Friday, May 30, 2008

First knitted baby long pants

It's a wool pants... another interest I got after addicted to cloth diapering. More details here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Not Again!

Yesterday was really a horrified and scary day. There was blood showing and it's quite shocking when I saw it, it's not just staining. I need to wear panty liner and luckily it's not either heavy flow but there's some blood flakes-like stuff coming out... Without any delay, daddy rushed mummy to hospital but unfortunately need to wait for 45 minutes as the gynea was away for some issues.

There are no other symptoms besides the blood showing and this made mummy think of last time when preggie with En En. It's almost during this time started to have blood showing till the pregnancy was about 7 months. Placenta previa is the term I learned from my last pregnancy.

Met the gynea eventually and was told that it's a threatening abortion! Luckily baby is growing well and nothing happened to the baby. Through the scan, the placenta is really located lower in the uterus. So, most probably it is the same case like previously. Therefore, no long distance travelling (we planned to go to KL this Thursday but got to cancel the trip), no lifting heavy items including carrying En En who stick to mummy so much lately. When I was working during past pregnancy, I was forced to take 1 month medical leave in order to stay at home to rest!

But still... unsure about the gender of the baby yet and it's now 19 weeks old...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pregnancy Indulgence?

Don't worry, mummy only took the chocolate sundae, the rest belongs to daddy...LOL!
This pregnancy is abit different if compare with previously. Food with stronger taste will be the preferred one. Moreover, mummy longs to eat fast food and drink coffee!!! Yes, those are not healthy food but the feeling of wanting to get the fried chicken from KFC or the McD's burger and french fries is so greater than ever! Mummy even eyes for Pringles and those junk potatoes chips... very tempting, huh? This is so weird as always be a health concious person, those are the banned food for mummy even when not pregnant. When having E nEn last time, definitely no fast food and coffee throughout the pregnancy... but this time... why become so weak towards the temptation of unhealthy food ??
Lots of self disciplin and control need to be carry out and by thinking to put on extra kilos of pregnancy weight (from previous experience) this is surely another terrible weight loss struggle later on... But, occassionally go for those indulgence should be still alright, isn't it? I think I do loss some determination to say no... *sigh*

On En En's birthday...

Backdated post.

I got Pooh bears on my birthday cake... I received "bi-ci-cle" from Ah Mah as my birthday present...

I received a musical karaoke toy from Ku Ku... she knows I love to sing...

I enjoyed posing with Jie Jie in front of the camera...

The cake is yummy... and mummy said this was the first time I finished one whole piece by myself...

I think I know what a Birthday means now...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

2 months old En En VS 2 years old En En

2 months old baby En...

TODAY - 2 years old!
Happy Birthday to our dear Sweetheart!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is a special day, would specially wish my mum a Happy Mother's Day even she doesn't read my blog (but my younger sis does... :P .. hehe...).

She came over yesterday from Alor Setar to Penang to show and cook the chicken essence for me! She even brought the kampung chicken and the cooking pot which I don't have to demonstrate for me... How nice and thank you so much Mama! Ever since En En joined the family then only I realized it's so difficult to be a mother and only then I understand and appreciate whatever a mother can give to her child. Mom is always the best, don't you agree?

A special dedication to all mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Progress - Adjectives

Lately, En En uses lots of adjectives in her daily conversation with us. She is able to differentiate and says between:

- big & small

- far & near

- black & white

- smelly & no smell

- mum-mum (means hungry) & bao bao (stomach full)

- pain & itchy (She loves to use this in "Buttock pain" vs "Buttock itchy".... LOL!)

- beautiful & not beautiful

Some conversations are like these (well, she spaeaks in Mandarin):-

En En:"Dog papa big big, dog baby small small."

En En:" Dog hei-hei (black in colour), pah-pah (scare...); Dog bai-bai (white in colour), mei mei (beautiful)."

When En En passed wind *cheeky grin* we were wondering and said whether it's smelly or not, En En straight away relied:"Mei chou! means No Smell!!!"

Knitting works - On hold at the moment

A baby cotton vest - mistake in stitching but never have the chance to correct it yet. This is also the first knitting project with different patterns involved in the work... quite interesting and tiring to do the counting of different stitches.

This is a wool longies (long pants) for infant. Achieve the length but not even the shape yet and got to mix with yarn in different colours as this original colour is not enough for a longies...
Well, let's see how long it takes to complete them both.

Monday, May 5, 2008

What about No.2?

Hmm... Mummy really wonder whether it's common that less attention will be given to the following child compare to the eldest one?

Mummy went to visit gynea today with daddy (who's so eager to find out the gender of the baby), eveything is fine... baby is growing well. Throughout the whole scanning process, the little baby inside the womb just moving and turning non-stop. Super active compare to En En but too bad mummy still can't feel anything from the tummy. Maybe the abs fat is thick... LOL! We are so gald to see the baby is healthy and active even it's now officially turned 16 weeks. Well, daddy said maybe the baby is protesting since mummy seldom talk to the baby and care less compare to when preggie with En En. How not to feel guilty but having a toddler already like having bad hair days almost daily... really and seriously need to relax and calm myself to talk nicely to No.2. So unfair, huh?

I read from other expecting mummies' blog about their feeling or dilemma towards the baby inside the womb compare to the firstborn. Now, I really feel that I'm in the same boat too. Just feel the love is less and care is less... especially time for just the two of us! Seems so difficult to achieve this...

Mind to share with me how did you overcome this?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

When En En is away...

Something happened to her Pooh-pooh bears...

En En sure will ask mummy to rescue them if she sees this... LOL!