Monday, July 30, 2007

Truely Blessed

My one month leaves is going to end soon. Oh yes, it's unpaid... don't feel so great that I'm having a whole month leave. But I do have the chance to try out as being a SAHM which I will be too busy, busier than working outside. Moreover without income, I think I can't really become a SAHM, thought it was fun to have more time spend with En En and in fact it is so true until she's so clingy to me now. The proudest thing I obtain from my leave!
The major reason I'm on leave is to prepare for my music exam. I'm grateful that I have understanding boss who can let me go for 1 month and resume work after that, supportive hubby (of course mentally & financially), and most of all and all time PIL. PIL help me to look after our little princess when I'm away for my practise and other tasks, even when I was working. This will still be the same after I go back to work next week, I really owe them much. I really have to thank them with all my life getting close to them as much as I can. I think I am lucky since I have so many people around me that supported me on anything I do, be it directly or indirectly. I am truely blessed!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Talented Music Student

Well, this is not my En En but I do hope she will be one of them, I mean enjoying activities that she participate.
I was helping another music teacher to teach her student as she was sick today. I replaced her for 2 lessons, hence 2 different students aged 3 and 5. OMG! Imagine that 3 years old one... well, merely can't teach anything as he's way too talkative and not to mention he's still learning ABC. So it was abit like music play class in nursery. He speaks good Mandarin, even he's from German-Chinese parentage, a very cute and gorgeous child.
The one that I considered as talented is the 5 year old chinese girl - Alycia. I was surprised that she pick up very fast in the lesson, understand very well even I just spoke to her once, speaks very fluent English with slang. She made me wonder whether she's studying in International School? I was even suprised that she learns violin, ballet, attending drawing class and was told by her mum that she wants to join as much activities as she can and in fact enjoying every classes. I would say this is quite a rare case as most of the children nowadays are forced to attend music class, to join a lot more of extra-curriculum and I even saw a few music students (luckily not mine) crying in and crying out from the music room and parent have to watch them outside the class! I was thinking the child must have no interest in music otherwise, it shouldn't be so difficult for everyone.
I remember during my time, I was looking forward for my music lesson, my parent nevre encourage, never discourage... it's all up to me. I still believe music is for enjoying and fun. If one doesn't feel so, better don't force to learn. So, back to that talented student, I believe it must be very costly to raise a child who enjoy so many activities that we have for young children nowadays. No doubt, she will be a very brilliant student with multiple talents.

Buying En En's clothes

Mummy and daddy brought En En to Gurney Plaza for a walk after dinner just now. En En afternoon nap was more than 2 hours, from 4.15pm till 7.00pm. We need to let her have some walking exercise to use up her energy so that she can sleep soundly and perhaps earlier tonight.

En En met little friends at the Kid's Corner at Popular Bookstore. Too bad she's afraid of the older children running around and refused to walk. After wondering around the bookstore, mummy decided to go to Parkson (coz got Sales) to find whether can get any treasure for En En's wardrobe. No, En En doesn't have her own wardrobe and her clothes are still nicely fold and sitting in the cane basket since she was borned.

Mummy still looked around at brand like Annakku, Pigeon, Kiko since they were mummy's favourite. Thinking to get En En some bodysuit, but they are just too short for her. Mummy told daddy, "See, your daughter so tall untill size 12 months also cannot fit her." Daddy was stunned for a while then replied, " Hello mummy, your daughter already past 14 months lorr, you still dreaming...?" Opps! Mummy always thought En En is still a baby, hence can't really adapt to toddler's brand. Blur blur mummy...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Progress on En En's Condition - Part 3

After taking the chinese herb medicine for 1 week now, En En able to accept back solid food now and drink 6oz of milk after 2 and a half hour since her last meal. Everyone in the family is delighted and glad on En En's improvement. We are quite amazed because after 2 days taken the medicine, En En was having back half of her porridge with 1 bowl (yes, the bowl that adult take for soup) of soup. She started to accept back porridge with lots of soup then we gradually reduce the soup and up the volume of solid. So far, she is doing fine and I can say she already back to hre normal meal portaion but with better appetite now. Why better? Becuase she is giving signs that she wants to be fed! We are more glad to offer her as much as she wants...

A little update:

My active and cheerful little girl is back! So happy since no need to worry that she refuse to eat again. What a relieve! Mummy able to observe a few new words from En En recently:

- "Kay" - means OK
- "Kor Kor" or "Ke Ke" - means older brother

Another confirmation is En En understand everthing about our conversation and the meaning of them all. She may talk to us in baby talk but when we instructed her or tell her to do or not to do something even we never demonstrate to her yet, she already got what it means. One thing that never change is her bad-temper, which is even worse than before. She is unable to wait for anyone longer so we got to change her the last among all family members if all of us are preparing for an outing activity. Otherwise, she will scream and make noise in order to get out from the house faster. When we go shopping, she will demand us to push her in trolley of stroller non-stop by telling you "Go" or else she will make noise. Just imagine how to shop with her??

Next, Mummy is going to ask again what shall we offer for our little girl in order to further maintain her appetite and any solutions for the long term care of her digestive system. Then, it's time to schedule for En En vaccination. She's way too overdue for at least 3 types of jabs - MMR, Chickenpox and Hepatitis A. Wonder whether can do All In One??

Monday, July 16, 2007

14 Months Old

En En is 14 months old now... time flies and if Mummy never take leaves sure will miss out so many interesting moments with En En at home. Too many... really alot of capabilities En En developed and mastered after her first birthday.

Vital Stat:
Weight: 9.4kg (was 9.9kg 2 weeks ago)
Height : 76cm

Every 3 hours for 5oz - 6oz milk. Since 3 weeks ago, En En refused solid food - no porridge, no oatmeal, just plain milk or milk mix with cereal.
Interested on fish crackers and Jacob's type biscuits with crunchy sound! No-no for baby biscuit now.
Love ice-cream, will come close to anyone with ice-cream with cone.
She already started to demand for tasty food.

Favourite fruits: Still Pear, banana, apple

Prefer taste: Salty (even we never add salt), sour. Sweet is a no no for her.

Prefer medicine type: "East" more than "West" (yup, she just love chinese herb medicine, don't ask me why)

Overall Development
1) Both hand and leg twisting
En En will twist her left hand and left feet together when we asked her to dance. The turning is so parallel till you can't believe she is able to control them so well.

2) Walking tall
She walks very steady now but still got that ducky look... very cute!Prefer to walk on her own now rather than staying in stroller.

3) Put on pants with our help
Tested her before we went out just now to change new pants. Mummy just offer hands that holding her pants down while En En grabbed my hands with hers, moved up her left leg and put in the left opening of the pants and the same for the right side even Mummy got to remind her to place her leg up first. Great achievement for En En!

4) Give French Kiss when ask her to say good bye
En En definitely will give anyone french kiss with her palm facing the mouth and with "muah, muah" sound! Then follow with a soft "ba-ei".

5)Avoid us when feeding
She will think of so many ways to avoid been fed with spoon. First, she will turns her face the the opposite of ours, then she will put her hands on her cheeks, her forehead and the cranky look so that we can't feed her.

6) Understand whatever we talked
En En pick up quite fast and whatever we talk about, especially related to her she will perform again in front of everyone.

7) Make funny face and wink wink
En En is capable to do lots of facial expressions. Latest is wink to us when she's playing or whenever she thinks she just want to have fun.

8) Understand open and close the drawer
En En will loves to show you how to close the drawer without hurting her little fingers. And yes to En En learned from hurting her fingers a few times.

9) Words she is able to pronounce and understand the meaning
ma mee – mummy (very clear now)
pear - pear
ga ga - duck
up – up, she says this when she wants to get someone to assist her to get up from sitting or lying

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Progress on En En's Condition - Part 2

After much trial and attempt to feed En En any solid food, still no improvement. Finished the medicine but we still wonder why she's not having any appetite. After discussion with SIL, PIL and daddy, we decided to bring En En to see chinese sinseh at Eu Yan Sang. I personally think when doc or paed concluded that the child is alright but my instinct still tell me it's not alright, I will go for chinese sinseh for another throughout check. I shall say it's my ultimate choice for second opinion. Of course when I decided to go for chinese sinseh I already prepared that her condition is not as simple as take medicine then can recover by itself. Normally it will take some longer period to totally get rid of whatever symptom or diseases that ones may have. This is the reason I trust on chinese sinseh's treatment, finding the root cause. So, what is those whatever? We have no idea until we let the sinseh check on En En.

We waited at the Eu Yan Sang building almost 1 hour, the chinese sinseh looks young but he gave us very detail explaination. He checked on En En throat and told us it's not yet fully recovered and the nose also been stuffed with running nose all the while. Huh? How come En En never got running nose which we can see from outside? The sinseh claimed that if we are able to see the running nose, that's a mild case. Running nose that stuff inside is the worst case! No wonder En En sometimes will vomit out some sticky phlegm eventhough she's not having flu, that's the running nose that stuffed inside. The sinseh even asked us who is the one who have sensitive nose because En En's case is inherited from either daddy or mummy. Obviously, it's from daddy since daddy also got stuffing nose all the while and the other way to confirm this (the sinseh taught us) is by using a light (small torch light, perhaps)to view inside the nostril. Normal nostril should looks like a nice 'longkang' (the drain) without any bumpy or flatten area. En En and daddy both have either bumpy or flatten area inside the nostril. This condition is link very much to the throat and therefore both of them some times may encounter breathing difficulty (this explain why En En likes to poke her nostril most of the time) or breathing with loud noise (daddy's one). En En's throat will need longer time to recover. In that case, if En En has sore throat and fever it will be like a cycle. Meaning once she's recover from having medicine, after some times she will have it back again. This one I got to agree coz it is true for En En case. As for kids with such body characteristic is not advisable to take soy milk coz it will make the case worsen!

Another interesting part is these are not the root cause yet... the root cause is from the liver. They both are easily to become heaty and hot, restless plus bad temper. En En is borned with such condition and the sinseh told us if given threatment when young can totally get rid but for daddy case, it's not that easy already. Wah!!! Really alot of knowledge here... I guess the chinese sinseh help us to reveal most of the questions that we were having or seldom pay attention to. I'm not praising anyone but I do believe chinese medical is a good alternative. At least I know more about my girl's problem or symptoms now.

En En needs to take chinese herb to cure her symptoms and luckily she never rejects chinese herb coz Mummy still give her "Jing Fong San" (in mandarin, a type of chinese herb supplement for babies and toddlers) even till today. we will need to monitor her from time to time especially the diet and lifestyle as people like them is not advisable to become night owl.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Scrapbooking Crop Session

One sample that I used inked paper edges, stamping and flower punch for this layout.
This is a back dated post. I joined a scrapbooking crop session somewhere last week and it is the only crop session for this month. It is basically a small gathering & sharing moments among scrappers and we did have a few interesting conversations and a cup of tea.
In Western country, scrappers will take turn to organise this crop session among themselves. Of course we got to bring our own supplies along. During these few hours, we shared ideas and inspirations, we can use freely on the cool tools like stamp, foam stamps with paint, flower and shaped punches, different types of ink and so on. It is a good way to experience with the usage of scrapbooking tools. There are lots of endless creativity from everyone using the same tools.
In Malaysia, scrapbooking is not trendy yet but this crop sessions is very popular among scrappers outside of our country.

One Exhausted Day

En En's "brand" smile!

For En En, not me. We went to Queensbay Mall yesterday afternoon with Gong Gong and Po Po who came to visit us from Alor Setar. It was a hot day and we decided to visit the mall and this is the first time visit for my parent and En En.
We didn't bring En En's stroller and we agreed to take turn carry her. To our surprise, En En was very excited to the new place and refused to be carried. She prefers to walk and walk. When came across some few steps stairs, En En can't wait to stepped up and down from the stairs and refused to go anywhere. We had to carry her away from the stairs and of course, she screamed like hell! Like usual, En En prefers to watch other kids on what they are doing and even will follow them on where they go. So, we must keep an eye on her very closely. We can see her signature smiles and laugh throughout the trip... she's really happy.
On our way back home late afternoon, En En's tired face shown but she was still not sleeping. She slept for about 2 hours and woke up at 7pm! Well, we hope that she will soon be tired too coz daddy decided to go Gurney Plaza. Once she's tired then she will be able to go to bed early... yeah, a very wishful thinking. Then, off we went. By the way, En En was on milk for the whole day, no even single solid food for her.
It's been a long time that I wish to bring En En to Popular Books Store. Finally, En En was there last night, she's so happy and thrill with all the books and cartoons books around her. It's the young kids corner section, En En was walking up and down in there and busy of pointing here and there, laughing and talked so much to herself! She just loves Winnie the Pooh, at last mummy got her board books from the Disney's series of Winnie the Pooh & Friends. En En showed off her board books in a small casing with handle to her Ah Mah when reached home. We all thought she will be very tired by then and should be able to go to bed early. Guess what... En En only went to bed at 12a.m. (over stimulated??!!) and this time it's really One Exhausted Day for mummy too.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Progress on En En's Condition - Part 1

Yesterday we notices that En En still got no appetite and refuse to eat. I can see that she already dropping pounds and was so pity to see her not eating solid for so long now. Plus, discovered she got rashes around her genital area and faster brought her to see doctor at noon.

Checked her throat, it is improving and nearly recover; stomach checked - no wind as before. Doctor asked about her stool, well after taken medicine her stool becomes loose and sticky with very strong smell. Showed doctor her affected red genital area, doctor said it could be also due to infection from unhygience clearing of her stool that stayed on. Immediately I asked will it be diaper rash? Guess what the doctor answer me? "You tell me where diaper rash will appear? You said diaper, where does diaper cover?" "The buttock", I answered without thinking twice. "So, your daughter's condition is not on the buttock, get what I mean?" @%#$@^$# I wished I never ask that coz it made me feel so stupid! Grrrgh...!

Well, since En En's stool is too sticky and smelly (she never eat much solid food but only milk and we were wondering what cause the strong bad smell of her stool), doc considered that she has stomach upset that cause her her reduce appetite. Even so, the other side doc doesn't know is En En even reject the medicine as she avoided to take medicine until most of the time the medicine was pouring on the floor! Reason - En En will used her hands to grab our spoon and pushed awaywith all her strength! Poor girl, mummy feel sorry and heartbroken that you take so little food now and I'm still wondering whether to bring you for your following vaccination yet. En En never have any vaccination since 5 months old till now, am worry about her current condition because to me, she's weak now eventhough she's still active.

Mummy and everyone in the family hoping that you will recover real soon and in your tip-top healthy condition.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A Trip to the Park

En En went to the park on one fine day for a late afternoon walk. This is the first time En En went to the park and was so excited and delighted to see new environment and so many kids around playing in the park.

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You were not screaming or giving us any problem as you were attracked by the new place. We went to the children playground. Hoping that you will enjoy the slide and moving turtle (see pic). To our knowledge, you enjoy more by watching other kids to play. You were so silent to observe your surrounding and was so happy if you were walking on your own.

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Daddy and mummy only worried that you will get tired as that time was your nap time and you never walk for such a long distance before at home. Mummy was spo happy to see you walking around in the park as this is one of mummy's wish to bring you exploring the botanical park. Don't worry, as you build your stamina and strength, I'm sure we'll be back often.

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Excited En En with Jia Ying cousin

Movie Freak

Mummy and Daddy did a crazy thing on last Friday's afternoon. Oh yes, this is a backdated post. Because of a movie... yes, the long waited movie in this year - Transformers!!! So, we went for the movie in the afternoon while En En was staying at home with Ah Kong, Ah Mah, Gong Gong & Po Po who came all the way from Alor Setar to visit us.
Mummy think that this is really a crazy decision but still sneaked out for the movie with daddy who already can't wait any longer to watch it. In fact, so did mummy... Terrible parent, aren't we? But we did enjoy the movie so much, it's really cool. LOL! Hope En En will understand one day about those childhood memories of your parent.

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Truth Reveal... (reasons En En refuse solid food)

There are reasons behind why En En refuse to take solid food. Today, after much struggle and we don't see any improvements on En En solid food intake, mummy decided to bring En En to visit doctor. After checking her throat & tummy, En En was confirmed having sore throat and wind in the stomach. Oh dear... this marks the beginning of medicine days.

En En is still as active as before and she continue to be so talkative and screaming a few times in a day. We never suspect that she has sore throat as she never shows signs of anything. Yes, she still play as hard as before but only one thing different - she rejects water and other liquids and took in very little of them. The weather of these 2 weeks are extremely hot, this is the third time En En has sore throat. I'm just worry about her medicine intake because as she grows older, she just know how to avoid and yes we were having difficulty in feeding her the medicine until we have no choice but to force-feed her. Ah Mah grabbed her hands and made her opened the mouth and mummy will pour the medicine and water in the mouth quickly. Mummy think tomorrow will be doing the same thing.... gosh have to be bad guys for a few days now! I bet En En will hate us for a few days too.

A little highlight of the day:

We were chilling in a bakery house that serve drinks and ice-cream while waiting for En En's turn to see the doctor this afternoon. Mummy and Ah Mah ordered a big egg tart and ice mango drinks. Mummy was buying buns for En En to try. Our little girl was so excited as this is her first time visiting a bakery house. She keeps on pointing here and there especially on the price tag (the one that stand in from of those pies, tarts, pizzas bread and so on) Luckily En En never touch the items lining behind the price tag stand. She was wondering around the shelves and never wants to follow us even we were away from her. Mummy regretted not bringing camera to capture this cute moments therefore decided to blog it out. We let her tried on the mango juice and yes it's cold... we just can't stop laughing on this little fella's expression. Just imagine the reaction when you taste something sour, and yet she wanted more even she keeps on showing us that face. IT'S JUST SO FUNNY!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Picky or Fussy Eater?

Mummy really can't tell what's wrong with my En En who refused to take solid for almost 2 weeks now. Milk also takes lesser,you are not interested in any types of foods. We prolong your meal time to hope that you'll eat more but it didn't work as well. You seems like not hungry and didn't want any offer of food from us.
En En is not fever, no sore throat, bowel movement is alright but since lack of water you don't have "smooth journey" during your poo time. Your poo time and meal time all up side down... we lost track about it.
My girl used to finish the solid food in 15 minutes, now almost 1 hour and yet only half of the usual volume. You will avoid the spoon, avoid water no matter how hard we tried, you just sealed your mouth so tight. When you get angry, you will pull the spoon and throw it away or just a swap to push everything away from you and down to the floor.
Thought you will want to try other food instead of your usual porridge, so we made soft rice with delicious soup. You finished 75% of the soft rice with 1 bowl of soup during lunchtime and that also took around 1 hour with hardwork from Ah Mah. As for dinner, mummy prepared pasta with fish and soup while Ah Mah standby with the soft rice with soup again. You didn't even want to open your mouth for the first spoonful. Mummy tried for almost 20 minutes and you only took about 5 spoonful then shown us your frustrated face. Ah Mah came to feed you the porridge and you just hardly took another 8 spoonfuls before you started to protest to get away from us.
My dear daughter, what happen to you? Why suddenly you hate all the food? We are working so hard to change recipe everyday from your breakfast till dinner with all delicious food, why don't you appreciate the food? Could it due to teething??

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

En En Vocab Capability

Mummy was amazed on the words that En En is able to pronouce and understand nowadays. Lately, she's been saying "guu-gaa", "guu-gaa" but too bad no one can understand what's that mean.
When we take out the powder container or applying baby powder on her bum, her neck including after bath, she'll said "bai3-bai3" (in mandarin means 'white white'). It refers to the white talcum powder, so she pronouced and understood the word correctly.

Let's see what else she is saying lately:

'byee-bai' (with her palm and fingers grabbing inwards or shaking her hand) = bye bye
'ah-ple' = apple
'eh-fen = elephant
'woh-woh' = dog
'eh-eik' = dirty (normally she will peek in the potty or her soiled diaper when saying this)
'aii-ss' = light
'issh' = fish OR putting her finger in front of her mouth to ask us be quiet
'la-la' = one of the teletubbies plush toy given by her cousin

En En will talk or babble non-stop during her play or even when walking. It is very seldom that she can sit down quietly or not saying anything for 10 minutes. Mummy believes she will be a talkative girl later.
Is this the proof that girls are more faster in developing speaking skill than boys?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Tag: 8 random facts about myself

I was tagged by Malaika's Mummy. A big surprise coz I seldom get tagged... Anyway, I'm a very good person and I'll do my homework asap! So, the 8 random facts about me:

1) I'm not really that well-organized in personal life and can consider a messy person. Abit like Malaika's mummy coz hubby complains alot about this too. Hubby is totally my opposite.

2) I tend to forget to bring one or two items if I'm in a hurry and everyone is waiting. Thus, hubby always refers me as "Tai-Tou-Ha" (in cantonese, means forgetful person).

3) I am really obess about skincare and cosmetics BUT I do survey and research about the ingredients behind be it drugstore brands or department store brands and believe me, expensive doesn't mean it's good for your skin.

4) Because of No.3, I do not believe in going for facial or slimming center since they don't have magic power.

5) I never show my nervous and panic reaction on my face even I do feel so. I won't scream or shout even you place any weird insects or snake in front of me like most girls do. You'll only wonder why I do not have any expressions. In fact, I wonder why too... LOL!

6) I love nature and feel sympathy towards those helpless animals. DH and I are members of WWF (World Wildlife Federation).

7) I'm quite a sensible person coz you can always find me easily with tears in any scene that touches my heart be it in the cinema or at home.

8) I do have imagination like young children whereby I still love the Disney classic stories and will find opportunity to join the kids in doing art, music or any other childhood activities. I really enjoy it and don't know why.

So, that's my lists and now I should pass this to:

Miranda - hope you can squeeze time to do this
Jazzmint - not sure you did this yet?
Bryan's Mama - I think this should be your first tag, gotcha!
Vivian - think you haven't do this, right?
Sandra - feel like want to tag you