Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Never give up to Suckle!

He's so determine! Taken when mummy was having bleeding nipple and he's not giving up to suckle anything that close to the mouth! He motivated mummy to get help asap!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Full Moon

Backdated post. (just yesterday.. :P)

Very traditional, isn't it? Well, it's a big day for the family. Mummy and baby Zheng went back to Penang a day before the full moon celebration.

Baby Zheng was gifted with black and thick hair when borned... the funny part is the hair always stand up no matter how we try to comb it down... (borned with Beckham's hairstyle)

Isn't he cute? ;)
So, yesterday we brought him for a hair "trimming" and this is baby Zheng new looks! Cool yah!

Looks like "Tai-Kor" or little monk?

What about En En? Thank goodness that she slowly accepts baby Zheng but still can smell the jealousy in the air. En En doesn't like it when baby Zheng cries and screams, she will be away from baby Zheng as far as possible.

This is the only photo of both of them when Ku Ku insisted to take a photo with them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

No more life to breastfeed like this!!!

Tired... tired... and tired... can't really figure out why baby Zheng's feeding pattern still like a newborn in hospital? These 2 days mummy hardly able to rest and eat peacefully as baby Zheng refuse to sleep at day time. He only wanted to suckle then nap at the breast then suckle then nap... he seems not having enough? Or tired as no proper sleep for long hours?

The most we can't stand is - his screaming... Arrgh! He screams when:
- pee
- poo
- change diaper
- need suckle
- once he opens his eyes!

Baby Zheng is a cranky baby?? Perhaps mummy needs to get some advise from lactation consultant to check on his latching on. How come he requests to suckle so often and only nap for a few minutes before next feed?? Mummy had been asked to give him bottle so that he can feels full and pacifier so that can shut his mouth.

How? Any advise?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Feeding Pattern

Hmm... guess mummy have a frequent snacker on the boobs around the clock. Baby Zheng is one aggresive and alert baby. Thank goodness that he allows mummy to have time for daily 3 main meals and a few uninterrupt hours to sleep at night.

All the while been thinking breastfeed babies will have 1-2 hours interval between feed and sleep. Well, different baby has different pattern which is definitely so true! Baby Zheng wakes up everyday right after mummy had breakfast at around 8a.m. Sometimes mummy is able to get a short nap before he wakes up. Then, start the feeding session till 11.30am or 12.30pm (mummy's lunch time). In between this 3 hours, baby Zheng never sleep and goes on feed --> pee --> feed --> poo --> feed --> ... and repeats and repeats till he sleeps. Mummy suspected that he sleeps due to tireness instead of fullness (of the tummy).

After 2-3 hours sleep, he wakes up for boobies again. The same pattern applies for the whole afternoon till 6 or 6.30pm, which is the time for mummy's dinner. Then he'll sleeps for another 2-3 hours before bedtime feeding which will last 2-3 hours too. Mummy is so tired of this frequent snacker as he will sucks for 20 minutes, then dozed off for a few minutes. By the time we thought he's sound asleep, put him down and he'll yell for the breast, oh... perhaps his walking pacifier? Mummy even can feel the boobies is producing non-stop around the clock, having slight engorgement even without feeding for 1 hour! Good news??

Luckily, both nipples already heal with slight soreness still due to baby Zheng prolong suckling. Lately, mummy discover some discomfort or... pain to be exact when baby Zheng sucks. There's no bleeding or cracked nipples but mummy is sure he's using his gum when suckling. He has the habit of curling in his lower lips even after mummy corrected him again and again. Looks like this journey is not a smooth one for us. Mummy won't give up anymore as we already went through the most terrible phase, will determine going on no matter what.

This is such a new esperience as compare to a formula-fed En En. Mummy even feels so "syiok" to see his poo poo... not even using any strength to poo! Haha! Let's see what's baby Zheng feeding pattern will be after his full moon.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Mummy never blog about En En reaction when she first met with her didi, baby Zheng due to breastfeeding issues. Sadly, En En doesn't like her Di Di as we can sense the jealousy from her. En En still refers herself as "Baby" and baby Zheng as "Baby Di Di".

Mummy still remember the first day En En visited mummy in hospital... there's no smile on her face. She looks weird as mummy was carrying and cuddling another small "creature". This was the first time En En saw a tiny baby and she even cried when she heard baby's crying. Next we asked her like baby Di Di or not, she said scared! The second day in hospital En En asked mummy to go home with her and baby Di Di stay in hospital. *pengsan*

En En reluctant to enter mummy's room whenever baby Di Di is and she will tells you baby Di Di is very noisy, always cry. All of us try our best to include En En with baby Zheng but she always turn and run away! Oh Gosh... maybe she's been used to be the princess of the family as she really needs time to adapt to her new role as a Jie Jie.

En En, no matter it's you or baby Di Di, mummy and daddy will give equal love to both of you. Hope that one day you will understand.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Battle of the Breast

After 14 hours of using bottle for baby Zheng, we realized that he can't forget about suckling at the breast even when he's full. In fact, this is a good sign as he's looking forward to suckle and mummy is able to see that baby Zheng mouth is sucking just like at the breast even when he's drinking from a bottle. Mummy's instinct was telling that the shorter periods baby use the bottle, the higher chance he will go back to the breast.

Mummy accepted suggestion from Loh, a member from MMPS (Mother-to-Mother Peer Support Group, look it up at Facebook!) to see Dr. Balkess in Srigim Penang immediately. Dr. Balkees is a paed and a lactation consultant, mummy only found out that she is a lactation consultant after the visit. So, that was Thursday and we quickly packed, confinement lady also following to Penang as mummy plans to stay in Penang for a few days til 4 Nov, which is an appointment checkup for baby Zheng in Adventist Hosp.

Mummy was so tensed and panic when meet when Dr.Balkees. It was mummy's feeding position that caused the soreness besides baby's latching on problem. Dr taught mummy the cradle hold and lying dowm position to feed baby Zheng and surprisingly, there's no pain at all! And fior the first time baby Zheng was able to let go the nipple after he's satisfied.

After the visit, we went home and practise the cradle and lying down position. There's still error here and there. Baby Zheng still accidentally bite on mummy but once the latch on is correct the feeding goes so well. Yet, the fear of pain is still there as mummy is still having sore nipple till today as baby Zheng sucks so long and frequent everyday. Never thought that breastfeeding will be so tiring... it's always like a battle for mummy and baby Zheng as we are trying to get the right position, the right latch since everything will seems incorrect at the first place. Baby Zheng will get so angry and cries loudly if we have to repeat again and again. Mummy always hope that tomorrow we will have more and better improvement...