Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My blog... my knitting... my sanity!!!

Ok... I have to admit I've been neglecting this blog for a few months. Not that I don't have anything to post but life is so hectic nowadays... there are many more tasks to carry out everyday. Alright, I need to review my time management either for personal and work as well.

Latest update about the kids is - they are growing way too fast and I missed out too many incidents, be it happy, sad, grumpiest (this must be Zheng!), fun, ... from them to be jotted down here. One thing that amazed me lately from the blogger mummies are many is having baby No.3!!! This is quite a shocking news to me since they told me they are doing good with one girl and one boy (you know who you are yeah...) but I'm very happy for them.

So up next is baby bloomers I can't miss should be baby knits! Oh gosh... where on earth I have the time to knit so many baby gifts?? But I still love baby knits and hopefully I will be able to squeeze in time to knit more so that I can have extra baby gifts if I have surprises like this next time.. LOL!!! Just realized many of the mummy is having or going to have baby GIRLS!!! Girls tends to have more options when it comes to knitwear...

Alright, switched topic - My sanity? Well, today is my happy day coz I'm ON LEAVE!!! Not only that, I got my hair trimmed and dyed in red undertone, even it's not so obvious but can see the red under sunlight; visited Bobbi Brown counter in Gurney Plaza which I long to many many years ago and got myself this:

Want to see the actual products? Well, I have been eyeing them (yes, one palette and one set of mini brushes) since the launch and really can't wait to have them...

Hmm... a little small fortune spent there. I'm definitely a Bobbi Brown's fans since 10 years ago!!! Oh... how time flies, now you know why I need makeup... Opps!

When I reached home, there was a parcel waiting for me. I think I know what it was and Ta-dah -

The online contest prize that organised by I'm not sure whether En En will like it or not but this is really an early Christmas gift.

So I shall be a happy mummy today! YEAH!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthday Cakes

In the morning @ office

In the evening @ home

Yes, today is our big girl's birthday! En En turns Six today!

She is so excited about her beautiful & colorful birthday cake and posed more for mummy to snap photos. Her school will be having a birthday party this Friday. There is another bigger birthday cake that she selected the design in the cake house last week. So many birthday cakes in a WEEK!!!

Happy Birthday, our little darling!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Where is Ah Kong?

Ah Kong went through 2 major operations last month, in coma-state the whole month. He started to gain a little conciousness this week... he is now in a nursing home nearby our house. En and Zheng never meet Ah Kong yet, all they know Ah Kong is sick and need to stay in hospital. Dare not let the kids to visit Ah Kong when he's still unconcious.

Hopefully Ah Kong will recover slowly and play with his grandchildren very soon.

Number 3??

Mummy: "En En, you want another little brother or sister?"

En En: "I want a little sister to play with me..."

Mummy: "If you have another sister or brother, who is number 3 in the family, you won't have chance to go to indoor playground or buying new toys as usual now."

En En: "Why not?"

Mummy: "Because we need to buy extra milk, clothes, food and also toys for number 3, so mummy and daddy's money will be used up."

En En: "Then no need to have number 3 already! Didi and myself is enough already..."

"Brain-washed" session end. LOL... She is so realistic...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Praying hard...

Something bad is happening, Ah Kong is hospitalized this morning. Stroke at the brain, now in coma state. The two little one will stay in school whole day, daddy and Ah Mah in hospital now.

Mummy still at workplace, standby and waiting for the news as Ah Kong is having operation now. Feeling so uneasy, sad and did a few minor mistake at work. Praying hard that Ah Kong able to get through this difficult moment...

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Mommy: "Zheng, after you finished your milk, let's write."
Zheng: "I don't want to write write..."
Mommy: "Mommy will give you gummies and chocolate after you write write." (Bribery, yes as usual)
Zheng: "I want gummies and chocolate! I don't want  to write write!" (in higher pitch)

Zheng is a fierce and stubborn characters in the family. always throw tantrum and throw things when things not getting in his way. The moment he starts to fuss and get angry, it's really like a thunderstorm at home. Even being caned so often, he is getting stronger and less afraid towards the punishment he gets.

Daddy and mummy is so tired of thinking ways and ideas to change his attitude but the progress is still slow. Sweet talk to him not 100% works as well and he will always get you to be so fed up with his attitude. Even the school teachers also commented that we can't give in too much to him and once he started to throw tantrum the whole school will start trembling down! Horrible disaster...

Oh my, we have a son who dislike to read and write or to reason. Will he become a barbarian??

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bad luck weekends!

Last 2 weekends mummy was busy rushin in and out the hospital. Zheng admitted earlier and now he's recovering but daddy is hospitalized at the moment, since last Friday.

Not so sure what is the cause that made daddy's ankle area swollen and at the end unable to walk. Internal fluid is the culprit from MRI and scan done in hospital, might get second opinion from other hospital since there is no cure for an unknown case.

Tomorrow will be Zheng's 3rd birthday but without daddy. How unfortunate is that... :( Well, mummy need to go back from work now to get Zheng's birthday cake. We'll celebrate in his school then. More updates later... later...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's just 2 days before Mummy's birthday...

But mummy ended up staying in hospital with Zheng! Zheng was having some virus attack from the blood test on Friday. He suddenly vomitted non-stop after arriving to school and mummy still remember he was so active in the morning before school.

Mummy received phone call from daddy around 4pm, informing that Zheng already admitted to Adventist Hospital and was on drip! By the time mummy rushed home to pack his neccessity, it's the perfect time to change shift with daddy who was taking care of him after he's admitted.

Zheng didn't cry when he saw mummy but he was so weak and finally cried due to discomfort in his tummy and the vomit. It was recorded that he vomitted after meal or took any liquid. Basically, what's went in, went out eventually. This is quite a serious case and according to paed, there are a few same cases in the hospital already. It is contagious and we all avoid En En to visit her little brother during his stay in the hospital.

Zheng slept quite early last night due to tiring and his weakness, he can't even fight back when doctor and nurses poke him with the needle. Totally not his usual self... first time we seen Zheng so inactive and weak! Luckily he still able to take milk at night even it's just 2oz at a time. The next morning he seems better and able to eat half plate of the noodles. He drinks more and most of all, no more vomit after meal or drinking. He started to jump and run in the playroom at the paed wards unit. Glad to see he is recovering.

Paed advised not to discharge him yet and better still stay another night to monitor his condition. He still need to get his antibiotic injection for 3 days continually. What is more glaad to see is that he is not throwing tantrum or screaming wild in the hospital. He is alright if we reason with him and putting him to sleep is a bliss! He will tell you " It's dark already, switch off the light and sleep!" When he's in that mood, we quickly switch off the light and within a few minutes, he's already in his dreamland.

Maybe because he is attending school? Frankly, his attitude changed alot even he is still pig-headed and has storm-like temper. He is able to express himself more and able to listen to us now. But downside sending him to school too early will be having more frequent paed visits due to kids in school may spread health-threatening virus anytime... Conflict, right?

Anyway, wish he will be fine tomorrow morning and we all can go home.