Sunday, May 17, 2009


13 May 09

Mummy took En En and Zheng Zheng to see paed.The girl has breathing difficulty during sleep at night and phlegm clog in throat (?) and stuffed nose while the little boy has CONSTIPATION! Yeah... it's quite rare to happen on breastfeed child but this occurred since he started on solid food.

En En was diagnosed having nose and lung allergy and that's why all the symptoms slowly showing at this toddler year, according to the paed. Fine, we were seeing another paed as their original paed was on leave. So, the paed prescribed some anti-allery medicine for En En and Lactulose to Zheng for softening the stools. By the way, En En's nose allery is inherited from daddy's family side.

After we went home, Zheng had bowel movement but En En not yet started her full course of medicine as it was almost late afternoon. So, she just took the medicine once.

14 May 09

En En took the full course of medicine. Night time sleep no more breathing difficulty.

15 May 09
Today was En En's birthday! Daddy said she was scratching her whole body since 5am. At 7am, red patches started to show on her body, limbs and neck. We thought it's mozzie bites but discovered most probably was allery reaction towards the medicine.

Went to hospital again and this time seeing back her paed. Confirmed it's allery reaction and was told to stop medicine immediately while paed prescribed Pirition (anti-histamine) and Calamine Lotion. Poor girl still scratching the red areas but she looked active.

16 May 09

Red patches came and gone on and off but never really disappear completely. Worst part was it's getting swollen and even redder when it's hot. Daddy and Ah Mah brought En En to hospital again in the morning as she was unable to sleep whole night, crying and screaming of discomfort and itchiness. We were all prepared to admit her but was told not to from the hospital as she will prone to more viruses staying in children ward. En En was given a jab to control the itchiness and went home drowsy. We need to monitor her until night time but there was another jab awaiting in case there's still no improvement.

Late afternoon the redness faded but appeared again. We ahev no choice to bring to hospital for the second jab otherwise, she would scratch till the skin peel off!

This was the sleepless night for us... En En had fever in the middle of the night. Forced to use suppository on her to control her body temperature.


En En was admitted to hospital as she is swollen at every part of her body! Poor little girl... Mummy is unable to go as need to take care of Zheng Zheng. Heard daddy said En En was given 6 types of injections!!! (Fever, Pirition, double-dose Piriton, Anti-swollen, Anti-itch, another one forgot...) She screamed and cried hysterically and was unable to recognised daddy as well! She just ran and hide away as much as she could... So heart broken to see such scenario. Paed even got to give her another shot to calm her down!!! She gone through 2 times of blood tests, this is really too much for a 3 year old!

Poor girl, mummy couldn't even be there to hold her... Only Ah Mah & daddy was there. The hospital is crowded since A(H1N1) influenza arrived in Penang.

Another episode in hospital since last year.


mybabybay said...

Hope she has a speedy recovery. How come hospital crowded? I tot less ppl would want to go there because of the deadly virus.

two pixels photography said...

oh dear...i hope she's alright. there must be a substance in those medi that she cant take