Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good appetite!

Today's dinner... Zheng ate half bowl of rice with cooked sauce after his usual 1 bowl of porridge!!!

He's crawling and climbing more and more in Po Po's house, and not forgetting screaming his lungs out when we placed him in the baby cot when things got busy around the house. Another reason is he refuse to sit in high chair for his meal and we ended up tie him on the high chair which he dislike the most... Therefore, he didn't able to finish the usual portion of the food.

Glad to know that he's ready to eat rice even though he still has NO TEETH!

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Everyday Healy said...

Well, hopefully he never end up to be a "rice tong" like my girl. Always rice. But, if he did. Then, you just get to save lots on food. Hehe......