Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Update

Baby Zheng

- Enjoy solid very much nowadays, loves to have a taste on everything in his reach. Good part is he will wait for mummy to feed him though he wants it fast!
- Still exclusively on breastmilk, will mentioned "nen-nen" out of a sudden when he's sleepy or really want for the McB
- Able to half crawl, half moving like a worm to reach his destination on all four. When he wants something, he will move himself to that destination no matter how many times we change the location of the item (in short distance). A very high-determined baby.
- Easily to be distracted by sounds and voices and "kepoh" (busybody) till give up sucking his milk.
- Loves to play with Jie Jie and anyone he sees.
- Will make noise if he sees others going out from the house but not bringing him.
- In walker most of the time when he's awake.
- Sleep better and longer than before during daytime.

En En

- Love to memorised and sing nursery rhyme as loud as she could.
- Able to identify a few alphabets such as A - G, able to match the alphabet with the pictures like A is for ant and apple, etc...
- Back to sleep with mummy and Di Di and stick more to mummy already (relieved!)
- Still jeaous over the little brother as she will try to do whateven Di Di is doing which can make us laugh and says cute!
- Loves Di Di very much as she will cuddle little brother everytime she saw him up from the nap and will hold/touch Di Di's hand very frequent.
- Still act unreasonable (scream, cry,... ) especially when Di Di in the walker and hit her tri-cycle accidentally. Refuse to share her toys with Di Di.
- Very emotionable as she will cry out of a sudden when watching TV about violence or sad scenes.
- In the process fo night-time potty training (got to wake her to pee later... arrgh!)
- Act oppositely as what we told her to just to make us fruss.
- Remind us to fasten the seat belt for her in car-ride as she's not using car seat sometimes.
- Still sleep after 11pm daily... but wakes up earlier nowadays before 8am or before 10am.
- Loves story-telling time...


- Addicted to knitting, thinking to do crocheting and sewing too.
- Finding time to online and blog, feel left out slowly from blogsphere.
- Thinking to have a clearance sales on many items at home. No action yet.
- Thinking to take pictures of so many things, especially the two cuties... why so difficult to squeeze time in?
- All in all, busy to attend both of them. Therefore, highly salute mothers with no maid and many kids!!!


Moo mommy said...

what thing u wan to sale? bb thing? may be i want leh... i gave away quite a number of bb things liao...

Peridot&Sapphire said...

pls check your email..

KittyCat said...'re so hardworking to potty train En En. I still keep Lucas in Mamy-Poko because I need to sleep!

But he'll ask to pee one last time before sleeping though.

Do you have a baby crib or playpen to sell? Or carrycot? I'm looking for these!