buying so many story books about Winnie the Pooh & friends from times to times) and I learned alot of new vocabs from the stories.

And the magnets too... those are my toys...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Confinement Lady or Confinement Center?

Seriously I really need advise on what is the biggest difference between staying at confinement center over having a persoanl confinement lady at home?

Alright, the most I heard is confinement center is not supportive over breastfeeding. True?I guess that's the biggest worry for moms who is planning to breastfeed the baby. Secondly, it's not as comfortable as staying at home, right? But as for my case, it will be a problem to get a CL to stay with us as the house already so crowded... I'm staying with in-laws, BIL and coming soon another Indon maid. Well, I guess it is a luxury to have a persoanl CL at home but it seems abit impossible and I'm reluctant to stay in confinement center due to rumours like "you won't get 100% nutritious soup or diluted red dates drinks as the center caters for so many mothers" or "mother will be advised to leave baby at nursery for care"... and so on. Is this true? Any mummies stay in confinement center before??? Mind to share with me your experience?

My only concern is to breastfeed (in a relax place)... that's my highest priority. In fact, I don't really hope to stay at home with in-laws as too many "advises" from previous experience that caused me had terrible stress and thus failure in breastfeeding!!! Initially I plan to get a CL in my hometown and spend 1 month there but there will be some business going on in my family and therefore the plan is cancelled. I really feel miserable over this and don't intend to get the CL to stay in my in-law place... looks like confinement center will be my next alternative.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Went for a routine checkup at Adventist Hospital last Monday but only manage to record it today. Don't know why lately so lazy to blog... and sledom take pictures of En En too. I thought I will have plenty of time to capture my gal's photos more since staying home but it's the opposite.

Baby No.2 now is 24 weeks old... and it's a BOY!!!

Mummy's weight: 72.10kg
Baby's weight : 730g (mummy is carrying most of the extra weight...)

Gynea claimed that baby is growing well, just too active and it's difficult to get a good picture from the scan. He's moving so much througout the whole scanning process. Boys are like that?? Besides, am having Braxton Hicks contraction according to gynea as there are a few times the belly felt harden but luckily it's not regular. I thought this only affect in late pregnancy? So, it can be happened earlier too.

Mummy don't really restrict on junk food this time, just eat whatever the heart feels like... love the aroma of coffee eventhough I'm not a coffee person. I wonder whether baby will come out with darker skin???!!

Naughty Baby!

Mummy got so pissed off when En En is always against us.

1) Mummy asked En En to bath:

She says: "My hands pain pain, cannot get wet!" In fact, there's nothing wrong with her hands... or she will simply said: "Later... baby is watching movie!" *Arrgh...*

2) Mummy asked En En to collect her toys and keep in the box:

She quickly jump onto the sofa, sitting there and pointing to her legs saying: "Leg pain, no strength (jiao3 tong4 tong4, mei2 you3 li4 - in Mandarin) to do!"

3) Mummy asked En En to finish her milk as she will leave 1-2oz for every feed:

She says: "Ming2 tian1 he4! "(Drink tomorrow!!!)

4) Mummy asked En En to take her porridge or collect her dirty clothes from the floor:

She says: "Baby pao3 tiao4!" (Baby runs away!!!)

5) Mummy gives En En milk bottle:

She says: "Mummy cannot give! Ah Mah can!" *roll eyes* So picky one?

6) Mummy asks En En to greet Good Morning:

She says: "Mei3 you3 Good Morning!" (No Good morning!)

Is this part of Terrible Two phase??

Friday, July 11, 2008

Maidless for more than 1 month!

The new maid still don't know when will arrive... everyone in the family is playing their role in keeping the house clean and sharing the responsibilities among each other. But pity MIL as she will do all the cooking and most of the house cleaning job as there are some which I'm not able to help with the little one inside the belly. Furthermore, i need to ensure that I take serious precaution on household chores that I'm unable to carry out.

Since this 2 weeks MIL already hurt her foot and unable to climb upstairs so often. Well, finger cross that the new maid will arrive within this few days or otherwise, MIL's situation will be even worse. Feel bad that I can't really help much! On the other hands, I'm busy to wash En En's clothes everyday, sometimes only with hands when the clothes is not many; cook her porridge almost daily and work on any type of beverages or juices in order to encourage her to eat or drink more. Quite tiring if she refuse to take in enough fluid as she still has constipation. *Sigh* Iron clothes, clean the bedroom, sometimes help to wash to bathroom but definitely not scrubbing the floor as I can't squat for a longer period, not forgetting that I still work part time 3 day per week! Life is quite rush when it's my working day. It's not easy to be a SAHM as working in a house is a never ending task!

I realized my previous maid didn't really clean the cloth diaper throughly. No wonder her cloth diapers were still with some urine smell after collected from the clothesline. I'm worry about the new maid too as these modern cloth diaper needs extra care and wash I hope she will listen to me or else I'll have earlier out of shape of damage diapers. I hope that I can wash it on my own but with a newborn coming soon... I'm doubt whether I'm able to do so?

Sometimes I wonder whether we really need a maid? It's good to have a pair of helping hands but on the other hand we got to worry this and that. Very often we heard people complaining the electricity and water bill rise up so high after having a maid or numerous damaged household utensils after the maid "help" out,... and so on. But staying in such a big family which consists of elderly and young children, a maid is a bonus to have.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A sneak peek!

En En with second baby...

Baby is 24 weeks snuggling warmly inside mummy's belly...

Little Umbrella

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain...

Sometimes I wonder whether we really need to buy those expensive toys? They are more interested on what we have in the house...