Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lazy Bug with mummy...

Oh yes... lazy to blog lately. Lots of happening actually, we went to Genting Highlands at the end of November. One week later, En En following Po Po and Gong Gong back to Alor Setar and now in KL!!!

Mummy and Zheng stay in Penang with Daddy... this weekend Ah Mah, Ah Gong and Uncle Eric is in KL as well... visiting relatives and meeting En En there. So funny, all from Northern region but suddenly meeting up in KL.. LOL! Mummy and daddy not following as need to work. En En is having a Great Holidays this year.

During Christmas time, mummy wll bring Zheng back to Alor Setar and we, together with Gong Gong and Po Po will go somewhere north for vacation!

In fact, there are many things to blog especially milestones of the 2 kiddos... but never mind. Lazybug is here again... untill then...

Monday, November 22, 2010

We are going to cold place!

En En is excited because tomorrow we are going to a cold place... first time there for the kids. Hope the kids can go to bed early tonight as we will be leaving at 6am tomorrow... cross-fingered!

Mummy still need to do last minute packing though...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kids can't get enough of...

You bet it! Playing water and splashing it everywhere... Mummy gets very angry as when this happen, mummy will need to change the clothes and chase the kids out from the bathroom! Unfortunately, especially for Zheng, he will be forced to come out with mummy's yelling or a cane. Mummy just wish that this won't happen everyday as it is just as bad to turn the joyful moment in the bathroom into a terrible experience. En En is much easier to handle compare to Zheng as she is more understanding when we reason with her.

Zheng loves to play with water, of course and he can't stop washing hands whenever he's near to the sink. When it comes to brushing his teeth, a battle will happen because he refuses to brush his teeth nor let mummy to brush for him. He has very serious mouth hygiene due to the love for sweets. Sometimes he will hit himself when trying to avoid mummy brushing his teeth and bang his head on the bathroom's wall or the sink. To be exact, the bathroom is rather small for even two adults to go in. Therefore, if Zheng is trying to run or throwing tantrum in the bathroom, accidents may happen.

Talking about bathroom, mummy really hope we can have better bathrooms at downstairs and upstairs too. The bathroom downstairs doesn't have a seated toilet which will be good for a home with eldery people and children. There should be another additional water tap besides the toilet for convenience to all. The bathroom upstairs should have a bigger shower head especially for someone who has bigger body frame like daddy to bath happily. Mummy is wishing to have a full size bath tub... well, that's quite impossible with such a small bathroom.

Ever since we changed the traditional water tap to a modern water tap... there is really nothing much we can do to stop Zheng from playing water. He just need to push the lever handle aside, then water will be flowing out non-stop... this is also the time mummy will go for him with a cane in the hand. How come kids love to play with water so much?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sleep Accompanied...?

Finally En En slept back in mummy's and daddy's room with DiDi last night after more than 2 years plus! She was sleeping with Ah Mah when mummy was preggy with about 7 months old Zheng ( in tummy). After the little brother joined the family, she couldn't stand his crying and screaming and refuse to even sit besides the small baby (monster to her). Sibling rivalry as we assumed.

Last night was a great achievement as we told her Ah Mah is not feeling well and need to go hospital the next morning. At the beginning, she still insisted to sleep in Ah Mah's room then later she agreed to sleep back to mummys room with DiDi and daddy.

Well, guess it's a girl's thing (feeling) as En En was smiling happily when mummy stayed besides her and daddy was trying to make DiDi sleep. Everyone thought she will cry being separated from Ah Mah but she didn't. Sometimes it's just hard to tell what's on the mind of this little girl...

Let's see how it goes tonight...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ouch! En En had been biten by...

Been thinking to blog about this but these days are so not in the mood of blogging... Anyway, this is not something terrible but quite a funny "accident". The injured part is so tiny and yet En En was yelling like being whacked with a big cane. Can't even see it from the picture, isn't it?

She stopped crying after mummy gave her some pretty print plasters with tiger or zebra stripes, dotted cheetah  and cow prints. She was amazed with it and fall in love with them and requested to "put on" plasters to her wound even already recovered. 

It's more like a new fashion trend for her in that one week after she'd been biten by... you bet it! Her brother Zheng Zheng!!! Reason is she put her leg up onto her little brother's lap when they were watching "Cars". Zheng was quite annoyed when En En unconsciously raised her leg and put on Zheng's lap. Zheng pushed her leg away a few times and yet En still raised her leg up... So, what we can hear later is En's crying.

Poor En En with the plaster on her toe, she refused to bath initially. Later Ah Mah told her to put her leg up higher when bathing then only she agreed to get her bath. Well, she even unable to walk properly when the plaster was sticking and walk as normal when there's no plaster. Hmm... psychologically thinking?

Colours Rule!

The kids especially En En is very sensitive towards colours... well, most children love pretty colours. En En and Zheng can't get enough with colours stamping or they call it "chop" (on paper most of the time).

This is one of the creation they both created with a four colours stamp ink mummy bought from Popular bookstore some days ago...

1) En En's is more likely will stamp multiple colours on paper in row, one by one neatly while singing the "Red, yellow, blue, green" tune. Mummy think she learned from Mickey Mouse clubhouse about the tune.

2) Zheng will just follow whatever JieJie is doing or snatch whatever JieJie is playing. So, mummy gave him to try on stamping too and guess what? He's able to "chop" same colours on the one he stamped previously. More like grouping the same colours.

Mummy also love pretty colours too and En En was bugging mummy to make rainbow colours shirt for her. How mummy wish can sew because it will be much faster but never mind... mummy decided to knit one blouse for her according to her colours selection. The blouse is still work in progress...

The green-beige stripy shirt below is knitted as a birthday gift for Zheng. He needs to grow into it first before can wear it... LOL! Yeah, it's very huge on him currently.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We have a naughty toddler!

So, mummy think that Zheng is one naughty and pig-headed toddler before he even turned 2 years old. He has super bad temper with frequent violence on things and people too. Some call this "Terrible Two" phase and none of us in the family can live up with his tantrum.

Others are complaining Zheng is uable to speak properly or worse by throwing a question that sounds why he still can't speak at the age of 2?? Due to his undrainable energy all day long with non-stop actions (walking up and down, from front to back and so on...) and "difficulty" in concentrating even when we are talking to him, mummy really suspect that he is one ADHD child. It's just one-step before we bring him in for confirmation check-up. Therefore, mummy sourced in bookstore to read up about ADHD and children's psychology.

 Before mummy is able to read up from those books, mummy really can't cope with Zheng when he's throwing tantrum. Therefore, he's been caned almost everyday as he can just get angry over no particular reason or maybe just having bad mood... he will start his vandalism at home. Throwing things, hitting people (poor En En) , screaming, stomping feet, rolling on the floor with loud crying,.. you name it and things got bad when mummy is not in the good mood. Maybe our method is wrong but once he's out of control, everything around him will become dangerous weapons. He's really a scary little guy.

Mummy found some  helpful article in handling toddler tantrum from an interesting parenting blog which offers lots of tips and sharing. Thank goodness... and these are methods/tips to overcome a major tantrum (which always happen to Zheng everyday) at home:

Dealing with MAJOR tantrums (taken from Childhood101)

Sometimes preventative strategies don’t work and a major screaming, yelling, stomping, hitting, thrashing tantrum takes place. Here are a few survival tips for making it out the other side when it seems like your child has been invaded by a body snatcher…

- Don’t take it personally. They are not being naughty. This is simply an immature emotional response which is completely appropriate to their age and stage of development.

 - Don’t try and reason with them once they are in the throes of a major tantrum, wait for it to pass and them to calm down. They cannot listen to reason when they are that upset.

- Make sure they are safe. Stay close. Wait it out.

- If you think you are going to lose your temper and act inappropriately, make sure they are safe and then step away for a moment or two to compose yourself. You getting angry is not going to calm them down.

- Once they have calmed down, help them to resettle. A hug works wonders. Or engage them in a quiet activity. Let them know that it is okay.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zheng Zheng turns 2 today!

Happy Birthday to our little trouble-maker!

2 months old bb Zheng

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Discovery...

On En En and Zheng...

The little girl is able to TRIM her own fingernails with a nail clipper without our knowledge!
The little boy is able to do RHYTHM TAPPING with perfect tempo on any songs without being taught!

Oh my goodness! Mummy need to "upgrade" herself anytime anywhere quickly as the kids are learning and improving SUPER FAST!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Mummy!

Today is a special day, we went to Gurney Plaza for lunch. So in the morning, both kids behaved well... this is a good day. (Hopefully!) So, here we go...

 Rare shot of the threesome... but cute!!!

Been longing to take sashimi since last pregnancy with Zheng, then breastfed for about 20 months which was advised not to take raw fish if possible. Mummy did anyway but not till the satisfactory level... :P Today... haha... yeah, dream came true!!! Indulged as much as possible...

The two tots were well-behaved first but later... I know Zheng looks mischief and DANGEROUS too! En En enjoy the sushi and kept on telling us she wanted those sushi with rice inside. Well, all sushi comes with rice either inside or underneath. In fact, that's Inari Sushi.

 Inari Sushi - new food for En En 
(mummy never take any photos for the Inari Sushi, this pic is courtesy from Wikipedia... gee!)

Next stop was the Toy R'Us and MPH bookstore. More likely for the kiddos to exercise and enjoy the outing... not PARENT...
Then, we headed to Secret Recipe for a slice of White-Dark Chocolate cheese cake. Yeah... it's fattening for mummy who's in the middle of diet (or perhaps planning  to go diet).

En En and Zheng looks tired as already passed their naptime... so before we went home, they took a a rest on the massage chair. So, not the parent who got to rest though...

Regarding the surprise gift from the previous post... IS REALLY A SURPRISE!!!

Daddy said mummy is the first owner in Penang having the latest and limited edition Intel Dual Core LENOVO Ideapad!!! In short a netbook... comes with eye-catching cover.

Just look at the front cover, the pink-lavender based flora and fauna motif ... simply beautiful!!!

 The Inner look... it is a very small, petite like notebook.

Mummy is really in love with it and a big thanks with lots of love and kisses to daddy!!! Today is really a warm and memorable birthday~

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday's Surprise of 2010!

Saw this cover and a card with envelope in the bedroom 2 days ago. Guess what it is? Will reveal the answer on mummy's birthday, which falls on 9 Oct...
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Long time update...

Lately, lazy to blog... ahem! It's too busy to blog... mummy is busy with the piano practise and knitting while daddy is busy playing FV with his laptop after work everyday so the moment mummy got to use daddy's laptop will be after 11pm.

The house is full of the noise and voice by the two kiddos, very often to be heard anyone from the family is complaining especially Zheng is the most noisy person in the house. If he's not sleeping, oh my goodness very often you can hear En En or Zheng yelling, screaming to each other when they play together or later one of them will be crying... fighting over this or that.

En En

- She is now very good in speaking English as she is able to understand and answer back whatever you ask her. Thanks to the schooling days at Koala Kids Enrichment Center and the environment there.

- She is able to differentiate Left and Right correctly! Bravo, ready to learn piano but am not planning to let her involve in piano playing as she has no interest shown yet. Maybe after 7 years old...?

- Still that stubborn and pig-headed when it comes to requesting that particular person to bath her, to feed her or to play with her. Otherwise, she will show you the long face or making annoying sounds to show that she is unhappy. Yes, she still need to be fed and refuse to eat on her own. Lazy?

- Refuse to keep her toys after playing and will insist or force her little brother to play with her even Zheng is not interested. She always been beaten up by her violence brother due to forcing him to go by pulling him. Yes, she is the one who cries the most when 2 of them are fighting.

Zheng Zheng

- He knows when it is time to sit down properly when it's mealtime as long as a cane is in front of him. Otherwise, you can see him going here and there when he's in the middle of having his meal.

- Screams and shouts the most in loud pitch daily, be it happy or angry or sad... Throw tantrum by throwing anything in his hands or next to him when he's angry or didn't get what he wants. Very dangerous and horrible behaviour... therefore, being caned the most when he kept on repeating this action.

- Unable to speak properly in sentence on what he is trying to express. We still guess on what he's talking about. He can only says by words or doing action. Obviously slower than En En in speech but physically heis fast and stronger much more than his sister.

- A destroyer and black-listed little guy in the family as he will take anything that got his interest and play with it then drop the thing at somewhere no one know. Later, the whole family will search the thing like a mad person.
For example, he once took mummy's cellphone to play and mummy was unable to find it for 1 whole day. Unable to call as the battery already gone. At last, daddy found it in the sewing machine's drawer. Another scenario: playing with keys and at then end ended up in one of the kitchen's drawer; a few days ago, some of the toys were missing, after searching for sometimes, finally been found inside the shoes cabinet!

Both of them:

Love ice cream!

Love going to youth park's playground!
Love to glue to daddy whenever possible!
Love to play pretend!
Love to fight for the same thing at the same time! (Is there a reason here?)

Love to draw with crayons, doodle anywhere they like (on the wall and furniture) before being punished!
Love to eat fish and meat!
Love to watch "Timmy Time" on PHDC channel everyday!

Love imitating each other!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coxackie??!! And the end of Breastfeeding Journey

Not really a real one but suspected symptom. Both En En and Zheng have ulcers in the throat but no spots on hands or foots. It started with fever on En En since last friday while Zheng was having flu. Visited paed on Friday as well and we only brought back medicine for flu and fever.

Zheng started to have bad appetite then refused to eat since Sunday's afternoon, and then at night... After that refused to drink at the end of the day. Worst still, he rejected to breastfeed! Mummy think this is really weird as Zheng never rejects McB since he's a newborn. He started to get fever too at midnight and was screaming and crying non-stop. All of us were so tense and panic with his reaction and therefore we brought both of them to visit the paed again on Monday morning. En En got a few red/white dots ulcers at the throat while Zheng got... Oh God! Countless ulcers all over his throat!!! No wonder he refused to eat and drink. Both were given antibiotics for 5 and 6 days treatment.

The most terrible part is Zheng still woke up at 1-2am, 3-4am screaming and crying non-stop for 2 nights! Everyone in the family couldn't sleep as long as Zheng was awake no matter during daytime or night time. He even asked us to bring him "kai-kai" at 2.30am by pointing to the door!!! We can say that almost 80% of the time Zheng was screaming and crying with occasionally complaining pain. Daddy got fever as a result of lacking sleep for 2 days... luckily mummy is well enough to take care of Zheng while gratefully Ah Mah is taking care of En En. Mummy is very determined not to fall sick during this difficult period... thanks God En En is recovering fast although she's feeling been left out as we pay more attention to Zheng.

Last night, we decided to bring Zheng for an emergency visit to the paed again thinking in maybe can get some solutions to let him feel calmer and sleeps well at night or maybe something to ease his throat pain. He took less than 10oz of fluid for a day! He has extremely dry lips and smelly breath. We only can feed him plain water, ice-cream and some juices with "leong fan" , one of his favourite drinks. Besides crying, he took very small amount of watery porridge and oat. The other paed at night clinic said he's having Coxackie, most probably got it from the elder sister. She only prescribed XYLOCAINE VISCOUS solution to make the throat and mouth numb for ease of feeding. Anyway, haven't really use this solution till this morning.

Last night Zheng slept well and never woke up till 6am... so did En En. Well, better way to say it is as long as Zheng is not screaming, En is able to sleep well too. Another weird scenario is Zheng wants Ah Mah to sleep with him at night and refuse mummy!!?? Maybe because Ah Mah accompany En En and Zheng for afternoon nap everyday, so once Zheng stop breastfeed to sleep, he's turning for another comfort with Ah Mah. This is just too strange to mummy.

We visited paed again this morning according to the scheduled appointment date. Thankfully both of them is recovering well. We are so relieved to hear that and in fact Zheng started to eat and drink much more than 2 days ago only in the morning. En En too has almost clear throat. They are slowly back to their usual self.

Now, daddy need to rest more for the following days and mummy feels grateful to have back sleeping time... Just feel so miserable mummy's breastfeeding journey ended up in this way. So, Zheng is breastfeed exclusively exactly 21 months and 17 days!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If not "throwing" (leaving) DiDi to the jungle...

From the previous post, En En already told us to "throw" DiDi into the jungle when he's naughty. We asked her again after a few days and this is her reply.

En En said :"Then leave DiDi in the farm... with cows and pigs!"

We asked :"Why?"

En En replied :"Got cows mummy (female cows) in the farm so DiDi can take the milk.." - Perception of breastfeeding babies... *mummy felt like laugh and rolling on the floor*

We said :" No, cannot leave DiDi in the farm, he will be alone."

En En still insisted and said :" Then, THROW him into dustbin!!!"

Monday, July 5, 2010

When DiDi is naughty...

En En said: "Leave DiDi in the jungle!"

We asked: "Why?"

En En replied: "DiDi is very naughty..."

We said: "But jungle got lions and will eat DiDi..."

En En quickly replied: "Lion lives in the zoo lah... so can put DiDi into a jungle."  :OD

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Screaming... Crying...!!! AHHHHH

Mummy is going to get mad mad mad with Zheng. Our maid went back kampung since the beginning of the month and therefore everyone in the house need to co-operate in handling household chores... Sometimes mummy involves En En in bringing clothes, unclipped peg on clothes from the hanger and put something back to its original place. Sometimes she is very co-operative but MOST OF THE TIME, she prefers to do her own stuff.

Zheng on the other hands shouts and cry whenever he saw mummy is washing clothes or out of his sight! He will make terrible requests such as taking off his clothes and ask for bath right after is sleep when he saw mummy is doing the laundry. That is just 8am and this is definitely ridiculous... Or worst still he will cry as if he's been abused by us when mummy or daddy bathing. He screams, hit the bathroom door and ask us to OPEN THE DOOR!!! Arrgh... crazy moment... imagine how to do your big business???

RIDICULOUS REQUESTS and Screaming will happen when Zheng wants to achieve what he's looking for... be it a thing or a person. No one is able to convince him or persuade him stop crying and wait or distract him with anything... useless! He has such a strong determination that he won't give up so easily on what he wants! Should knew his bad character from the day mummy starts to breastfeed him... on how he insisted to suckle and the high pitch during the whole confinement month!

And yes, he is that typical type that will roll and stamp his feet on the floor if his request never been fulfilled. Horrible characteristics... *Sigh* Any tips on handling such kid???

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mummy is sick!

Still feel the wind pushing here and there in the stomach... no appetite to eat.. not a good news coz the weighing scales reading never goes down, ok?

It was last Tuesday mummy was feeling nausea and diarrhea for 3 days continually!!! The cause? According to doctor, it was food poisoning. Maybe it's the soon to be expired bread or the yoghurt drink that stay outside of the fridge for one night. Yes, mummy took these two stuff the day before Tuesday.

Visited 2 different doctors for THREE times... at the end swallowed Imodium and Motilium which already stand by in the house to ease the tummy wind and stop the diarrhea. So weird that the first doctor never mentioned to take Imodium to stop the diarrhea. Maybe he wanted mummy to clear all the "Poison" with bowel movement. The maximum was 20 plus times mummy headed to the toilet in a day! Yeah... even so, never drop a pound yet! Only the next day mummy weighed lighter of 1.5kg... arrrgh!

Everything was back to normal on Friday morning and we were able to go back to Alor Setar for mummy's maternal grandma 70th birthday celebration. En En and Zheng were delighted to play and stay late at night during the 2 nights stay at Po Po's house.

Today mummy went back to music center and was not feeling well again since afternoon. Wind was forming in the stomach again... Got to pop in Charcoal tablet or some Chinese traditional medicine powder to reduce the uncomfort. Praying hard that mummy will get well soon...

Oh yeah... irritable bowel syndrome was the name given by a specialist doctor about mummy's tummy's problem after the diagnosis few years back, before got marry. Guess mummy made some damage to the tummy during teenage years by taking too much cold food and vegetables.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to En En!

This is a backdated post. Draft of this blog were written on 15 May 2010!

She is officially 4 years old today! Had a birthday party in school yesterday (14 May 2010) and she was sooo... EXCITED!!! Unable to nap during afternoon at her usual nap time... kekeke...

Gong Gong and Po Po also came over to celebrate her birthday earlier yesterday in her school with mummy, daddy and Didi. She received birthday's gifts from everyone of us and homemade party food for her school birthday celebration from mummy!

Pineapple Mini Muffin...
 Custard Cream Puffs

 Heart shaped chocolate butter cookies (En En's favourite!)

The school ordered a cheese cake for her since she dislike chocolate and the cake was small and cute!

 Original Cheese cake with KittyCat in Penguin suit

En En was enjoying her cake and food with her classmates and DiDi too! Zheng was soo cool with his sun glasses and refused to take off at the beginning... then when good food was so irresistable, he gave in. LOL!

Then today, Ah Kong and Ah Mah can't wait to buy En En another birthday cake and we had a little cake cutting ceremony at home. It was a delicious mango sponge cake.... very yummy~~! Zheng again couldn't resist the cake until we got to grabbed him away from the cake... he kept on saying "mum mum (food)" while the hands were trying to touch the pretty cake.

En En was happy as well even she didn't gave us a big smile but she was... and the most happiest moment is finally own the Fisher Price Medical Kit toys from Toy ' R Us this morning.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day of 2010

Unable to blog on time for what's happening before Mother's Day. En En's school was having a Mother's Day celebration and parents were invited to attend the celebration which includes some singing, dancing and drama performed by the children. Yes, mummy went with Zheng.

We are so impress that our girl was performing confidently with other kids from her class and she was not the shy and timid little girl anymore.

Teachers taught the children to create some cards and a carnation flower for mummy during their Arts & Crafts session. There is one handmade photo frame of mother and their child in it for memory keepsake. En En loves it when she first saw it. Really a wonderful gift for mother's day.

The first handmade carnation flower mummy received from En En...

Mummy baked some bluberry muffin for teachers from En En's school for their hardwork and also as a gift for celebrating Mother's Day together!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life is busy...

as a mother...
as a wife...
aa daughter in law...
as a music teacher...
as a knitter...
and on top of all, the same old saying...
as a LEARNER regardless of how old you are...

Friday, April 30, 2010

18 months old Zheng!

Turned 18 months old on 19 April 2010

Yes, we miss out so many achievements of this little fella since mummy never sit down and blog them out. Here is a quick one before mummy forget.

Before that, Zheng and En En is still having flu and running nose (now turn into allergy, prolong flu) since 1 and a half week ago. Both of them still on medication at the time when mummy is blogging.

Height - 79cm
Weight - 11.5kg

Main meal is porridge but basically he seldom rejects any kind of food that we offer him. A little dustbin at home as he even and STILL put non-food related item into his mouth.

Take 3-4oz milk per day, we just give him Fernleaf. Nothing fancy... as sometimes he won't drink at all and ended up throwing away. Therefore, no need expensive milk powder.

Still breastfeed even mummy planned to wean him by 18 months old but not the mid-night feed and comfort sucking. He still want "nen-nen" when he got nothing to do and seeing mummy free that time.

Happened on last Friday when mummy was not at home. Zheng inserted a small plastic part of the toy car into his NOSE!!! Then, no one was able to take out that small part and everyone was so panic. Daddy and Ah Mah quickly drove him to emergency unit in Adventist Hospital. It was around 5-6pm. Heard that Zheng still able trying to "talk" to the nurse by pointing his nose to tell his condition but he's not crying, quite calm. He was screaming so LOUD when doctor removing the plastic part from his nostril. After that, he was carried to Ah Mah with no crying and tears! He's back to his usual self as soon as you see him again! 

Speech & Vocab

- Everything that needs to be opened, he will ask you to "Open the door!" Even when he wants "nen-nen" (ask mummy to open the bra!)

- Thank kee (thank you)

- piii (please)

- pish (fish)

- meow meow (cat)

- dog or woo woo

- bubble (shampoo or bubbles)

- kok kok (horse, think Hokkien is "kok kok beh")

- shee shee (pee, sometimes poo)

- dui tiao (shui4 jiao4, means sleep in mandarin)

- bing bing (means biscuit in mandarin)

- mei mei (means pretty in mandarin)

Most of the time, he will mimic or trying to pronounce the words that we tell him. He's more responding compare to En En.

Potty Training
Still it is early but he already show awareness when he wee wee and poo poo. Now, he will "announce" to us AFTER he pee. Therefore, even when we get him the potty, the diaper already wet.

He is not familiar when not in diaper, he will pull his bird when he walks and make fuss to you if he's diaperless. Maybe we need to train him in using the potty more often and he is very interested to play when sitting on the potty cover on the toilet's potty (aka adult's potty by En En).

Nap for 2-3 hours every afternoon (since 10 or 11 months old). He won't be needing McB if mummy is not around and will sleep in 5 seconds if he's very tired.

Always look for En En since they sleep together in the afternoon.

Night time need McB and supper before he goes to bed. He will ask for "mum-mum" (food) after 2 or 3 hours after his dinner. He won't be sleeping if no supper. Even so, he is not super chubby type.

One BAD attitude is he loves to scream and cry his lungs out if things are not at his way. On top of that, rolling on the floor! Worse still, throw whatever he is holding or hit anyone besides him!!! (Most of the time, it's En En)

Starts his "radio" immediately and turn soft or Stop also immediately when given food or distracted. He must be a real good ACTOR!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bird? Huh?!!

This is a funny one. Ever since we have baby Zheng in the family, En En was facing tremendous change in her life as she needed to adapt to (and accept) this little brother. So, we kind of started her to differentiate herself from Zheng by gender. Ok... now you know what bird stands for here (aka penis).

We told En En she is different from Zheng because DiDi got bird bird. Therfore, DiDi is a boy and she is a girl. So, everytime we ask her what;s the difference between En En and Zheng, she always answer :" Ah Zheng got bird!!!"

Today when we went out for dinner, we saw a dog walked pass the gate and below is the conversation:

 En En shouted:" Dog got bird!!!"
Mummy continued: "This is a..."
En En replied :" A BOY dog!!!" LOL...

Another neighbours black dog came out from the house, yes it's a female dog.

En En said: " That black dog is a GIRL!"
We asked:" Why?"
En En replied: " NO BIRD!"

She is actually correct but it just sounds so funny...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recycle? Buy 2nd...

And yes, I buy second too. All of us consume too much raw material these days... So, at the end of the day, we have too many unuse things pilling up at home! Well, we do giveaways to Salvation Army or Tze Chu occasionally after spring cleaning. But, but,... they are items which is hardly use which remain new and also preloved...

Therefore, this mummy came out one idea which is selling them to those who need it. This is the birth of the FOURTH blog:

Crazy, huh? But never mind... to play a role on saving our earth. Support 2nd hand item... Planning to buy second hand piano too... in future...

Oh yes... there will be one Jumble sale organized by MMPS Penang next month. Let's see what do we have to contribute... So, mummy will be busy again and spend lesser and lesser time to blog. *Sigh*

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Penang Mummy Bloggers Meet - CNY

Zheng with CE (who adores di di very much)

This is definitely back back dated post. But can't resists those cute kids messing around during their first met! We got 2 photographer daddies tagging along... so lots of beautiful snaps captured during the almost 3 hours meet.

Below are a few masterpieces...