Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wrestle Mania!

En En loves to watch wrestling show... trust me! She's just like her Ah Kong and daddy who can watch the show till forgot to eat and sleep! Mummy also know a few famous wrestler from the wrestling show such as WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and TNA after watching with them. :P

She used the king size bed as her wrestling ring and we surrounded the bed with bolsters and pillows. Her wrestle partners? Sure will be all her pooh bears and other plush toys. She was having a great time in the ring till she noticed that we were recording down her movements. The video clip is abit long but it's funny to look at her. She's such a cute little one and we hope she's not developing into another violent baby.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Pacifier

We bought any brand of the pacifier for En En and mainly last only for 1 week or 10 days. If mummy is not mistaken, En En had almost 8 pacifier since 4 months old (yes... mummy can't wait to wean you off coz you are too addicted!!!) excluding the one that she's having now.

Since she has teeth, this is what happen to those "shorter-life" paci...

The longer life span of pacifier in market... so far tested and it got to be Avent.

We tried not to give her pacifier and even gave her the spoilt one but she's still enjoying sucking while we are worrying that she might swallow the silicone which already torn. So, when we don't offer her she sucks her finger till like this. Any tips from mummies or daddies?

So, we ended up with


Friday, November 23, 2007

Tag: Max!

First time I received the many-in-1 tags, which is said to be very popular these days. Although there are 4 tags altogether, I think I already done 2. Luckily...

Shopping tips

Done this already.

5 Links To 5 Own Posts

Have done this too.

The Age I Wish To Go Back

**************Start copy***************

Instructions:Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?

It's got to be 18! The year I spent for practising Wushu in preparation for the SEA Games. It was such a fun experience to lived abroad only for more practise and learning from the expert China coaches. That whole year I only concentrated to practising and my daily routine was like eat, sleep, practise, rest and more practise! I even considered to become a professional wushu exponent and further my study about sports. Nevertheless, that was the year I had the fittest body and the best health!

The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:

Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.

Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid’s life.

L’abeille wish to go back to any year but never return to age 28.

Sweetpea wish to go back to, actually, just thinking about 17.Lovelymommy wishes to go back to age 21.

Laundryamah wishes to go back to the eve of my wedding day.

mommyof2angels wishes to be daddy's girl again.

Babybooned wishes to go back to the age of 18.

Slavemom wishes to go back to the age of 15, after the SRP exams.

Peridot&Sapphire wishes to go back to the age of 18.

Tag 5 on 5

That is to have 5 answers to all questions and tag another 5 person.

5 things in my room :
king-sized bed, built-in wardrobe, standing wooden clothes hanger, plush toys, lots of pillows and bolster in various sizes.

5 things I’ve always wanted to do :
get my hair permed, knit my own vest and bag, tour to Europe and Japan, sailing, vacation with female friends

5 things in my bag :wallet, tissue, lipstick (more than 4), handphone, glasses

5 things in my wallet :IC, driving license, credit card, money, cash & credit card receipt too

5 things I'm currently into : blogging, reading about global warming and going green, eating more potato chips and chocolate, knitting a smaller size wool soaker (but encountered mistake for 2nd time... got to undo again! arrghh...)

Now I'll be tagging this 5 wonderful ladies and I'm sure you won't need to do all 4 : (pretty pleeeease?)



Malaika's Mummy



These books caught my attention!

1) Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer

2) Green Parenting from a UK publisher

when I visited Borders this afternoon. Diaper Free? This is very interesting, I can imagine baby's bum exposed when crawling... very cute... haha! Green Parenting is a book covers all aspects living as a parent in raising your child which includes household item, clothing, food, toys... and many more but I don't have the time to flip through in details.

Browsed online and.... BINGO! I found Diaper Free & Green Parenting too! Another interesting one that I'm going to read will be Nappy Free Baby! This is the term - Elimination Communication that perhaps some parent nowadays still practise and definitely the method my parent used to potty trained us when disposable diapers was still in the invention period!

Have a green weekend!

Breastfeeding babies has lesser output?

Am referring to fully bf babies... especially calling mummies who has experience on one child was on formula milk and another was on breast milk (bm). Is there really a difference that formula feed babies are mostly heavywetter?? All I know is bf babies have very runny poo poo.

When I was trying so hard to get En En latched on the earlier days but noticed her wetting is so little. PIL and my parent were stressing me to give her formula and water. (Claimed that En En never get enough liquid) I was leaking that time and I don't think I have milk production problem. The problem is I didn't consistently bf her after introduced her the formula milk and I thought I could changed her back to the b**bies but it never susceed.

Since then, she's having big volume of output till we label her as one heavywetter baby. What about infant on bm vs toddler on bm? Are they still not any heavywetter? Please share with me your experience.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Immunization: Infant & Toddler

Mummy is not very responsible as mummy never wants to bother whether it's time to get En En for vaccination. I'm just so lousy, isn't it? All this while mummy just follow the immunization schedule in En En's pink book from the hospital she was borned and sorry to say up till today En En still never get her chicken pox vaccination yet.

Ok... ok... many mummies are wondering and asking why is it so... it's mummy's fault coz mummy think it's alright since En En never go to any day care center or mix around with other kids. So it's not really that bad if mummy delay the shot. One more thing is mummy thinks the more advanced that country the more weaken their natural immune system... so that's why they have so many types of vacccinations introduced. Mummy just don't know why having this weird mindset but it's actually true if compare children from India or Philipines (normally the developing countries) they are more strong even without proper or luxury medical aids and facilities. But when we turn to developed countries, it is where we found most children have higher risk of getting allergies, many more civilization diseases... this and that. Or maybe this is just merely mummy's thought?? Again it feels bad to see our little one suffer from fever, get cranky, moody and no appetite to eat after the jab! It just doesn't feel good :(

We do have very good medical facilities be it in private or government hospital. Mummy visited government hospital when preggie with En En because mummy had placenta previa according to gynea. But thank God En En was delivered full termed in a private hospital. After En En turned 6 months old, all her vaccinations were done at the government hospital.

Mummy just read up some immunizations articles from Baby Center and think there are some good reasons to get immuned rather than having that weird mindset to get jab!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cloth Diaper E-store

Clockwise from top: drybees light blue fleece pocket diaper, bum genius OS (onesize) pocket diaper, hemp OS fitted diaper, sherpa sized L fitted diaper & drybees OS bamboo fitted diaper.
In the middle: Bummis PUL diaper cover

I was really amazed in less than a year, there are so many e-stores that carry modern cloth diapers rooted in Malaysia. There is really a great demand from parents and we have 10 malaysian based cloth diaper e-stores located in north, south and east of Malaysia! Suddenly mummies turned to be WAHM and modern cloth diaper is really a Hot Cakes in Malaysia!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Tag: World Best Friend Week

Wen passed me this tag. I think this is a good one, thanks dear! So, better finish this homework or else i'll have the tendency to drag and delay tag post again.

Do you know the relationship between your 2 eyes? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together and sleep together. Even though they never see each other, friendship should be just like that! Life is like Hell without FRIENDS. Its ‘World Best Friend Week’. Send this to your best friends to let them know you appreciate them.

Your Love is Ur Heart,
Your heart is Ur Spouse,
Your spouse is Ur Future,
Your future is Ur Destiny,
Your destiny is Ur Ambition,
Your ambition is Ur Aspiration,
Your aspiration is Ur Motivation,
Your motivation is Ur Belief,
Your belief is Ur Peace,
Your peace is Ur Target,
Your target is Heaven,
Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS.
My dear blogger and non-blogger friends, this is for you too! Spread around this good sharing... have a nice day!

Tag: Proudest Moment

I received this tag from Healy & Paik Ling. Well, been lazy to do tag but better late than never, agree with Paik Ling.

Ever since with En En in my life, it's so colourful and grateful. Seeing that she is growing and learning everyday really made me a proud person. At least I can tell the world that there's someone call me "Ma~mie"!

I'm going to give this tag to:


Thursday, November 15, 2007

18 Months = 1.5 year old

It's hard to believe that my baby is 1.5 year old today! She grows taller and wiser (naughtier) everyday. En En is very good in reading people's facial expression... she knows when to behave and when to go crazy with us. She's also one emotional baby, she will shed tears when she sees a very sad incident from the TV or drama!

En En went for her measles & polio jab today and of course she screamed and cried!


Height : 81cm

Weight: 11kg

Teeth : This time mummy remember to record down, 8+4+4

Dietary Intake:

She still take oatmeal with meat or fruits in the morning. Alternate day will take 1 kampung (farm?) egg. Porridge for lunch and dinner. Love soups and fish.

She rejects totally on plain water and will compromise if the water has different colours other than tranparent colour. Milk intake about 6-7oz. Anyway, if we allow her to play the water using spoon in a cup then she will just open her mouth and swallow plain water that we feed her *roll eyes*

She is not keen on biscuit nowadays as she will play with the biscuit after a few bites.

Words that she master lately:

aarrlo - hello

aiyo , aiyo - ???

star - she's able to tell us "star" when she see the star in her book

ta4 ta4 - in mandarin means riding bicycle, guess she's referring to bicycle since Gong Gong just get her a new bicycle

bu1 yao4 - don't want in mandarin

yao4 - means want in mandarin

ge1 - means song in mandarin, she will says this when she wants us to play her the music VCD or when she saw someone's singing.

you3 - means got/have in mandarin

mei2 you3 - means no more/doesn't have in mandarin

So, right now we are able to communicate more with her as she already manage to express herself verbally.


1) En En is able to run and jump very steady now.

2) She is able to throw her plush toy up, not far away.

3) She is able to tell when she is hungry and will ask for "mum mum".

4) Interested in using the broom to sweep the floor and she's learning to use it happily.

5) Able to walk up and down from the staircase with the help of the staircase handle.

6) When we asked her where is the guitar, she will bring us the badminton racquet. Looks similiar yeah... LOL!

7) Able to recognise very quickly on different types of animals when we show her the animals picture such as bird, cat, bear, elephant, fish, lion, duck, zebra, tiger, deer, monkey, kangaroo,...

8) When we say exercise, En En will starts jumping and stretching her hands up and down.

9) Lately, love to watch The Sound of Music movie especially loves to watch the children running, playing and singing. She understands funny scene as she will laugh out loud for it.

10) Last but not least, she weaned herself off from bouncer and able to sleep on her own when she gets quiet for a few minutes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Goodbye to Bouncer

En En was introduced to bouncer when she was very young. She get used to people to swing her into dreamland. Sometimes we got to swing the bouncer for 30-60 minutes in order to make her sleep! We can't wait to wean her off her attachement to the bouncer for her sleep and nap. That's the reason why she can't leave the house or go vacation with us since we have to carry the bouncer along. The bouncer we have is very big and En En still fit in when she is 15 months old. It is a partly custom-made bouncer and was passed down from SIL who used it for her 2 daughters.

Unfortunately, once En En grows taller the bouncer become so uncomfortable to sleep in. En En loves to jump instead of sleep on the bouncer if she has something to hold besides the bouncer. *roll eyes*

Lately, she refused to sleep in the bouncer and we are happy that she, in fact is able to sleep on her own without anyone rocking, swinging, singing or story-telling to her! She weaned herself off and we are so proud of her. So, big girl solve her own matters!



Monday, November 12, 2007

Conflicting mind towards paid post

Bloggers nowadays write paid post. I also wish to write on products review and get paid by the company. This is the norm today and everyone is so happy that they earn from blogging, I put it in simple words: Earn money while doing things that like you like such as blogging. So simple? Yes, sounds so tempted and easy, I'll have to admit writing paid post is a new way to get some pocket money. Yes, I'm tempted so sweet talk me into writing ppp... :P

My initial intention to have a blog is to keep my journal and to be frank, I do have a diary when I was a teenager. I just found 2 of my diaries from home and reading back what I wrote is so much fun and interesting. I stopped to write on diary when I further my study in college and university. Then, I was amazed with a blog's capabilities and that's why I start to write blog so that I can keep the memory in words or pictures. (Well, I'm quite a forgetful person, you know...)

There are a few things that I worry if I ever start to write paid post: spam and many other hidden technical issues which I don't know or clueless with. I wish to keep my blog as clean as possible like now (I think it's impossible once the traffic is getting heavy). All the expert bloggers out there, please share with me how do you overcome the spam problem and your most terrible experience with paid post?

To be frank, I quite like the way Mybabybay, Shoppingmum and GiddyTiger present their paid post in a new site. That's means more blogs to handle *fainted*

Are You Right or Left Brained?

You Are 35% Left Brained, 65% Right Brained
The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.
The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

I saw this little quiz from GBay. I guess this quiz was around longtime but I never knew it until I saw it today after reading the posts in GBay. It's quite fun to learn that I belongs to Right-Brained group. In other words, I think I chose the wrong field to study.

Try it out if you never play this quiz before.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lost & Found!

Yippee... yes, the 3-diamonds pendant was found! Not in the house but in the bank's safe. MIL and DH never gave up and tried their luck to search through most suspicious places. Since when I kept in the safe? I really have no idea and I got my lesson in a real terrible way.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm so into these....

You know what I mean... and I read this,

and these...

and finally I proudly annouce that I CAN KNIT!!! Even still slow... LOL

I just realized this is another way to lose weight... Paik Ling, you got me?? Keep your hands BUSY!!!

Baby Doggie Bagpack

This is a free gift from daddy. We all know that En En loves dog. Daddy won it from the arcade games from a shopping mall. Yeah... daddy is still a big kid and what mummy interested is En En's reaction when she saw the doggie bag. She was screaming out loud!!!

Look at this little girl. She was so happy and busy checking on the dog. Too bad her passion for the doggie bag only last for 2 days and she still prefer her little Pooh bear for all times. Guess this doggie back pack has nothing to attract En En as it can't move or bark!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Blogging Wish

I received this from Ginie & Chiew Lee. Thank you so much for sharing & spreading out the joy of blogging. I believe every bloggers deserve to receive this. It's the moment we cheerish with each other every now and then in blogsphere. We learn and share together and we meet new friends everyday! Life is much more wonderful with all of you around.
So, I'm passing this to everyone that drop by to my blog and dear bloggers, blog till you drop!!! :)

I lost my diamond pendant

It's a 3-diamonds pendant! Not really big diomands but got sentimental value. It disappeared together with my white gold necklace which I bought on my own! I was searching it high and low since... before En En was borned. Well, being a forgetful person (and not so well in organising stuff compare to daddy) , for most of the things that got missing they are hardly to find back. I'm miserable, and wonder where did I put them?

Last night I did a mini spring clean in the bedroom and even clean all the cabinets and drawers, still no miracle... but I found 200 bucks in my jewelry box. See, this is me! Last time I found some 50 bucks from books as bookmark which I already forgotten when I slided them in between the pages. Basically for my case, when I'm really looking for that item in a rush or panic situation, I couldn't find any. Mostly I can found back accidentally. I feel bad about losing this 3-diamonds pendant since 2 years ago and I started to suspect this one might be a real missing.

I guess it's really gone missing now. Daddy was very upset about this, the 3-diamonds pendant is a gift from him. I feel so bad too as being a "tai tou har" (means forgetful)... feel so sorry to him as I failed to keep my precious stone. The sad (and surprised) part daddy said is we haven't take a picture on the pendant to keep for memory.

Mission No.1: Mummy got to learn to be more organized from daddy
Mission No.2: Snap pictures of whatever precious pieces that we have for keepsake!
Mission No.3: Might do scrapbook on them too...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

When En En is away in Alor Setar...

En En currently staying with po po (mummy's mom) for 1 week already. We will bring her back this coming weekend.

So, basically, when En En is away from Alor Setar, mummy:
- Wash clothes
- Iron clothes
- Clean the toilet
- Wash dishes everyday
- Wash car
- Mop the floor
- Clean the furniture
- Do some cooking

Basically become a temporarily maid at home because kakak followed En En to Alor Setar. En En is really the little princess that need both sides' grandma to pay full attention for her. Thereofre, must get kakak to take over those normal household chores.

On top of that, mummy got some time to read on cooking & yoga books, do knitting (yes, more knitting for practise), scrapbooking which had been abadon for months! Yay....!!! Who said mummy will be free when baby is not around??

En En in handknitted wool diaper cover

Cheeky En En in handknitted wool diaper cover!

Mummy snapped this pic right after En En woke up one morning before mummy changed her from her pyjamas. Well, ok mummy just pulled off her pants and ta-daa... the blue knitted soaker was shown!

Mummy never wear En En in wool cover during daytime but probably if the room is 24 hours with air-con still on, it's alright and don't think it is hot. Wool in fact is very breathable and it treated with lanolin is water resistant, air permeable, and slightly antibacterial, so it resists the buildup of odor.