Friday, May 9, 2008

New Progress - Adjectives

Lately, En En uses lots of adjectives in her daily conversation with us. She is able to differentiate and says between:

- big & small

- far & near

- black & white

- smelly & no smell

- mum-mum (means hungry) & bao bao (stomach full)

- pain & itchy (She loves to use this in "Buttock pain" vs "Buttock itchy".... LOL!)

- beautiful & not beautiful

Some conversations are like these (well, she spaeaks in Mandarin):-

En En:"Dog papa big big, dog baby small small."

En En:" Dog hei-hei (black in colour), pah-pah (scare...); Dog bai-bai (white in colour), mei mei (beautiful)."

When En En passed wind *cheeky grin* we were wondering and said whether it's smelly or not, En En straight away relied:"Mei chou! means No Smell!!!"


Mummy to QiQi said...

looks like En En is preparing herself to be a jie-jie...she grown up so much compare to when i first read your blog:)

Jess said...

Hey! Just dropping by to wish you Happy Mother's Day! ;)

You must be a proud Mommy now En En knows so many things already

slavemom said...

Veli good! Her language dev is really amazing.