Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3 years and 7 months old

En En has many problems, well at least in mummy's eyes...

1. Eating habit:

- She still refuse to eat on her own, need only Ah Mah to feed her...

- Refuse to try on new food as she will give you that I'm-going-to-cry look when there are new food in her mouth which we insisted her to put inside the mouth and chew, if dislike just spit out! 95% of the time, she spits out!

- She takes maybe too much dairy food per day (3-4x milk, 2 slices cheese, poultry cooked in porridge are the main routine meals) which we think is also contributing to her constipation...

- Dislike vegetable and fruits, take in little apple ONLY! Another reason for constipation? Been thinking whether to give her Vitamin C supplement?

- Latest favourite is CocoCrunch, HoneyStar cereal to be taken for snack. At least better than biscuits for everyday intake.

- She still use milk bottle though... Ah Mah was saying need to buy more and store *pengsan* BUT mummy and daddy insisted NO!

2. Sleep

- Lately she woke up quite early in the morning, she has 1-2 hours nap in the afternoon with Zheng together.

- She needs Ah Mah to accompany her to sleep ever since Zheng is here. Before that was mummy to be at her side but mummy noticed since pregnant with Zheng she's looking for someone who can attend her FULL TIME. She will cry whenever she realized Ah Mah is not in the room and therefore Ah Mah MUST BE at home everyday! Quite ridiculous but Ah Mah is willing to accompany her so mummy can't think of when En En will be independent? Maybe Zheng is more independant than her by 3 years old...

Mummy just recalled one conversation with En En.

(Mummy brought Zheng into Ah Mah's room one night whereby En En is sleeping with Ah Mah)
En En: Zheng cannot come in Ah Mah's room!!!

Mummy: Then mummy throw Ah Zheng out from the house, ok?

En En: Ok, En En (stay) together with mummy... (in a very soft tone)

Mummy: Huh?

Ah Mah: Still a jealous girl...

So, this is all about sibling rivalry. She never rejects her little brother but she will tell you she doesn't want mummy... Looks like she needs a very long time to understand that she and her little brother are equally loved by mummy and daddy, not only Ah Mah. How to make her understand? *Sigh*

3. Others

- En En now enjoy washing hands ever since she attended school before the holiday breaks. She will ask to wash hand and she wants to stand on a stool and do the washing herself.

- She knows how to use words like "Why?" "because" "so / so that"

- En En will tell us she's a good baby while Zheng is a naughty baby which is quite true. Di Di will snatch people's stuff, mess around the house, don't listen to what we told him but En En is trying to be as much obedient and yes to almost everything when it comes to disciplin.

- She accepts wearing skirt!!! She think she looks pretty in them now... LOL!

- En En loves to play with the colourful peg and her favourite colours are green, blue and yellow. There's a reason why only those colours since the peg has red and pink colours too.

- She's been assigned colours to everyone in the family:

En En is GREEN

Ah Mah is YELLOW

Daddy is BLUE

Mummy is PINK

Ah Kong is RED

Di Di Zheng is ORANGE

So, En En will tell us GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW are her favourite colours. Now you know what's the real meaning behind.

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MK mummy said...

when she goes to school, hopefully she will learn to eat more fruits. Ever since my girl has started attending school, due to peer pressure, she started taking new fruits and food that she normally spit out.

My trick to get my girl to eat more fibre fruits - using vanilla ice-cream - cut fruits into small bite size and put in just a tablespoon of ice-cream - more fruits than ice-cream, ok. If you want, throw in a small amount of chocolate chips. Hope it helps.