Friday, April 30, 2010

18 months old Zheng!

Turned 18 months old on 19 April 2010

Yes, we miss out so many achievements of this little fella since mummy never sit down and blog them out. Here is a quick one before mummy forget.

Before that, Zheng and En En is still having flu and running nose (now turn into allergy, prolong flu) since 1 and a half week ago. Both of them still on medication at the time when mummy is blogging.

Height - 79cm
Weight - 11.5kg

Main meal is porridge but basically he seldom rejects any kind of food that we offer him. A little dustbin at home as he even and STILL put non-food related item into his mouth.

Take 3-4oz milk per day, we just give him Fernleaf. Nothing fancy... as sometimes he won't drink at all and ended up throwing away. Therefore, no need expensive milk powder.

Still breastfeed even mummy planned to wean him by 18 months old but not the mid-night feed and comfort sucking. He still want "nen-nen" when he got nothing to do and seeing mummy free that time.

Happened on last Friday when mummy was not at home. Zheng inserted a small plastic part of the toy car into his NOSE!!! Then, no one was able to take out that small part and everyone was so panic. Daddy and Ah Mah quickly drove him to emergency unit in Adventist Hospital. It was around 5-6pm. Heard that Zheng still able trying to "talk" to the nurse by pointing his nose to tell his condition but he's not crying, quite calm. He was screaming so LOUD when doctor removing the plastic part from his nostril. After that, he was carried to Ah Mah with no crying and tears! He's back to his usual self as soon as you see him again! 

Speech & Vocab

- Everything that needs to be opened, he will ask you to "Open the door!" Even when he wants "nen-nen" (ask mummy to open the bra!)

- Thank kee (thank you)

- piii (please)

- pish (fish)

- meow meow (cat)

- dog or woo woo

- bubble (shampoo or bubbles)

- kok kok (horse, think Hokkien is "kok kok beh")

- shee shee (pee, sometimes poo)

- dui tiao (shui4 jiao4, means sleep in mandarin)

- bing bing (means biscuit in mandarin)

- mei mei (means pretty in mandarin)

Most of the time, he will mimic or trying to pronounce the words that we tell him. He's more responding compare to En En.

Potty Training
Still it is early but he already show awareness when he wee wee and poo poo. Now, he will "announce" to us AFTER he pee. Therefore, even when we get him the potty, the diaper already wet.

He is not familiar when not in diaper, he will pull his bird when he walks and make fuss to you if he's diaperless. Maybe we need to train him in using the potty more often and he is very interested to play when sitting on the potty cover on the toilet's potty (aka adult's potty by En En).

Nap for 2-3 hours every afternoon (since 10 or 11 months old). He won't be needing McB if mummy is not around and will sleep in 5 seconds if he's very tired.

Always look for En En since they sleep together in the afternoon.

Night time need McB and supper before he goes to bed. He will ask for "mum-mum" (food) after 2 or 3 hours after his dinner. He won't be sleeping if no supper. Even so, he is not super chubby type.

One BAD attitude is he loves to scream and cry his lungs out if things are not at his way. On top of that, rolling on the floor! Worse still, throw whatever he is holding or hit anyone besides him!!! (Most of the time, it's En En)

Starts his "radio" immediately and turn soft or Stop also immediately when given food or distracted. He must be a real good ACTOR!!!

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Sasha said...

wow 18 months and u stil BF! Salute!

Omg omg read about the accident. Must cause a scare to everyone.