Friday, April 10, 2009

Started solid at 5 months old!

Never expect this to happen before baby Z is 6 months old but... who knows... when mummy was busy paying attention to En En, Ah Mah and Po Po couldn't wait any longer to feed this little playful boy.

Baby Z reacted very fast when someone is feeding him and he will scream in order to request more! Is it true breastfed babies are always hungry and not feeling full???

So far, we had given him sieved porridge (from Jie Jie's), banana, orange, honeydew, biscuit dipped in MILO (alamak!) ,... a lot yeah... but not everyday. Mummy will only start daily to include in his diet once he passes 19th this month.
Well, to be exact, he started his first taste of solid or semi-solid 2 weeks before 5 months old!

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Moo mommy said...

ACTUALLY NOT RECOMMENED TO START SO EARLY. because bb gus systemnot so ready yet. but can try with very dilute semi-solid now.not solid yet. He seem is ready to solid food state liao. don't try sweet food ya. try all the natural food. To us, yak! to the bb, yamyam! enjoy