Sunday, March 1, 2009

Flu went off... finally

Mummy was battling with flu for almost 2 weeks plus and now finally can declare for the victory! Yeah!!! Was worry that baby Z got flu from mumy too but luckily he's only discovered with a little coughing 2 days ago when mummy was getting well. That's the wonders of breastfeeding!

So, from the previous post, this is the so-called "Ang-Moh" mint. Pardon as the leaves are supposed to be all green but the one in the pic were taken out from the fridge after 2 days... therefore already layu lah... It's very big compare with the normal mint leaves that we used in cooking and it has some fur-like feeling when touching. Surprisingly, it's quite tasty as a drink after cooked with rock sugar but it also can be chewed raw. Immediate soothing for the throat irritation.

Just for a record of medication that mummy got from Dr.Zovi's prescription... in case in need for future while still breastfeeding (CHOY! CHOY! CHOY! touch wood...)


Antibitotic - AUGMENTIN 1g (amoxycillin + clavulanate potassium)

Baby Z's had flaming red "little bird" since last week but now it's under monitor and proper care with frequent changing of nappy, use lampin instead of modern cloth diapers. Visited paed and most probably the cause of it was too humid and didn't clean properly. In fact, it's just a mild case and paed only gave LACTACYD to be used in bath and nappy change. Well, sometimes he was soaking wet espcially using cloth nappies overnight... maybe need to add another layer of microfleece to wick the moisture away.
Oh... if you are new to modern cloth diapers, do drop by my diapering blog. Moment like this it always give mummy a mix feeling to use disposable and cloth diapers when you are so in love with the modern cloth nappies. No doubt disposable never gives any skin problem to both mummy's little ones but the impact of the environment... well, it's just feeling so waste to use and throw... Anyway, right now mummy needs to take more precaution at this moment for baby Z's little bird as mummy discovered there's some peeling of skin happening... Poor baby Z... Guess mummy will resume in full time cloth diapering soon.


Linda said...

the mint in the pic, is it the same as "po ho" used in asam laksa? Next time, try to immerse in water for a few minutes before use. It won't look layu anymore. my mil taught me one.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

No, it's much more bigger than the one used in asam laksa... normally is home grown one.

mybabybay said...

I used Lactacyd for my children when they were infant. It is very good.

lotus said...

The ang mo mint is very vigorous, can be like a weed if you grow on the ground. Have to plant in a pot instead.