Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's just 2 days before Mummy's birthday...

But mummy ended up staying in hospital with Zheng! Zheng was having some virus attack from the blood test on Friday. He suddenly vomitted non-stop after arriving to school and mummy still remember he was so active in the morning before school.

Mummy received phone call from daddy around 4pm, informing that Zheng already admitted to Adventist Hospital and was on drip! By the time mummy rushed home to pack his neccessity, it's the perfect time to change shift with daddy who was taking care of him after he's admitted.

Zheng didn't cry when he saw mummy but he was so weak and finally cried due to discomfort in his tummy and the vomit. It was recorded that he vomitted after meal or took any liquid. Basically, what's went in, went out eventually. This is quite a serious case and according to paed, there are a few same cases in the hospital already. It is contagious and we all avoid En En to visit her little brother during his stay in the hospital.

Zheng slept quite early last night due to tiring and his weakness, he can't even fight back when doctor and nurses poke him with the needle. Totally not his usual self... first time we seen Zheng so inactive and weak! Luckily he still able to take milk at night even it's just 2oz at a time. The next morning he seems better and able to eat half plate of the noodles. He drinks more and most of all, no more vomit after meal or drinking. He started to jump and run in the playroom at the paed wards unit. Glad to see he is recovering.

Paed advised not to discharge him yet and better still stay another night to monitor his condition. He still need to get his antibiotic injection for 3 days continually. What is more glaad to see is that he is not throwing tantrum or screaming wild in the hospital. He is alright if we reason with him and putting him to sleep is a bliss! He will tell you " It's dark already, switch off the light and sleep!" When he's in that mood, we quickly switch off the light and within a few minutes, he's already in his dreamland.

Maybe because he is attending school? Frankly, his attitude changed alot even he is still pig-headed and has storm-like temper. He is able to express himself more and able to listen to us now. But downside sending him to school too early will be having more frequent paed visits due to kids in school may spread health-threatening virus anytime... Conflict, right?

Anyway, wish he will be fine tomorrow morning and we all can go home.

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hope Zheng is ok by now. take care.