Saturday, March 27, 2010

Global Warming - end of our planet?

It's so sad and terrifying to read news about earthquake at Haiti, draught in China, flood and many others natural disasters all over the world nowadays. It's happening so frequent lately until mummy need to stop and think what is going on with our planet? In Malaysia, it is so hot as the temperature rising comapare to the time when mummy was a little girl. Global warming is the hot keyword today, we are really wondering what will happen to our next generation later. The major cause of global warming is too much consumption on natural gas and petroleum in our life. Don't you agree?

Two days ago, mummy was chatting with Ah Kong and discussed about the petroleum issues in Malaysia. There are prediction saying that there will be an end of the day whereby human will use up all the petrol. There is still no confirm renewable energy promise by the government. What will happen next? Use solar energy or water energy? Will there be a greater alternative energy exist in near future? Coal probably will work but isn't we need to use clean coal? Who is the provider? Suddenly so many questions came into mummy's mind...

At the same time we were watching Astro programme and suddenly there is short documentation film introducing the new solution to opportunity fuels. It's a technology from Japan, using waste to energy method and imagine what they use? Seaweed!!! They even build factories to grow seaweed as a new renewable energy solution. How amazing! Then mummy also came across N-Viro, an International Corporation that developes, implements and promotes the greener idea in using the organic waste as an alternative energy.  Frankly speaking, this is really a brilliant idea. At least we still have a better hope for the future in staying green on earth. Mummy is really amazed on the technology from N-Viro in doing their best to promote the new recycling method that will benefit each and everyone of us.

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