Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funny talk about BooBies!

Since En En is not breastfed exclusively, she finds mummy breastfeed DiDi strange to her and can't even imagine how it was like except seeing DiDi "bites" mummy. Maybe that's also why she finds it uneasy to see this scene.

One day, mummy finally invited and introduced her the manual breast pump. She thought it's a toy that she can play but mummy explained and demonstrated to her saying it's a pump to get milk for DiDi. She looked at how mummy pumped out the milk and she finally realized there's really milk coming out from the breast. She was amazed and "happy" to see it.

Mummy: "Do you want mummy's nen-nen?"

En En : "Don't want!"

Mummy: "Why? Mummy got milk for you..."

En En : "Want Po Po's (milk), want Ah Mah's (milk)!"

Then, at night mummy saw En En talking to her Pooh Bear while cradle holding it.

En En: " Give Ah Pooh nen-nen!"

After that, change to lying down position pulak... She said this is how mummy feed DiDi!!!

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slavemom said...

Good education! Now she understands wat it's all abt (can even act out with her Pooh bear) n won't feel weird when u're bfg didi.