Friday, September 26, 2008

Addicted to the Square Box

This is En En glued to ... you know it! She loves cartoon movies very much nowadays till she's able to tell you the conversation between the cartoon characters.
Her favourite are those with Mummy, Papa and baby characters in the story line. Namely,:-
1) whereby she tells you she is the baby penguin and afraid of the seal and birds who wanted to eat the little penguin.
2) She enjoys the whole movie and won't leave the chair if she hasn't finish watching. Loves to see baby Jack Jack, imitate Dash to run faster, hates the bad guy Syndrome (yes, En En can tell the bad uncle is "Sin-dome")... and to our surprise her favourite characters in this movie is... YOU GUESS WHO?
3) She tells everyone that Panda is daddy (coz daddy is a giant to her), En En is Shifu (since Shifu is so small in size, just like her) and mummy is Oogway (the tortoise!!!) Am I so slow?? Perhaps she thinks that mummy big tummy looks like Oogway's shell... *fainted*
4) Latest addition Disney classical movie and she loves it bacause there are Meow Meow mummy, 3 meow meow babies in white, black and brown colours plus meow meow papa.
Mummy just hope that she won't wear glasses too soon...


jazzmint said...

my boy also same lah....once on tv only the eyes glued to it

Malaika's mummy said...

My girl has no patient to watch the whole movie. But she likes to watch TV.

Sarah said...

my son loves mickey mouse house club but doesn't have patience for movies yet. he does love his cartoons!

slavemom said...

CE doesn't seem to like movies but can't get enuff of the progs on PHDC. The tv's on from morning till nite, except during nap time.

shoppingmum said...

Most kids love TV/ :)
But mine weird liao since I started the no TV on school days policy. They got used to it now, so only watch during weekends.