Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy as a BEE!!!

So busy and tired to handle 2 kids... Especially Zheng who can't even be quiet for a minute! He either climbs up the stairs, inspects everything within his reach with his mouth and screams whenever he's awake from his nap or being put inside the baby cot.

En En on the other hands, always asked for "Mummy I want to bath!" when mummy was busy cleaning Di Di's butt! Oh yeah... we are now in mummy's hometown - Alor Star since 18 Aug, maybe 1 and half weeks ago... No helpers around, so only mummy and Po Po to do all the household chores.

Better plan out and execute whatever activities that mummy wants both of them to involve together during the stay here...

By the way, En En stick to mummy more over here... Mummy is happy that she automatically looked for mummy, helped mummy to look after Di Di when mummy needs to go to the loo, and screams for mummy when Di Di is climbing up the stairs coz Di Di doesn't know how to come down yet. She's enjoying playing and chasing with Di Di and the house is full of their laughter!!!

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