Wednesday, October 15, 2008

En En is 29 months old!


Height: Unknown coz never measure but Ah Kong keeps on saying she grows taller each day...

Weight: 13.3kg, taken during a visit to paed last Monday.


- Trying out soft rice with soup as she hates porridge everyday.

- Breakfast will be mee suah and alternate with oatmeal every 2-3 days.

- Still refuse to chew on food during main meal but is able to take biscuit or Pringles very well.

- Fall in love with Fernleaf's yoghurt and she calls that as "Niu2 Niu" (cow). Not sure why too?

- Mummy tries to include everything that we adult eats into her diet in a smaller portion and got to make sure they are chopped very finely as she will only swallow whatever we put into her mouth!

- Milk: 6-7.5 oz 3-4 times per day.

- Drink diluted yoghurt drink almost everyday.


Talk like an adult nowadays. Able to use I, you, him/her, we, myself, ... in her speech. A little radio at home.


Mummy hardly can recall by now as they are just too many.

1. Able to identify colours very well and able to tell whether it's red, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, white and black.

2. Able to operate the DVD player with our supervision and will choose cartoon movie or shows she wants to watch from the CD holder.

3. Able to pull up and down her pants but most of the time she's just too lazy to do that on her own.

4. Potty training is almost successful as she is diaperless 95% in a day except at night. Yet, she only use one cloth diaper and able to tell us she wants to pee in the middle of the night. No diaper when outing.

5. She is a clean toddler as she won't tolerate to use a dirty public toilet outside and will wait till we find a more cleaner toilet for her.

What else? Mummy's brain is shutting down now... can't really think of anything. Perhaps next time must jot down with a pen first.


Moo mommy said...

oh... she look different liao! Last time we met on 2007, ya! haha... En En big gal now and going to be Jie Jie very soon. Hope she is exciting as mommy too...

slavemom said...

Happy 29th Mth to En En! Well done on the night potty training! We still let CE wear diapers when we're out coz he's still having some accidents at home.