Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthday Cakes

In the morning @ office

In the evening @ home

Yes, today is our big girl's birthday! En En turns Six today!

She is so excited about her beautiful & colorful birthday cake and posed more for mummy to snap photos. Her school will be having a birthday party this Friday. There is another bigger birthday cake that she selected the design in the cake house last week. So many birthday cakes in a WEEK!!!

Happy Birthday, our little darling!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Where is Ah Kong?

Ah Kong went through 2 major operations last month, in coma-state the whole month. He started to gain a little conciousness this week... he is now in a nursing home nearby our house. En and Zheng never meet Ah Kong yet, all they know Ah Kong is sick and need to stay in hospital. Dare not let the kids to visit Ah Kong when he's still unconcious.

Hopefully Ah Kong will recover slowly and play with his grandchildren very soon.

Number 3??

Mummy: "En En, you want another little brother or sister?"

En En: "I want a little sister to play with me..."

Mummy: "If you have another sister or brother, who is number 3 in the family, you won't have chance to go to indoor playground or buying new toys as usual now."

En En: "Why not?"

Mummy: "Because we need to buy extra milk, clothes, food and also toys for number 3, so mummy and daddy's money will be used up."

En En: "Then no need to have number 3 already! Didi and myself is enough already..."

"Brain-washed" session end. LOL... She is so realistic...