Monday, March 24, 2008

Learning the naming of underwear

Ever since mummy started training En En to go to toilet and teach her about panties and bra, En En master them very well. She was puzzled whenever she see us topless when changing clothes and always show us the shy shy action by stroking her second finger a few times on her cheeks.

She is very happy when she knows that she can wear panties if she use the potty and toilet to wee wee. Since then, she can differentiate panties and pants very well.

Just now she wet her pants and avoiding mummy to change her into a new pair of pants and ran to the living hall. Daddy straight away told her so shy showing off her butt!

En En saw daddy was topless sitting in the living hall watching TV and she said: "Papa, liu liu (shy shy)!" (Meaning you don't need to tell me as you are not wearing anything on top of the body too!)

So, mummy asked En En: "Papa doesn't wear... what?"

Without hesitation, En En replied: "Bra!" *pengsan*


jazzmint said...

hahaha.....daddy didn't wear bra LOL

slavemom said...

LOL She thinks everybody wears bra. No worries, in time she'd know that Papa doesn't need to wear bras. :)

mybabybay said...

hrmm...wonder how he looks like with bra.

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha...your En En so cute la...

bZbee said... hilarious!!

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giddy tigress said...

Are you gonna let her wear mini mini bras from now on?