Monday, September 1, 2008

32 Weeks

Went for routine checkup today and baby is doing fine. In fact, baby's head already down!

Mummy's weight: 77kg

Baby's weight : 1.965kg

(gynea said baby will grow very fast during the last month, probably will hit 3kg by the time for delivery.... true?)

Alright, mummy already banned coffee since earlier last month in the fear of having a lower weight baby and will be very caution about every food intake. Luckily this time no constipation issue, much more better than last pregnancy.

Still rushing to knit the baby cardigan and hopefully ready before due. Can't believe I have so many things to do before baby arriving... Next task will be thinking of what to pack for the hospital bag.


shoppingmum said...

Knit faster!!! :)
Take care ya? Last few weeks can be very tiring.

slavemom said...

Usually in the last mth, almost all the weight gain goes to bb. That was my experience.
Wah... 'wan luen pai' for bb. Really salute u, still can find time to do knitting.

Bryan's Mama said...

wow only 8 more weeks yah :) good takes on another turn when there's #2!