Saturday, April 18, 2009

Going to be 6 months ...

So happy that am able to breastfeed baby Z till six months!!! Woohoo... well, when tomorrow arrive then this is the moment!

However, officially given semi-solid to him on 14th April, 5 days before he turns six months old. He's very active nowadays as he turns and twisted continuosly when lay down on bed; "walking" and bouncing in the walker when he's not sleeping. Very busy wondering and exploring around the house or outside the house. Guess he still prefer the taste of breast milk in his rice cereal though...

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Butter Rhyme


Betty Botter bought some butter

But, she said, the butter's bitter,

If I put it in my batter,

It will make my batter bitter,

But a bit of better butter

That would make my batter better.

So, she bought a bit of better butter,

Better than her bitter butter,

And she put it in her batter,

And the batter is not bitter.

So, 'twas better Betty Botter

Bought a bit of better butter.

This is En En's favourite rhyme that must read out loud by mummy. Why? Coz mummy got tongue-twisted when read it faster. (Try it, you can come out with an Indian slang too) So, En En laughed out loud!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Red One

En En said: " Mummy, I want to wear bra!!!"
What is mummy making for her? Definitely not a bra...

Started solid at 5 months old!

Never expect this to happen before baby Z is 6 months old but... who knows... when mummy was busy paying attention to En En, Ah Mah and Po Po couldn't wait any longer to feed this little playful boy.

Baby Z reacted very fast when someone is feeding him and he will scream in order to request more! Is it true breastfed babies are always hungry and not feeling full???

So far, we had given him sieved porridge (from Jie Jie's), banana, orange, honeydew, biscuit dipped in MILO (alamak!) ,... a lot yeah... but not everyday. Mummy will only start daily to include in his diet once he passes 19th this month.
Well, to be exact, he started his first taste of solid or semi-solid 2 weeks before 5 months old!

Friday, April 3, 2009


En En said:" The yellow colour (cup) is Jie Jie, small blue colour (cup) is Di Di and the big blue one is mummy!!!
Then, she will sing:" Fly it away..." (a tune from Tweety bird's cartoon) after her bath at Po Po's home when we went back for 3 weeks holiday.