Sunday, August 31, 2008

Differences between 1st & 2nd Pregnancy

Not sure why the differeces are so big but these are the very obvious few:-

1. Appetite
1st Preggie:
Not picky on food but mostly like craving for starchy and high carbohydrate food - resulted in tremendous weight gain during 1st and 2nd trimester.

2nd Preggie:
Not so good appetite comapre to previously eventhough not picky on food as well. Portion size is smaller due to lesson learnt from last experience. :D

2. Caffeine, Junk, Canned & Processed Food
1st Preggie:
Banned all of them throughout the whole 9 months... I had such a strong determination.

2nd Preggie:
No restriction! Oh my god... Don't quite understand how come I'm addicted to coffee so much since I'm not a coffee person when I'm not pregnant. Loves fast food, burgers, and don't bother food that I took from can or processed type. This time really prone to weakness... :(

3. Exercise
1st preggie:
Was very ethusiasm in yoga for pregnancy or any stretching exercises even I was having placenta previa. Took precaution from gynea and tried to squeeze time in for light exercises.

2nd preggie:
Don't bother any type of exercise since having a toddler really makes me treasure my sleep and rest time.

4. Story time moment
1st preggie:
Won't miss that every night to tell a story to the baby in the womb.

2nd preggie:
Still have nigh time story-telling to the elder one. So, the second one in the womb share the story.

5. Music time
1st preggie:
Played the classical music almost everyday through CD player. Attended exam after 2 months delivery.

2nd preggie:
No CD player this time but practise more on the piano and the baby in the womb followed me to exam too.

Sometimes, it's quite unfair to second baby, isn't it?


KittyCat said...

Thanks for this post - you really shouldn't take coffee/caffeine at this point unless you're prepared for a really 'hyper' child...

Caffeine is not good for anyone, other than those who want to stay awake!

slavemom said...

It's normal if u don't hv so much time for 2nd bb. Coz there's 1 hyper toddler to take care of. Just do watever u can loh.

Wai Mun said...

Hi long time didn't read your blog....I agree with u also, now I just pregnant about 3 months + and I felt very tired everyday compare to the 1st pregnancy...maybe bb is a girl??? my relatives also like that, her bb inside is a girl...Coffee, 1 day 1 time is enough already...I drink coffee almost everyday when I 1st pregnancy.