Thursday, October 15, 2009

41 months old!

The "I don't want" stage:-

1. I don't want to sit in the car seat
2. I don't want to sit in the cart when buying groceries in TESCO or Cold Storage
3. I don't want to sleep
4. I don't want to wear dress or skirt (headache as she out grown them so fast)
5. I don't want to watch this programme
6. I don't want to eat (porridge)
7. I don't want to drink milk (but mix with MILO is fine)
8. I don't want to stay in a room with DiDi alone
9. I don't want to accept anyone say I'm pretty in what I wear
10. I don't want!!! (to listen to any command that I don't like)


Lately, she loves to eat Marie biscuits, cheese, Yakult, prune juice, Calci-yum and fried anchovies with porridge. She still refuse to eat rice, always request to have noodles when eating out. Because she dislike vegetable, we need to cook them in porridge in order to give her a balance diet. Don't really understand why she reject fruits at all (except apples) as she never willing to taste any of them too.

She takes milk (with MILO) at least 3-4 times per day. 8-9oz each... Wondering whether she still need so much? Can't let go of milk bottle yet...

Conclusion: En En is a fussy and picky eater.

Potty Train

She is still having constipation problems. Good news is she's totally potty train, even for night! Bravo! No more diapers...


She is a sensitive person. She needs attention most of the time and will cry it out loud when she realized no one is in the room when she wakes up from sleep or nap. Call it a bad habit or perhaps it's her need for comfort since she was an infant. Ah Mah gives her all the attention she needs even till today and she still call herself as baby *slap head*

She adores her little brother but she has mood swing. Some day she will hug and cuddle Di Di but sometimes she will kick and push Di Di away and curl up in Ah Mah's arm. That's the time she refuse mummy too. Maybe that is the cause of jealousy especially when she see mummy is with Di Di 24x7, moreover Di Di still suck McB. She pretend to suck McB too but when she's with Ah Mah...

Lately, she prefers to go "kai-kai" and will ask us almost everyday after bath "Where are we going?" Her favourite spots include:-

1) Youth Park to play slide, swing and see-saw

2) Gurney Plaza - Toy "R" Us, Popular bookstore

3) Any new places with big space for her to run and jump!

Guess she's boring to stay at home nowadays. So, it's time or nursery school hunting!

Dear En En,

Just hope that you know mummy, daddy and Di Di adores you alot! We are always there for you and we love you very very much!

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