Sunday, March 25, 2012


Mommy: "Zheng, after you finished your milk, let's write."
Zheng: "I don't want to write write..."
Mommy: "Mommy will give you gummies and chocolate after you write write." (Bribery, yes as usual)
Zheng: "I want gummies and chocolate! I don't want  to write write!" (in higher pitch)

Zheng is a fierce and stubborn characters in the family. always throw tantrum and throw things when things not getting in his way. The moment he starts to fuss and get angry, it's really like a thunderstorm at home. Even being caned so often, he is getting stronger and less afraid towards the punishment he gets.

Daddy and mummy is so tired of thinking ways and ideas to change his attitude but the progress is still slow. Sweet talk to him not 100% works as well and he will always get you to be so fed up with his attitude. Even the school teachers also commented that we can't give in too much to him and once he started to throw tantrum the whole school will start trembling down! Horrible disaster...

Oh my, we have a son who dislike to read and write or to reason. Will he become a barbarian??


chinnee ( said...

Sharine, my eldest twin is also very stubborn. Recently I sent his drawing in for a spiritual analysis and from the report, it says that this boy knows strongly what he wants therefore looks naughty in parents eyes. Not a bad point though :)

Peridot&Sapphire said...

He has very strong characters, not afraid of anything. That's why we need to disciplin him when young, we also realized that he is very creative compare to En En. This little boy is intelligent, we hope that he can use the intelligence in a correct way.

SuperMom said...

I wouldn't worry about it, Sharine. My boy was like yours too and I gave a lot of candy, which was a bad idea coz he had lots of cavities!

I remember that I was quite stressed when I saw other kids writing so well at 3-4 years old.

However, he hated writing and would rather play with his blocks or draw or do other stuff. I let him be.

Now? He will do his homework on his own and makes sure he finished it every night so that he can watch TV or play games the next morning.

I guess the stubborn character = kiasu! Relax ya ;-)