Saturday, November 15, 2008

No more life to breastfeed like this!!!

Tired... tired... and tired... can't really figure out why baby Zheng's feeding pattern still like a newborn in hospital? These 2 days mummy hardly able to rest and eat peacefully as baby Zheng refuse to sleep at day time. He only wanted to suckle then nap at the breast then suckle then nap... he seems not having enough? Or tired as no proper sleep for long hours?

The most we can't stand is - his screaming... Arrgh! He screams when:
- pee
- poo
- change diaper
- need suckle
- once he opens his eyes!

Baby Zheng is a cranky baby?? Perhaps mummy needs to get some advise from lactation consultant to check on his latching on. How come he requests to suckle so often and only nap for a few minutes before next feed?? Mummy had been asked to give him bottle so that he can feels full and pacifier so that can shut his mouth.

How? Any advise?


shoppingmum said...

Both my kids are like that too, when they were babies. They wanted a lot of comfort nursing, until they are older and prefer to observe the surroundings, like about 3 months old. I refused to give up, and once the breastfed babies are older, they won't ask for comfort nursing so frequently.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

really like this one?? that's mean we gotto rush to toilet and rush to eat and rest once there are time? In fact I don't mind and don't intend to give in yet but the screaming really scare me that it will make others to ask me stop bf... :P

giddy tigress said...

Some babies are like that, you will just have to accept it. Like shoppingmum said, once they grow older, they will find other means of *entertainment*. Keep at it, you're doing great!

lotus said...

Sounds like you may have a tired baby. Tired baby = cranky baby.

Does he have a full feed, or is he snacking?
Snacking = 3-5 min feed, then fall asleep, then wake up because hungry, feed for another few minutes, then fall asleep again.

If he is snacking, try to keep him awake until he has finished at least 10-15 minutes or more of milk. Talk to him, sayang him, sing to him, tickle his ears, just don't rock him to sleep!
If he is too sleepy, change his nappy.

If he is having a full feed, then he may not want to suckle so often, might be crying for a different purpose.

How do you know he needs a suckle every few minutes?
Because he cries?

But it is true, very young babies will cry at all those times you mentioned. That's how they communicate (cannot talk mah, right?)
Different cry for different purpose though, if you listen carefully.

When he gets used to the feeling of pee and poo he would stop crying at those times.

There are some babies who simply hate changing nappy/clothes and will cry no matter what.

If Zheng has enough sleep he will grow out of crying when he wakes up.

The normal times of crying are when
- hungry
- sleepy
- uncomfortable (nappy change?)
- pain (any pain or tummy pain or wind)

Some babies cry louder, some softer, maybe your baby cries louder?

Hope you find a way :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

It's really up to you lor. I am a poor person to give you advice on b/feeding but I firmly believe that there is too much pressure to b/feed these days until mothers lose their sanity! What's the point of breastfeeding when you're tired, cranky, and NOT enjoying the baby?? But this is just my very own personal opinion, ok :)

lotus said...

ACtually that is true.
In these modern times I find people are shamed into doing the things that are 'best' for baby.

THings like breastfeeding, carrying baby 24/7 (or babywearing as some like to call it), having a drug-free/intervention-free birth instead of caesarean etc etc.

Somehow if circumstances don't allow the 'best' to happen, second best doesnt seem good enough in the eyes of the mum or the people around.

Then mums feel guilty or feel they didnt try hard enough, or push too hard to try to regain the 'best'.

Don't forget you are still your children's mummy, you call the shots in their care, you make the final decisions regarding their welfare. Your children are not the boss.

There is no loss in taking the less popular way.

Persoanlly I am against demand breast feeding, but I advocate balance in everything mums do.
Hence my previous comment.

wen said...

its very normal, once u pass 2 mths, ur bb will hv a routine and breastfeeding will be easier for u already. just gotta be patient!

chanelwong said...

as what wen patient..once he is bigger then a bit longer the interval...

I was like you earlier...non stop...

bZbee said...

wow....ya. i guess some babies are like that...mine still needs to suckle at night to bed..and will wake up 4-6 times just to suckle...stress or what?? I've tried to pat her to bed but it gets i gave up...and had matter how many pillows or how hard or soft the mattress is....ggrrrrr.....

Vivianz said...

my girl was like that too... in face, even after stopping breastfeeding, she is still acting this way leh.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

thanks moomies for all your sharing... I hope baby Zheng and myself will find a way in our bf journey...

Wonderful Life said...

My boy was the other way round... sleeps at day time and wants to suckle at night all the time!

KittyCat said...

WElcome to the breastfeeding world :)

As Wen mentioned, he'll settle down after 2 months. Lucas fed every 2 hrs in the first month then every 3 hrs in the second and every 4 hrs after that. 4 hrs if max for breastfed babies!

Actually, it's better he doesn't sleep much during the day because he's supposed to sleep at night.

You'd be very thankful for a normal routine because later he'll get used to sleeping and then you're freeeeeeee! :)