Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recovered from flu!

Finally both En En and Zheng already back to their usual self and active... playing! Not forgetting those screaming and shouting sound... Very noisy, guess it will be terrible if mummy got 2 boys yeah?

Mummy knitted an elephant toy for En En, she loves it! Mummy is so happy since this is the first handmade toy for En En. She even requested mummy to make one for Di Di and she selected Red colour for the little brother. Oh... she's such a loving sister.

So, this is a pair of elephant for Jie Jie and Di Di! En En calls hers as Yellow Elephant and Di Di's elephant as Di Di's... so simple only! LOL...

Below this one is a long queue project in mummy's knitting list... recall from this post. Mummy finished the top knitted part for 5 months but only manage to get Po Po's help to sew the dress during last month's visit back to mummy's hometown.

Isn't it lovely? Too bad En En refuse to wear it and she said because can see armpit... *slap head*


slavemom said...

The elephants r so cute! She really adores her didi hor. Ask u to make him 1 oso.
So this is the sexy dress u made for En En. hahaha How come she's afraid to show her armpit? :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

so cute the elephant!